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ADDRESS- for orders, checks, shipments, returns: White Muzzleloading, 77 No. Skyline Dr. 55-8 Roosevelt, UT 84066 Phone- 435-722-2520, evenings are best. Ask for DOC.

All items listed under ON SALE below are on hand and ready to ship and shoot. Exceptions are specified and fully described. All are guaranteed to please, money back if not. Send us a postal MO and the item will ship as soon as we get the MO. All other checks wait until clear. Clear the order with Doc by phone or email before sending a check and written order, make sure we have exactly what you want on hand. The website is tended weekly so is most often up to date.

OFFERS– Some items have posted prices, all are best offer. FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER!

GUARANTEE- All items are guaranteed to please or money back. You risk only the postage or shipping fees.

E-Mail is doc @whitemuzzleloading.com. Your e-mail subject should include Gun, Shoot, Powder or some subject allied with the shooting sports so I will open the email. Emails that lack such a subject to catch my attention usually get panned. I filter thru 100’s of emails a day.

CREDIT CARDS- Sorry, no credit cards at present. We are too small to qualify. Please follow payment directions. We take certified checks, money orders, PayPal plus 3% and personal checks. Paypal address is docwhite@stratanet.com.

Look for the following categories

1-Muzzleloading antiques and reproductions by Doc White and others, ready to ship and shoot.

2-White brand in- line muzzleloaders, ready to ship and shoot.

3- Custom muzzleloading reproductions by Doc White and others. Available only by custom order, but you will get exactly what you want. This category includes both antique reproductions and modern White in-lines. The GreenRiverRifleWorks Collector’s Association guns are included here.

4- Cowboy and Black Powder cartridge guns, plus holsters, belts and cowboy stuff.

5- Modern guns– the ones I need to get rid of cluttering up the place.

6- Parts and accessories for White in-line muzzleloading rifles, shotguns and pistols.

7- Kits for muzzleloading guns– ready to build. I have so many kits for muzzleloading rifles, fowlers and pistols accumulated over years of building that I am afraid I will not live long enough to finish them all. After all, in 14 years , I will be 100 years old. All kits have all parts needed to complete the project, except where noted. Some are fancy and unusual, some are plain. All come with best quality parts. All are priced to sell.

8- Miscellaneous. Stuff that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories.



These guns are available now- They are ready to ship and shoot

You are looking at a brand new White Bison in-line muzzleloading rifle, designed and crafted by Doc White from old stored but new 22〞 Criterion barrels, the best that White ever used, with new internal parts, all of the finest quality. The barrel is 22〞 long, one inch in diameter, and fabulously accurate because of its stiffness and weight, If you use Doc’s heavy slip fit bullets or even lighter saboted bullets, you will get better than 1000 ft. lbs. of energy at 200 yards, a statistic that’s difficult to beat.

The White Bison is a G-series in-line rifle, with pull-cock on the left, ready for the weaker hand, while the rifle remains solidly gripped in the stronger right hand, same design as on most modern sub-machine guns. The barreled action is secured in the stock by a large square recoil lug with a tough tool steel screw. The lug is glass bedded for strength and accuracy. The stock is strong, sturdy maple, the best stock wood there is, with an inch thick, high-quality rubber recoil pad. The trigger is Timney’s best quality Featherweight, with a right-sided thumb safety, to complement the safety built into the cocking handle. This Bison is fired by Doc’s tool steel one-piece nipplebreechplug with #11 cap. A 209 conversion kit is available at extra cost, $125. The stock is finished with automotive grade hammered black paint, while the barreled action is finished with a black Dura-coat. The stock also comes with fore and aft sling swivels. The ramrod is Delrin with double brass ends, including a cleaning jag. The action is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and right side mounted Lyman peep. Dovetails are cut for front and rear sights but sights are not supplied since it seems everyone wants something different. GoTo the White parts section below to pick the sight combination you want. Most hunters want a dovetailed brass or fiber-optik front and spring-bar fiber-optik or folding flip-up rear, but there are many options.

