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 White brand rifles and Doc’s custom in-lines are located lower down the page.



             Ready to shoot as they are. Your purchase guaranteed to please.


#899- S. Hawken percussion fullstock, 7/8th” X 38″, new Colerain barrel, .50 caliber for patched  round ball. All the classic Hawken features including long tang, long bar DST double bolted to tang, classic Hawken hooked percussion bolster and flat spring side-lock signed S. Hawken, flat-to-the-wrist trigger guard, three  iron fore-arm keys.  Strong AA maple chosen for strength thru wrist, finished dark, almost black.  All iron  furniture. Browned iron Medina patchbox.  


The left photo makes the lock look like it is standing proud of the wood, but it is not, somehow a shadow crept in there. My photography is not near as good as my guncrafting. 

Marked S HAWKEN   ST LOUIS on top flat of barrel, with Doc’s GBW cipher on the left oblique flat at the breech.  Brand new. Never fired.  This is a GRRW Collector’s Ass’n gun and is so marked.



Light weight for a Hawken, about 8 lbs. Very handy, easy to carry  and quick to the shoulder.                                  FOR SALE       POR        BEST OFFER

#892- Hawken Sporting Rifle-  What might have been- A flight of imagination!

I am convinced that the Hawkens borrowed many design features from the fine quality British rifles that came through St. Louis on the way to the Shining Mountains.


The hooked breech and scroll trigger guard were very popular in England when the Hawkens were active. The English preferred the single set trigger but the Hawkens knew the double set trigger could always be used as a single trigger even if the set trigger failed.     FOR SALE   PRICE ON REQUEST       BEST OFFER


The Hawkens also kept the traditional American curved buttplate rather than the English shotgun butt. Their real contribution was the strong double bolted wrist.

Octagon-round tapered barrel by Kelly, 58 caliber with 1-90 twist for high velocity accuracy with patched round ball, English 1830-40 trigger guard and cap box, walnut stock, otherwise Hawken all the way. Much lighter than the usual Hawken with all the usual Hawken features.

FOR SALE  Price On Request  BEST OFFER


#830 – 12 bore  Bridger  Hawken, bored out for  shot. This is an unusual for a Hawken. Many muzzleloading rifles were later bored out for shooting shot. I guess that is what happened with this one.   SORRY, SOLD


Another unusual and rarely seen feature is the very English style lock  with drip bar fitted to a Manton style breech.  The Manton style breech is even stronger than the usual Hawken  breech set-up.  Dimmick, who was a Hawken competitor, used them some, The Hawkens hardly at all.  All other features are the same as any  other Hawken.



Left:  Note how heavy the bolster is in comparison to the lighter Hawken.  The drip bar lock fits up tight against the under-side of the Manton breech with an iron drip bar gracefully fitted  to the barrel   above the forward extension of the lock., replacing the wood usually found there.  This design is much stronger than the usual Hawken design,  as there is no wood to break out in front of the lock.


The barrel is nicely tapered, 12 gauge with muzzle threads for a Colonial brand screw-in choke. For turkey, screw in one of Doc’s custom made .660 super-full chokes, use 100 grains FFg   Black Powder or equivalent, two Wonder Wads, A tapered BP-12 shotcup with 2 oz. #7 shot , then another Wonder Wad on top for a turkey-killing load. If you want to shoot round ball, screw in a Colonial .730 choke and use a .715 ball and ticking patch for cup-sized 50 yard groups. The choke does does not bother the accuracy.


Well, it will kill a turkey, Utah, 2018.                                                                                


#913- Carson Hawken- beautifully rendered with all iron furniture, Colerain one inch, 58 cal. barrel, fine quality percussion lock, metal all a faded antique blue yet there no signs that it has ever been fired, AAA maple stained darkish Western red, finish carefully grainy for that antique look, long bar DST double bolted to long tang, double barrel keys in iron roundels, 3/8″ ramrod with iron end, no markings on barrel, don’t know who made it but he was a careful and precise builder. Came in on trade. FOR SALE    POR  BEST OFFER     

 Cheap now for quick sale. Once I have refinished the iron with my antique rust blue, the price will jump.





