ARCHIVES-after 2015

#800- Presenting a British  Sporting Rifle in .451 caliber for slip-fit elongated bullets. The twist is 1-20, the rifling .035 deep, a 460 grain bullet should be very accurate out of this Kelly barrel.Note the elegance of the walnut. All furniture is iron, except the roundels on the fore-arm and  an ebony fore-arm tip.


This baby has grown up into a right handsome and elegant brute.

 sptngrifleduncanperclock sptngrifleduncansidelock

sptngrifleduncanforend sptngrifleduncanforendtip

The rifle is  ready to shoot, the scope   more traditional than you would think. They became common after the wars of the 1860’s.  Barrel is browned, all other iron furniture is  deep antique rust blued, almost black.


Some think a rubber recoil pad is not traditional. Not so! The English were using leather covered  rubber recoil pads as early as the 1850’s. 


Our client not only wanted a traditional scope but also a peep. He chose an adjustable Lyman. It worked out far better than I thought it would.

sptngrifleduncanpeepclosrig sptngrifleduncanpeepclosele


This guy works and hunts in Alaska. Watch out , big bears and moose.


#776 Here comes my ‘favorite’ Hawken Rifle. My friend Bill Fuller once owned the original. It sports one of the last GRRW barrels that I have held on to over the years, one and 1/16th ” diameter octagon,  58 caliber,  an extra 38″ long. 


That long barrel has a slow 1-72″ twist and deep grooves for patched ball, accurate with heavy loads on big game.  I’ve taken many deer, elk and buffalo with a .570 ball loaded with thick patch over 200 gr. of FFg Black Powder.

hawkenfavoritecloselockgif hawkenfavoriteclosesidelock

You can  get an idea what the original was like when first built. The maple is gorgrous, AAA. It has been stained dark the old fashioned way with Aqua Fortis and heat then soaked in Pine Oil. It will get even darker with years of use and sun exposure.

hawkenfavoritecloseforearm hawkenfavoriteclosecheek

The metal is deep heat browned then waxed. The key surrounds and fore-stock cap  are made of (German) silver. Weight is right where the original was, 12 lbs. Those old trappers were a tough bunch. Carrying a gun this heavy around for years would have helped. No sling, even! But they did usually ride a horse!

hawkenfavoriteclosetang hawkenfavoriteclosetg

The tang is double bolted to the Double Set Trigger bar. The trigger guard screws into the DST bar at the front and is screwed onto the bar at the rear. The arrangement is very strong. The Hawkens were good engineers.


#818-  Custom Rifle by Doc with G-series Whitetail action modified with big square recoil lug, Criterion 504 caliber  22″ taper barrel, 1-14 twist,  shallow grooves, same as  that used on the White M97,  Marble adjustable open rear ramp sight with red fiber-optik front, Timney trigger, Delrin ramrod with cleaning jag,  Weaver scope bases and Weaver forward 1″ scope rings. The stock is lovely tiger maple finished with pebbled clear epoxy.  


whitetail818tigermapleclope whitetail818tigermapleclose


The front and rear sights and the peep can be adjusted separately. The scope mounts stay on the rifle with the peep, which has been carefully modified to accomodate both, but the peep slide will have to be removed to mount a scope.

#1235 – New Custom  G-Series  Rifle by DOC,  tapered  .451  caliber  26 inch long  barrel by Kelley with 1-20 twist, shallow grooves for DOC’s famous  long, fast loading  bullets. The action has been   modified  with a big recoil lug, Timney trigger and Weaver scope bases installed.  Stock is strong, tough maple with an inch thick recoil pad, the new one by Remington  and  sling swivels. Ramrod is double brass ended Delrin with cleaning jag,  all parts new old stored parts by White. The steel is finished with  tough black Dura-Coat, the maple  is an  attractive  lightly pebbled  black metallic.  Stainless steel trigger guard.




#H-031  here is the thirty-first Hawken rifle that Green River Rifle Works built,  54 caliber, marked  near the breech  with  caliber  and  serial # H-031,  first year of production.  There is no maker’s mark on this rifle,  the addition of the   maker’s  mark  came along later,  but the rifle has all the hallmarks of Carl Walker’s work. He was the first smith, Guardell Powell came later. Likely Carl made it.

The original owner,  Clair Sias , who ordered it at the very first Bridger Rendezvous in 1972,  left for the  Lord’s  Hunting Grounds  recently, his widow is reluctantly putting the rifle on the blanket. 


