The White Muzzleloading System


“THE WHITE MUZZLELOADING SYSTEM- a Revolution in Muzzzleloading”

by Gary ‘Doc’ White


The White Muzzleloading System– a Revolution in Muzzleloading”-  book is a compilation of Doc’s writings on his famous system for managing muzzleloaders. Doc’s systematized and simplifies the management of your muzzleloading hunting rifle, pistol and shotgun. He also writes authoritatively and expertly about round ball shooting and hunting and is the originator of the modern slip-fit elongated hunting bullet.

Doc has been writing about muzzeloading for years. He wrote a column entitled ‘From the Hunter’s Shack,” that appeared monthly in ‘Muzzle Blasts‘, the official magazine of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, for 6-8 years back in the 1970’s. He’s also written many articles that have appeared in various sporting magazines and periodicals. His longest published could be found in Lyman’s perennial original edition Black Powder Annual.

Doc has published more than 1/4 million words in sporting magazines and journals over the last thirty years. He is widely known for his honest and forthright evaluation of things muzzleloading. The stories he tells are TRUE, not the fabrication of a professional writer trying to fill space.

Doc has been hunting with muzzleloaders since he was 12, way back in 1948. He made his first muzzleloader when he was 15 and has been making, hunting, shooting, trading and manufacturing muzzleloaders ever since. He holds a number of record animals taken with muzzleloaders, with over fifteen top ten records in the Safari Club record book. He designed the elegant Leman and Hawken rifles produced by Green River RifleWorks back in the 70’s, as well as the rifles and accouterments produced by White Systems in the early 90’s and those sold by White Rifles, LLC. His first love is the flintlock Pennsylvania-Kentucky rifle, but he’ll hunt and compete with anything that shoots black powder or equivalent.

“The White Muzzleloading System” is the culmination of Doc’s thinking, based on his experience and experimentation. The book is not only a good read, but will give you the benefit of Doc’s insight and experience in muzzleloading hunting. The system that he proposes gives the muzzleloading hunter the best combination of accuracy, power and quick reloading available in this modern world.

“The White Muzzleloading System”- a Revolution in Muzzleloading now available on this website- just click on the chapters below to get to the chapter you want to view.



“The White Muzzleloading System” first edition was sold out long ago. It’s too expensive to publish again as a second edition. So Doc decided to publish the book, chapter by chapter, on this website. You can review it here on the site via the chapter links above, read it and benefit, or permanently download it to disc or print if you please,  so copy away as you wish.


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