   #804= Early side by side combo rifle-shotgun, often called a Cape Gun. Conformation of locks makes it look almost like it was converted from flintlock, perhaps a transitional arm come into being just as the new percussion principle was adapted into the market around 1815.  There is a 12 bore shotgun barrel on the right  and a .500 caliber fast twist shallow groove rifle barrel on the left. The barrels are symmetrical, the 12 bore barrel is fitted with a Colonial brand inter-changable  .730 choke for round ball or shot, the rifle barrel has a faster 1-28 twist and shallow grooves for shooting heavier elongated slip-fit bullets or sabots. 

DbleCombp12X50PercFullRight  DbleCombp12X50PercCloseLock 

This interesting combination is now located at Track of the Wolf. You will need to deal with them if you want to buy it. GoTo trackofthewolf.com, click on guns, then either percussion rifle or percussion smoothbore to see it.


There are side by side double percussion locks, hooked breeches, double triggers, all iron furniture except a trace of silver here and there. Both barrels are regulated  to hit into the same group at 50 yards with bullet in the rifle barrel and  patched round ball in the smoothbore barrel.. I used 100 grains of black powder in both barrels with all trial loads. The patched .715 ball grouped into about three-four inches at 50 yards. The saboted 360 grain bullet from the fast 1-28 twist shallow groove rifle barrel went into half that. (Please remember that my eyes are 80 years along). A 1 and 7/8ths   ounce load of #6 shot in a tapered shotcup printed a 70% pattern with a Colonial Full choke tube, and shot a 90% pattern with my .665   Super Turkey tube. (which is available at extra cost)
The combo double is ready for whitetail or turkey or both. It  weighs about 9 lbs but like most doubles it handles quite well, balance is excellent.

DbleCombp12X50PercCloseMuzz  DbleCombp12X50PercCloseBP  DbleCombp12X50PercCloseTG
The front trigger fires the right sided smoothbore barrel which is equipped with a Colonial brand inter-changable choke. The rear trigger fires the left sided rifle barrel. Because of the right-left geometry of the trigger group, the left trigger is softer than the right, making the rifle trigger easier to trip and  more accurate.
DbleCombp12X50PercCloseForeThe barrels come out of the stock easily, just remove the two keys and rotate them out.


260- French dueling pistol in 50 caliber with multi-groove barrel, second of a set of two, marked #2 in gold on tang,  (don’t know where the first one is) quite accurate with 20 grains ffg and .490 ball and thin patch , single set trigger fires set or unset, , beautiful swirl Damascus twist barrel in excellent shape. Boxed. I have won matches with this one—————-$1500  OBO

FrenchDuelerFullRight  FrenchDuelerFullLeft

FrenchDuelerTop  FrenchDuelerBottomt


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzCUSTOM MUZZLELOADING RIFLES BY DOC. PERCUSSION, FLINTLOCK. SNAPLOCK, WHEEL LOCK. PLAIN TO CARVED, ENGRAVED AND INLAID

AVAILABLE ON CUSTOM ORDER: A reproduction of my ‘Favorite’ Hawken.  Done as original as I can get it, with case hardened and antique  rust blued furniture along with silver roundels and fore-end cap. See my article on ‘the Traditional Hawken” in  ‘Doc’s Ramblings’,  above. This the GRRW Collector’s Ass’n H-1 Hawken


HawkenGRRW1CACloseLock HawkenGRRW1CAWristOblique

HawkenJBR58CloseButtLeft  HawkenGRRW1CACloseBPgif


HawkenGRRW1CACloseForendUnd HawkenGRRW1CACloseFrontSigh



Sorry, but it’s already SOLD. If you want one like it, get in touch with DOC at doc@whitemuzzleloading.com.

No two Hawkens are alike. All are custom made, one at a time, like the one below. This one browned iron with a touch of silver and fire blued furniture.