This rifle has a  one  inch  diameter octagon Douglas barrel with 1-66 twist  and deep grooves  for  patch and  round ball. The rifling is clean and sharp and looks good.  The rifle was clean and sparkling  with only a few tiny use marks  when I received it. It hasn’t been used for years.  It’s obviously had good care.

clairshawken54ho31 .54        H- 031

grrw031hawkencloselock grrw031hawkenclosesidelock

  The  lock appears to be an early production Cherry Corners.  They were used extensively before Ron Long came out with his excellent Hawken percussion lock.  The hammer-nipple fit is perfect. The sidelock bolt surround is iron, as is all the furniture.

grrw031hawkenclosertbutt  grrw031hawkencloselefbutt

The stock is figured maple with original GRRW finish.  The cheekpeice is the usual beavertail, the buttplate narrow, the ferrules  3/8th inch ID  and plain as was usual with early GRRW production.  This gun was rasped from a plank by the smith. There were no carved stocks at that time. The German silver eschutcheon  seen on the top of the right hand buttstock is an aftermarket addition, nicely inletted.

grrw031hawkencloseforeend grrw031hawkenclosertforeend

  The  slim key surrounds are typical of early GRRW  Hawkens with the thicker key used at that time.  The nose-cap is pewter, both features of early GRRW Hawkens.  By the way, there are original Hawkens with pewter nosecaps.

grrw031hawkenclosetangf grrw031hawkenclosetg

Notice the quality of the inletting  around the tang.  This is where amateurs usually screw up. The DST functions both with rear trigger set  (let-off  is nicely delicate) or by a harder pull on the front trigger. It can be cocked with the front trigger unset.


All the furniture is browned, with a few minor shiny places on sharp corners in the usual places. This was done by the  traditional  old time slow rust method in a ‘wet room’ with GRRW brown, a sure fire poison if you drank it. The front sight is low and all brass. Later sights had copper or brass bases with German silver blades.  The ramrod is  a  fiberglass replacement, due to get replaced by a more traditional  hickory  ramrod. 

This is a fine, well-kept early GRRW Hawken  worthy  to sit in the finest collection, shoot on the target line or hunt, as it was originally designed to do.

#XXXX-I’ve designated this one XXXX because that’s what’s on the action in place of a serial number.  This is a brand new G-Series Whitetail rifle with an XXXX marked  G-Series  action, a 26 inch tapered .451 barrel with shallow grooves and 1-20 twist by Kelly, new but old stored parts and a new tough black metallic finished maple stock designed  by DOC.    


whitetailxxxx451cloactleftg whitetailxxxx451cloactrt

The rifle, which is essentially a Doc-marked White Whitetail, is equipped with a Bold adjustable trigger, Marble adjustable ramp front and rear sights, sling swivels, Delrin brass  double ended ramrod with cleaning jag and Weaver scope bases.


The recoil pad is an inch thick and is the new elasto-polymer by Remington. It really soaks up recoil. The rifle is bedded and accurized by DOC. Guaranteed as usual.

#769- Here’s a Jim Bridger Hawken. AAA maple stock, Green Mountain 58 caliber barrel 1 1/8th inches octagon X 32 inches long, All iron accutrements including the iron  key roundels, plus  all the classic Hawken features.  This is  be GRRW-CA #H04. ie- Green River RifleWorks Collectors Association Bridger Hawken #4  


hawkengrrw-04cacloselock hawkengrrw-04caclosesideloc

hawkengrrw-04caclosecheek hawkengrrw-04cacloseforearm

 hawkengrrw-04caclosforecap hawkengrrw-04caclosetg

This youngster is all grown up and ready to shoot.


#809-  Rigby style Sporting Rifle, this one   in .451 caliber with 1-20 twist and shallow grooves for elongated slip fit bullets. Again, the all iron furniture is antique rust blued, barrel is rust browned. there is a  DST in this instance,  with  ebony end-cap, under-rib and two thimbles.


sptgrifle205fisherclolock sptgrifle205fisherclobplate sptgrifle205fisherclomuzzle

That checkered buttplate is iron, antique rust blued.

sptgrifle205fishercloforarm sptgrifle205fisherclotggif

The patent breech is the super-strong Manton syle with drip-bar and hook.  The tang is long to support the tall rear sight.  Two bolts hold the DST/Trigger Guard combination to the long tang, a very strong arrangement. The forend is complete with ebony fore-end tip, iron rear thimble, single barrel key and silver roundels. 


I have see rifles like this one shoot into 4 inches at 600 yards under perfect conditions with a 500 grain lubed slip-fit bullet over 70 grains of black powder.


