Accurizing Service


Doc white’s muzzleloading accurizing service

Got a muzzleloading rifle that won’t shoot? Or just want want more accuracy? Here’s the service you need!!

Doc white’s muzzleloading will accurize your White brand muzzleloading rifle to achieve its best accuracy for one flat fee. No matter what it takes to get it shooting its best, it only costs you once.

Doc will first make an honest appraisal of whether or not the rifle is worth accurizing, then perform any of a number of operations perhaps including gauging the bore, sighting in the rifle, straightening the barrel, adjusting the sights and trigger, adjusting the touch-hole, glass bedding the action and barrel, even lapping the bore as necessary to maximize its inherent accuracy. Heat or cold treatment is not included-but can be arranged. Once he has evaluated the rifle’s needs, he will come up with a realistic quote for services.

Doc has been accurizing rifles for many years. Their record of success is phenomenal. However, you should understand that not all barrels will shoot well even when worked over by experts. He can’t guarantee that every rifle will accurize successfully but does guarantee to do his very best. There will be no charge if it doesn’t substantially improve the rifle’s performance.

Doc will furnish the powder, bullets and small items needed to get the gun to shoot right. White muzzleloading will not furnish major items like sights, bases, scopes and major modifications to the rifle nor will he alter the barrel or the temper of the barrel by any means. However, Doc will advise you of what might be needed in those areas and arrange to get them done (at extra cost) if you should want.

NOTE: the rifle has to be drilled and tapped for scope. If you don’t have a scope on it, Doc will attach bases and a scope to do his work, then return it as original. His eyes are getting older and he needs a scope to see the bullseye. 

Price – minimum-a measly $120 plus s&h but possibly more if the rifle warrants it. However, you will know what you’re going to get  before you ever send money. In fact, we don’t want your money until the work is done and proves to be successful.

email us first, ( describing your rifle and desires, get our input, then ship UPS insured to:

White Muzzleloading
77 no skyline 55-8
Roosevelt, Utah 84066