Wiard Gun- 1/3rd size model of Civil War cannon designed by Norman Wiard. The re-inforced barrel is 40 mm rifled, WWll vintage, wheels are old original pair with modest weathering, cheek-pieces and trail are new oak of correct thickness, which turns out to be 2 inches, so 2″ iron 1/4′ strap will fit. There is no iron work done. That will be up to you. These 40 mm barrels have a fast twist, shoot a big minie ball best, are very accurate. The barrel weighs about 100 lbs and has been carefully sized to fit the wheels and wood fittings.     FOR SALE   MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN’T REFUSE  blueprints included.




#902- IDAHO SPECIAL !!  Special sale, too!  Idaho, and a few other western states, won’t allow  a scope, so I designed the   IDAHO SPECIAL, with a best quality Lyman totally adjustable 57-A peep correctly mounted, and a totally adjustable Timney trigger.  The front sight is an easy to see brass bead.  I designed in a No-Turn ramrod with double brass ends with cleaning jag on an indestructable Delrin shaft. (Don’t turn it over to load, just pull it out from under the barrel, ram, then return it to the under-barrel pipes.), stock mounted sling swivels and a Houge inch thick recoil pad. It’s the hardest hitting, most accurate  and  functionally elegant muzzleloading rifle you will ever buy.

The Bison is my basic White G-Series design with best quality .504 caliber Criterion 24″bull barrel,  featuring THE BEST ACCURACY OF ANY   BARREL THAT  WHITE EVER USED, with black painted strong  plain maple stock (fancy tiger stripe maple optional at extra cost), and all the usual White  G-SERIES in- line features, like a double safety system, one-peice nipple breech-plug designed to last a lifetime of shooting, utilizing the White Muzzleloading System with ultra easy fast loading , superb accuracy and unexcelled downrange power. You can see the quality at first glance and experience it with your first shot.

The regular price of a Bison without sights is $600.  Add on a Lyman 57A totally adjustable peep and a front brass bead site and the price jumps to $740, because the Lyman peep costs $140. (Price just went up)

SALE  Prices are reduced for just this year 2019!!  SALE!! $40 discount, $700 for the rifle and peep.

You will not find a better elk rifle in the mountains, shoots a 600 gr  slip-fit bullet with up to 150 grains of Pyurodex P, 777 or Blackhorn 209 for better than 1200 ft lbs. energy and 2-4 inch groups at 200 yards if your eyes are good enuff. Use a scope and careful loading and 2″ groups are common.

Email DOC at doc@ whitemuzzleloading.com  to place an order. I only have a few.  Hurry.  DOC     PS- Please get a look at my recent article about Blackhorn 209 powder and elongated bullets in the White Shooting System. It’s a terrific combination.  GOTO ‘What does Doc do?, at top of page, then click on ‘Books and Articles’, then on ‘Stories , Brags and Banter’. It’sat the top of the page.


This rifle has an adjustable Timney trigger, White nipple-breechplug for #11 cap, and a right sided trigger safety in addition to the weak hand left side cocking lever safety. Sling swivels not shown but will be there when it arrives at your door. Ramrod is Delrin with double brass ends tapped for accessories.

The custom Bison without sights usually starts out at $600.  The peep alone sells for $120 which would raise the cost to $720. This one carries a $$20 discount, so $700 plus S&H. It’s ready to ship today.  Hurry, don’t wait for hunting season to order. I build these on order but try to keep one on hand all the time. Sometimes that’s not enough. They always sell off come fall hunting season.  $700

#904-  Here is a rare White Whitetail stainless rifle in .410 caliber. Slightly used but refurbished barreled action in new stout maple stock with recoil pad and sling swivels. Stock is black to highlight the stainless barreled action, which has the big new re-designed recoil lug, adjustable Timney trigger and Delrin ramrod with double brass ends, including cleaning jag. Bore is near perfect and has been accurized by DOC.   FOR SALE     .410 CALIBER IS RARE SO ASKING $700 BUT WILL LISTEN TO OFFERS  oops. forgot to take the protective tape of the recoil pad, it will be gone when you get it.