#814 –  Here’s a Side by side 12 bore flintlock fowling piece by Applegate,  in the best British style. All the components and elegance of the modern side by side shotgun were present in these early fowlers. They handle very nicely.  SOLD


The  barrels are GBQ steel,  bored modified and full.  The  Egg flintlocks are  inset into the breeches  for a slimmer breech.  The double triggers  fire front trigger- right barrel amd rear trigger-left barrel.   There is early   1760 style  checkering at the wrist and an engraved and chisled  thumb piece.

applegate12x12fowl814cloloc applegate12x12fowl814closlo

The locks are fine sparkers. Trigger pull to fire time seems as good as any modern shotgun. This set-up is Quick!

applegate12x12fowler814fore applegate12x12fowl814clostg

The  trigger guard is  the always popular English scroll.   The  triggers are adjusted to pull off at about 3-4 lbs.  The fore-stock is complete with key,  German silver roundels and tip ferrule. The barrels are browned and  all the  other  iron work antique rust blued.


It’s already been proof fired with 110 gr 3Fg black powder and 1 7/8th oz shot. Shoots good. Holds good. SOLD

#737- The birth pangs of this Griffith steel mounted 12 bore fowler are over, born with a Colerain octagon-round 44 ” barrel, nice solid walnut  with a bit of figure in the buttstock, steel furniture from the Rifle Shoppe, all exceptionally beautiful castings, steel 1/4″ ramrod.     


The barrel is browned. The larger iron parts are antique hot rust blued, some few parts are fire blued.

Griffith12FowlerFLCloseLOck Griffith12FowlerFLObliSide

The lock is a Twigg, not only beautiful but a grand sparker. Trigger pill is crisp, about 3 lbs. Stock finish started with a soak in pine oil then Laural Mountain stock varnish in many thin coats.

Griffith12FowlerFLClotCloSi Griffith12FowlerFLCloseEsch Griffith12FowlerFLCloseButt Griffith12FowlerFLCloseMuzz

The muzzle has been fitted with a Colonial brand screw-in and out choke tube. It can be fired with ball using the .730 choke or a tighter one fitted for tight  patterns with shot. 


Notice: no screws in the trigger guard. It fits the slot with a couple of sliders fitted tightly to fittings in the wood under the trigger guard. It’s all held in place with a single pin up front. It’s an elegant set-up but finicky to set up and fit.


Load 100 grains FFg black powder, 1 7/8 oz. #7 shot,  for fantastic patterns


Found a rare one, a DOC-designed MTI M97  Whitetail  Hunter in .504 caliber. Pristine bore, laminate stock with recoil pad in great shape, finest quality 22 inch,  7 groove  Criterion barrel with DOC-designed truncated rifling, Bold adjustable trigger, aircraft aluminum ramrod with cleaning jag, accurized by DOC.


There is a set of blued steel extended scope mounts by Warne, an adjustable   green fiber optik two-dot rear and red-dot front sight by Marble, all  3 original equipment. (see  photos  below)

m95mti504lamcloactionrt m95mti504lamclorearsight m95mti504lamclofrosite

The action is a G-Series, same as on the original White Whitetail and Bison rifles, with the cocking handle on the left, just like on modern sub-machine guns and for the same reason. It’s faster to cock with the weak left hand while holding  the rifle with strong right hand, finger ready to trigger.


The M97 Whitetail Hunter is a rare find, only a few thousand made. This one is as good as they come.  Buy it before someone sneaks it away under your nose.  $700 OBO

DOC’s experimental M95 Mauser-bolt action muzzleloader.  


m95ml451expcloseactionright m95ml451expclosemagazine


#819- Custom Super Safari rifle in 451 caliber, all standard Super Safari features plus a Lyman peep especially designed for White back in the old days.




#786-  You are witnessing the birth of an Brass  mounted JAEGER, sporting an AAAA tigered fullstock, Jack Haugh flintlock, Colerain 50 caliber swamped 38″ barrel, DST,  high tensile aluminum  ramrod and sliding wood patch box cover. The barrel is   browned, the stock is   finished dark, Eoropean style. Decoration is semi-sporting/military. This is the kind of custom rifle an Austrian JaegerCorps officer might have carried for duty in America, then had restocked in native maple because of battle damage.  


Jaeger276FL786CloseLock Jaeger276FL786CloseSidePlat

Jaeger276FL786CloseLeftButt Jaeger276FL786ClosePatchBox

Jaeger276FL786CloseTG Jaeger276FL786CloseMidPipe

Jaeger276FL786CloseTopWrist Jaeger276FL786CloseMuzzle


This baby is all   grown up and dressed fancy, just  needs a coming out party.  The figure in the maple is truly magnificent. The wood is had as a rock and very difficult to carve. I had to   wait until the artistic juices were really boiling before I attemped  this one.There  is some nice cast-in engraving in the brass furniture. It has  ended up a slim and pretty American lass, much less chunky than those bulky German girls.  SOLD


#813-  CUSTOM BISON-   


Here’s  a new Custom Bison , the bull  barrel trimmed to one inch diameter, 24+  inches long,  (the originals had a 20 inch barrel) , 504 caliber, with  a new Doc-designed  custom stock in tough maple, designed specifically for use with a scope.  Old stored original Bison  parts   complete the action. The trigger is  by  Bold, same as on a Mauser bolt rifle, adjustable for weight of pull. This paricular rifle already mounts Weaver  scope bases,  with a  dovetailed  leaf adjustable open  rear  and brass bead  front  sights,  with black matte  Dura-Coat finish on  the barreled action and black  metallic paint on the  stock.