You will not find a finer, higher quality, more powerful or more accurate muzzleloading hunting rifle anywhere. SALE $900. Limited supply!! there are only a few of the 22″ barreled Bisons left! Only 3 on hand as of 4-20-22.

Recently traded by DOC for an even fancier rifle, used but little, well kept, bore brilliant, restored and accurized to new with black Dur-Coat finished BISON barreled-action mounted on a beautiful AAA tigered maple stock finished Western Red, inch thick recoil pad, 14″ pull, adjustable Timney trigger, Williams adjustable sights, #11 nipple-breechplug and double brass ended ramrod with 50 caliber cleaning jag. Barrel 22″ long This rifle has been glass bedded and accurized. The Timney trigger pull is set at 2.5 lbs. but can be adjusted if wanted. The maple was finished with oil and elbow grease by Doc and is gorgeous. Equipped with red front fiberoptik and green two-dot adjustable fiber-optik rear sight. Otherwise, same as the Black Bison described above. The only real difference between a Black Bison and this one is the lovely tiger maple and the Hi-grade sights. This rifle originally cost near $1300 including the sights. Now FOR SALE $1050 OBO. THAT’S A $300 MAPLE STOCK YOU ARE LOOKING AT, Best offer takes the rifle. Call DOC at 435-722-2520 to discuss the buy.

I have another like it, similar AAA Tiger maple stock, .504 caliber, 22″ barrel, also traded in. This rifle took a fall, hit the butt hard, the buttstock has a linear crack from the recoil pad to the rear of the pistol grip. The crack is positioned just right for a strong fix with double aircraft aluminum bolts epoxied in, plus another bolt epoxied in under the recoil pad. Also has been restored and accurized. Betcha you can run over it with your Suburban now and not break it. Price reduced because of the crack even though you can hardly see it: $950 OBO. That’s a near $300 savings including the sights. Original price $1200. Best bid gets it. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The TOMINATOR is built on a BG series action, meaning BIG G, larger than the G-series to accomodate the larger 12 bore barrel. The action is otherwise the same as the G series: left hand cocking handle, safety on the cocking handle- sweeping it up locks it securely, you have to hit it pretty hard to knock it out of place. Also a safety on the right hand side, incorporated in the trigger. The trigger is Timneys best rifle trigger, nothing sloppy about it at all. The barrel sports straight rifling, just like fancy Perrazzi trap guns, keeps the shot cup from twirling in the barrel and shoots a tighter pattern because of it. Shoots 90% first shot patterns. This TOMINATOR has a black painted maple stock with an inch thick recoil pad. The gun is new, never fired, has a .690 choke installed. Your buy is guaranteed, you gotta like it to keep it. Price $850, a bargain.

3- CUSTOM MUZZLELOADING PRODUCTIONS  The White in-line muzzleloaders listed below are not immediately available but are illustrations and descriptions of rifles and shotguns that you can custom order for later construction and delivery. All variations are available awaiting your order. All such custom orders are individually priced. Bargaining between buyer and DOC are expected.

A lightweight Birch stocked version of the basic Black Bison- $800 plus sights and shipping.

The finest there is, AAAA tiger maple stock, 24″ barrel, double ramrod pipes, fiber optik sights. All such options are available, including in addition scope bases and rings, Lyman peep, high-end recoil pad, starts at $900. This rifle sold for $1300 last year. Order now before inflation really takes hold.

Both Colorado and Idaho won’t allow scopes. A peep is the next best option. Put our Lyman peep on any Bison. They are drilled and tapped for it. Add a red fiber optic front for old eyes.

Quick to the shoulder and fast on moving critters. No smoke on the scope either. Easy care and clean-up. Add $150 to the base cost of the rifle. Requires gunsmithing. A custom operation.

AAAA Tiger Bison with Weaver rings and bases. The best traditional scope setup there is, puts the scope forward enuff that your forehead is safe with stout loads. The action is drilled and tapped for the set. $50 plus shipping.