The action sports a set of Weaver bases to hold the Weaver forward double band 1″ scope rings shown. Note the cocking handle lifted up into safety position on the left, just like on modern sub-guns. You don’t have to let go of the grip to cock it. Faster that way!


Several models of  Williams  front bead and rear open adjustable sights are available at extra cost.  I ask buyers to specify which sights they want simply  because most modern shooters put on a scope  and never use the open sights. The rear sight gets in the way of the scope so it gets thrown away. It’s a waste of money.

The barrel is drilled and tapped for the open sights and factory replacements are available. Please inquire for prices and designate model if you want them.     Sights are illustrated in the Parts and Supplies section at the bottom of the page.      Sold    – but expecting another shortly            


#821- An abreviated White Tominator 12 gauge shotgun with Hastings .665 SuperTurkey choke with a pistol gripped, side folder stock. Should be just the ticket for traveling light to a turkey hunt. An imaginative gun like this requires lots of fill and fiberglass. Final finish is black Dura-Coat on both stock and barreled action. It’s lightweight, about 6 lbs.       CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT  THE TSA WILL SAY!                    FOR SALE    POR    OBO


Use the same load recommended for any Tominator; up to 110 grains black powder or substitute, two 1/8th inch woven wool wads, a BP-12 shotcup sliced with 4 petals, up  to 1  7/8th ounces shot then  another wonder wad or card top wad. The Super-Turkey choke will get you 90% first shot patterns!!!  FOR SALE    POR      BEST OFFER

#773- In-line  bullseye target pistol by DOC, Alex Hamilton percussion action and trigger , Rayl .50 caliber fast twist barrel for patch and round ball, sports palm, finger and thumb rest, fully adjustable rear sight and target front plus an adjustable under-grip to lock the hand in place. FOR SALE $300 OR BEST OFFER

TargetPistolCloseLeftObliq TargetPistolCloseRightObliq TargetPistolFullBottomObliq TargetPistolFullLeft

Note the thumb rest on the left grip and the finger tip slots. The under-grip is adjustable. The trigger pull is light and can be adjusted to your needs.

The pull cock at the rear cocks the action. Best lTargetPistolFullRightoad so far 20 grains of 3F Black, a ticking patch and a .490 ball. It is far more accurate than I can hold it.

The wood got a coat of grey-black Dura-coat. The barrel and action are forest green. Trigger pull is very light. It’s a great bulls-eye shooter.

#802- A Doc-designed MK-6 all grown up, the sixth   iteration of my Kashlinikov-like muzzleloader, in .504 caliber  with the barrel underneath the ramrod and the action apparently  upside down. It’s ugly as Hell, but very effective and ergonomic.   Make me an offer I can’t refuse. FOR SALE   $500 or BEST OFFER


It carries a red/green dot one power scope, legal in most Western states for deer and elk. Caliber is .504 with fast 1-24 twist and shallow grooves for 50 caliber saboted bullets and Doc’s heavy elongated slip-fit .5035 bullets, up to 600 gr. in this caliber.  Brand New.  Never Fired.


This MK has a White nipple-breechplug for #11 cap. A 209 conversion kit will soon be available.

MK5CloseActionSafe     The hammer  handle  is shown here pulled to the rear and down, on safe.   

 MK5CloseActionFired   Here the hammer  handle  is in the fired position, with the hammer forward.

The trigger pull is adjustable and set at 3 lbs, which is about as low as you go on a hunting rifle. . Recoil is relatively mild and very straight back because of the stock shape. The muzzle does not climb much at all.  It’s ugly but handles amazingly well and always gets lots of attention. It should be obvious that this is an upside-down stainless steel White M97 Whitetail Hunter action and barrel. Both are new old-stored stock.  I  made 6 versions of the MK for the White Co. in 2000. None were accepted for production. This is the last one.   FOR SALE      Make me an offer I can’t refuse.


(3) CUSTOM WHITE  BRAND GUNS BY DOC- Below find the custom White  rifles that Doc designed and still produces, but now custom, one at a time

White TOMINATOR 12 gauge muzzleloading shotgun. Brand new with new old stored Ray Eye signature barrel, black painted hard maple DOC-designed  stock, steel trigger guard, Bold or Timney adjustable rifle trigger with side safety, Delrin ramrod with double brass ends, screw-in interchangable Colonial full or modified choke, (other sizes available at extra cost), inch thick recoil pad,  sling swivels, 14 inch pull, weight about 6.5 lbs. 

This shotgun has a straight rifled 23″ barrel, like the most expensive trap guns. If you follow DOC’s instructions and use the components he recommends with his Super-Turkey choke, 90% or better first shot patterns are achievable. Turkeys die at 50 yards, field proven.


whitethunderalmostnewclolft whitethunderalmostnewclorti

Price $600 plus S&H, usually about $30-40 anywhere in CONUS.  Super-Turkey .660 choke $65 with purchase of shotgun. The Super-Turkey choke extends an inch out of the barrel but doesn’t need a longer ramrod as the recommended shot column is long enough to compensate.


AVAILABLE ON CUSTOM ORDER. JUST EMAIL DOC AT  doc@whitemuzzleloading.com

CUSTOM BISON-  A few years back I lucked into some new old stored White  .504 barrel blanks by Criterion, bought  when White Systems went under. They are 20 years old but in perfect condition. Criterion made the best barrels White ever used. 


Pictured above is  a new Custom Bison , the Criterion bull  barrel is trimmed to one inch diameter, 24+  inches long,  (the originals had a 20 inch barrel) , 504 caliber, with  a new Doc-designed  custom stock in tough maple, designed specifically for use with a scope.  Old stored original Bison  parts   complete the action. The trigger is  by  Timney, same as on a Mauser bolt rifle, adjustable for weight of pull. The  rifle can be ordered with Weaver  scope bases and Weaver forward mounts which you will need to get the extra eye relief demanded by the short G-Series action.  Or it can be ordered with a choice of front and rear sights, including the Lyman 57-a side mounted peep or several models  of Williams rear and front sights. (see Parts &Supplies under “ON SALE”for sight choices) The rifle comes  with a black matte  Dura-Coat finish on  the barreled action and black metallic paint on the  stock. Prices start at $600 with cost of scope mounts and sights extra.  Tiger striped maple stocks with waterproof epoxy finish are available at extra cost, usually $200 or so but depending on quality of wood.


The right and left photos show a finished  Bison  without  included sling swivels but with  Weaver scope mounts and front and rear sights.  The basic charge for the rifle without the  sights or mounts but with sling swivels   is $600.   These rifles are super accurate, functionally elegant,  ergonomic and  worth every penny.  

NOTE: The rifle illustrated above  is custom.  You can have one like it on custom order.  Since the rifle is custom,  on any future order you can have:

Any 1″ diameter barrel length you want shorter than 24.5 inches;

Any color Dura-coat or paint you want, even pink for your lady;  

Any length of pull shorter than 14 inches;

Choice of recoil pad, any other than the excellent standard Hougue at added cost,

Dovetailed front and rear open sights- either an adjustable  folding leaf or a long spring adjustable rear sight;  either a brass  or fiberoptic red bead front sight, or 

A rear  side mounted Lyman 57A totally adjustable  peep.  

A 2-piece set of  Weaver scope mounts with  high  forward  mounted  1″ scope rings. You will need forward scope mounts  because of the short receiver length on the Bison. The old Warne steel mounts are no longer available and the much less expensive Weaver are very good.   

All of the above  sights and mounts come at extra cost. All are kept in stock. Please go to  “ON SALE”, then scroll down to ‘Parts & Supplies’ to see the specific models available with prices. 

  Order the rifle you want by emailing DOC at doc@whitemuzzleloading.com



All of these guns are essentially modern and will require an FFL for purchase. I don’t have an FLL, your dealer should know that before I send it to him. Pistols are all sent through a local FFL dealer to avoid problems with the Feds.  Purchase is guaranteed to please, $ back if it doesn’t, S&H not included. Three day non-shooting inspection. If you shoot it, you own it. You must notify me if you intend to send it back if you expect to be paid back. All are FOR SALE.  Make me an offer I can’t resist.

#705- Cimmarron 1871 Colt  Navy Open Top with Army grip, Navy scene on cylander, 5.5″ barrel. Cross-draw holster, tacked cartridge pouch and plain belt. Fired very little and only with Cowboy lead loads. Never shot with Black Powder. Essentially new, excellent condition. Holster professionally made, lined, excellent quality, angle on belt just right for fast draw.  Pouch also professionally made, nice antique look. Belt is common, fits 40″ waist, included as a freebe if you want it.  POR      BEST OFFER


#915 Here is one for the books. This 1870 Springfield 45/70 came off the nearby Ute reservation, finally pried it away from the collector who recovered it from “an old indian” decades ago. You can see it’s in ratty condition,  bore corroded, beat up and well used with fore-stock amputated, a fore sight replacement and a beautiful original rawhide repair on the wrist, black with sweaty hands and use over many years. The 7th Cavalry was here on the Ute Reservation 1864-1902 and this gun could well have originated there. They were called ‘buffalo soldiers’ then and since as many of them were black. If you want something really Indian, this as close as you can get, the rawhide repair is obviously old and original and it came from the right place.  FOR SALE   POR   BEST OFFER




Colt 1872 cartridge conversion in 38 Special by Cimmarron with cartridge pouch, cross draw holster and belt.  The pistol is essentially new, has the comfortable 1860 grip, has been fired maybe 100 times, never with black powder. The holster is lined  and high quality, professionally made, just the right angle for safe carry and quick draw.  



1911 Cowboy holster with magazine pouch (magazines are included). Professionally made, hardly used, virtually new, excellent condition, fits standard Colt 1911  semi-auto 45 Colt and clones.   BEST OFFER


Belts- a shotgun belt for 12 gauge shells and another for 38 special. Both professionally made and lined. The shotgun best is adjustable and fits 36-42 waist. The 38 Special belt fits a 40-43″ waist. Both are very well made and fit their shells perfectly. Condition: almost  new.   POR     BEST OFFER


Two more belts but simpler, neither lined. I made the Concho belt just to show off and have never worn it. The other belt is commercial and I used two of them to carry the pair of pistols I used in Cowboy shooting so it is well used but in good condition.      BEST OFFER  not looking for a lot, they just need good homes.




White Super 2000 lube for bullets and barrel. I have a case of this superior lube left. It’s great stuff for White bullets and sabots, or for that matter, any muzzleloading bullet or sabot. $15 per can, enough for hundreds of bullets, plus $7 S&H if ordered alone. (I can ship it in a small padded envelope.) SHIPS FREE WITH LARGER ORDER.

super2000lubefrontThese are the last of the cans, once they are gone , the lube will be available in 1″ by 6″ sticks to fit your lubrisizer or use by hand.

NEVER-SEEZ with blue Molybdenum, the best high temperature lubricant in the world. I have been using the can shown on a lot of guns the past 20 yeas. Doesn’t take much.  8 oz.can $30 plus S&H




SALE ITEM:  Lubricated, cast lead  lubrisized  bullets for 45/70,  405 grains, .458 caliber .

I shot this 405 grain bullet in 45/70 and other .458 caliber rifles for years with excellent results.

405 grain FOR 45/70 and other 45 cal. rifles .  I have about 1000 extra that I need to get rid of, they take up too much space. Priced low to sell quick at 1/2 price. $15/100 OBO. That’s  at 1/2 price

SALE; MORE BULLETS  that I don’t use and never will: 

FOR 38/55

38/55 caliber, 255 grain. Swedged lead,  outside lubed by Bear Creek, 255 grain for 38/55. My favorite for this caliber. I have two boxes of 500 each (or close)  Priced low to sell fast $15/100




 Use slip-fit in .451 rifles- these  are  new, but old stored,  360 grain all lead slip-fit bullets for .451 size barrels. They are sized at .450 and are designed to shoot  in all White brand .451 barrels and in all other brands .45 caliber  barrels as well. I am out of the original plastic packs but have hundreds of the SuperKeeper tubes with 10 bullets each.

Use in 50 caliber SABOTS-This bullet is a terrific game bullet, not only in .45 caliber rifles but also for .50 caliber rifles shooting  sabots for 450 caliber bullets.  The 360 grain bullet is perfect for high velocity sabot shooting rifles with terrific downrange energy and Knock-Down power. Ballistic coefficient is .24, twice that of .45 cal 250 grain pistol bullets. I like the Harvester crush rib sabot in 50 cal for 45 cal bullets with 100 grains 209 Blackhorn for about 1700 fps and terrific knock down. The bullet is soft lead with 2% tin and a big meplat and mushrooms beautifully.

Price $5 per SuperKeeper of 10 bullets or $50 per 10 packs (100 bullets)plus S&H, USPS Priority, at actual cost. I can usually get 100 bullets in a $8 USPS Priority box. E-mail doc@whitemuzzleloading.com to order. Discounts available for large orders.

GRRW pistol barrels, 45 caliber, fast 1-20 twist, deep rifled for patched round ball, 15/16″  diameter, just right for  a Hawken pistol, which is what they were originally made for.

pistol-barrels-45-calNo, that’s not corrosion on the barrels, just grease. Bores are brand new.  The longer barrel and two of the shorter ones are SOLD.  Only one of the shorter barrels left.  the  barrels are not breeched but are   crowned, so they are cheap.  I would like $50 for the shorter ones but I will look hard at offers.  If they hang around too long, they will probably turn into pistols. It’s magic how that happens. 





(6) PARTS FOR WHITE RIFLES- parts listed here fit the WHITE G-series rifles


                 Some parts fit the BG Series Tominator  shotgun


BARREL– Old, carefully stored stock but new, never used White .504 caliber barrel, 1-24 twist, shallow .035 grooves, made by Criterion, superb quality, 1 1/8th inch diameter, round, 25 inches long with threads for White nipple-breechplug and threaded to fit White Whitetail action, ready to machine into the barrel of your dreams or replace a shot-out whitetail barrel.  $300



White G-Series Whitetail action with  .504 barrel  (see above),  barrel machined one inch diameter, 24 inches long. No action parts but drilled and tapped for peep, scope mounts and ramrod pipe, $400. Super-nice finish, ready for CeraKote or Dura-Coat. With dovetail cuts for fore and rear sights, $450.


White triggers- well, really, triggers for White rifles. The original equipment triggers were made by Bold.  I have only a few left. Bold is no longer in business, so when these are gone, Bold triggers are gone. $100 each plus $7 Priority mail. Includes instructions and screw.


We also carry Timney triggers with same or at least very similar design to the Bold, modified to fit all White  rifle and shotgun models.  Quality is  better than the old Bold. Totally adjustable. Prices going up recently.   $140  plus $7 Priority mail, includes instructions and screw.



  for dovetails   

 Williams  long bar foldable dovetail rear.

open rear sight–  adjustable blade, long bar with screw adjustable blade and screw for securing in dovetail, by Williams.

open rear sight- adjustable and folding  by Williams, a nise sight to cary with peep or scope, fold out of the way when not needed, fold upright when the scope or peep screws up.

LYMAN 57A-SMET peep- totally adjustable, two apertures supplied, Both W and G-series actions are drilled and tapped for it Fits easily with supplied screws- $120 plus S&H- shown mounted on a White Bison Idaho Special.

screw mounted rear sights

Williams folding 2-screw attached rear sight. There was a little dust on the sight and the photo turned like it was rusty. I will get a better picture, in the meantime , the one you buy will have neither rust or dust on it.                                           

Williams Ramp  adjustable rear sight, fastens on with 2 screws. Blades are sold separately, from 3/16th to 1/2  inches.

 Williams Short single screw ramp for front sight.

Dovetailed front sights

Brass Bead front sight

FireSight front sight, more fragile and moe expensive, but a nice sight in the dark of the woods or at dusk.



STOCKS – solid strong plain maple, 98% fit on G-series Whitetail and Model 97 Whitetail Hunter, 90 %  fit on Tominator , will require a little more inletting.  No   recoil  pad or trigger, ramrod hole drilled. Fancy tiger striped maple stocks also available. Plain A– plain, maybe a little figure $200   AA–  moderate figure $250    AAA–  pictured above  #300    AAAA– rare, stupendous figure $400.


White hardened stainless steel trigger  guard, same as on many White rifles, new. bright finish, $50 plus S&H



 RECOIL PAD–  easy grindable recoil pad by Houge,  fastens with two furnished screws. Excellent quality. $30


WEAVER scope bases and dual forward rings. The bases fit all White rifles and shotguns, which are drilled and tapped for them.  The design is simple ,they are strong and stout and make cleaning a muzzleloader easy . Your point of aim will stay fixed even if you remove  the scope for cleaning. $40 a set including bases and rings.


SLING SWIVEL STUDS–  2 Blued steel screws with machined in studs, excellent quality, for snap-on swivels. $10


NIPPLE-BREECHPLUG for all G and W- series rifles, the original White Nipple-BreechPlug


ABOVE: This heat treated stainless steel Nipple-BreechPlug fits all G and S series White rifles, including the Whitetail, Super-91, M97 and M98, Super safari, White Lightning  and others. It does not fit BG-Series rifles and shotguns. $50 plus $7 Priority mail fee.   Email doc@whitemuzzleloading.com to order.


NIPPLE-BREECHPLUG  for the Tominator and White Thunder shotguns, $50 plus  S&H  $8  Priority mail.


NEW MODEL Nipple-BreechPlug

 This nipple-breechplug is a new one, developed to fill a niche that perhaps needed filling.  They are stainless steel,  will fit a #11 cap or a Musket cap nipple with  1/4 X 28 thread, are removable with a broad bladed screwdriver applied to the slot across the face of the plug,  so you have the easy option of using a Musket cap for modern hard to light black powder substitutes.

The big one is for GB-Series shotguns, the smaller one for G and W-Series rifles. Cost $50 without nipple. 


HAMMER– G-series hammer in stainless steel, fits the G-series Whitetail and M97 Whitetail Hunter and the BG-series Tominator, too. $25 plus $8  S&H

HAMMER- for SG-Series White Lightning- $25 plus S&H.


MAINSPRING– SG,  G and BG-series mainspring, 22 lb rating  $15 plus S&H


W-series mainspring, fits the Super-91, M98 and ThunderBolt rifles. $15


COCKING HANDLE– fits all SG, G and BG-series actions  $15 plus S&H


COCKING HANDLE DETENT– holds the mainspring and cocking handle in place, fits all SG, G and BG series actions. $20


ACTION END CAP– fit in the back end of all SG, G and BG series actions, stainless steel.  $25



Cylander -I.C. .730, Modified .720, full .710 – Super-full .700 – $30 plus S&H.


Super Turkey Choke 

 White Super Turkey Choke, .665 for super tight patterns with lead or bismuth shot. fits all Tominator and White Thunder shotguns and many of Doc’s custom 12 gauge smoothbores. $65 plus S&H.



CUSTOM MADE on order of  tough 3/8th inch Delrin for White rifles or any other muzzleloading rifle. 41, 45, 50 calibers. double brass ends, with cleaning jag, drilled and tapped for accessories. Specify legnth AND CALIBER. $40 plus S&H.


Mainsprings         $15

Action Detent        $15  fits on the left side of the action, holds the hammer body in place.

Cocking Knob        $25

Cocking Knob Screw     $2

Ramrod springs       $5