#820 – Custom White Bison in 504 caliber by DOC, who designed the Bison in the first place. The barrel is by Criterion, the best and most accurate barrel White ever used, with DOC-designed truncated shallow 7 groove rifling, 1-24 twist, 24+ inches long, one inch diameter.  The recoil lug is glassed for enhanced accuracy.  The stock is tough maple, again designed by DOC, with a broad inch thick butt-pad. This Bison mounts a fully adjustable Lyman 57A rear peep with a red bead front. The ramrod is double brass-ended Delrin with built in cleaning jag. The finish is black Dura-coat on both wood and metal. 


bison820lymanpeepclosright bison820lymanpeepcloseleft




#815- Here is a finely crafted Hawken  flintlock rifle in 50 caliber by John Berensen, signed with his initials, made back in the 70’s. It is so beautiful it doesn’t need explanation. I doubt that it has ever been fired. The maple is AAAA, the parts finest quality. Condition is pristine, fine work beautifully executed, the only sign of wear a few scratches on the frizzen. 

Hawken50BursonFullRight  Hawken50BursonObliqueWrist Hawken50BursonCloseToePlate Hawken50BursonCloseTG Hawken50BursonCloseSIDELOCK

The patchbox opens with the small button on the toe plate. The patchbox is the Modena style in iron.

Hawken50BursonCloseRearPipe Hawken50BursonClosePB Hawken50BursonCloseMuzzle Hawken50BursonCloseLockGrip Hawken50BursonCloseLeftButt Hawken50BursonCloseForearm

#812- Harper’s Ferry edition of  the  Springfield 1816 musket.  69 caliber smoothbore with 1824 dated lock, sparks beautifully. Used by the US military (and the Confederacy) clear into the  Civil War because of its simplicity and low cost and upkeep.


musket1816closelockfin musket1816closesidelockfin



Here it  is, all grown up, but you can see how manly it is. It has  muscled out with all parts, is  assembled and  ready to campaign.  I had originally thought that all 1816’s presented with a  bright military metal finish but discovered that model II’s, which this one is, were browned, except for springs and screws, with an oil finish for the stock.  

#669- Dutch 8 bore  fowler, direct copy of an early pre-Revolution arm,  with 50 inch long barrel by Rayl, early Dutch flintlock, brass furniture, Dutch influenced carving  and engraving, the perfect piece for a re-enactor from Hoboken.  Would do well as either a punt gun or wall gun for fort defense.  


Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloLo Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloSL

Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloBP Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloTo

Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloRB Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloLB

Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloFo Dutch8Bore210Fowler669CloTG


#822- The CHEAPO Sorting Rifle is finally  born. I did this one to show you how to build an inexpensive but quality bullet rifle using the White Shooting System, ie- elongated slip fit bullets.  Caliber .451 with fast 1-20 twist, shallow grooves for .450 caliber 460-500 grain bullets. With 80 g.r Pyrodex P and a White 460 grain Super Slug I  scored consistent hits at 365 yards even with my old eyes.CheapoSptgRifleFullRightFIN


it’s pretty plain with one inch diameter round bull barrel 32 inches long, black painted finish, rubber recoil pad but all parts quality, including the percussion lock and Williams  adjustable sights. But it’s half the price of a fancy one.

#797- Here is a Baker Infantry Rifle . much used by British  skirmishers in the Napoleonic wars. This one with blued barrel, case hardened lock and tang, better walnut than usual,  the wood  very solid and sturdy. The parts are very authentic. The Baker rifle is a favorite of mine for flintlock hunting. The 62 caliber is perfect for elk and big deer and the design is elegantly functional.


bakercasedcloselockgif bakercasedbayonetlugt


#813- The re-creation of a restocked fowling piece, done in the old northeast by a Dutch influenced master from a miscellany of assorted British, Dutch and German iron parts.


The trigger guard is Dutch, probably from an early officer’s musket, the pipes are German as is the sidelock plate. Both probably came off a Jaeger rifle. The French flintlock is about as  pretty  a  lock as there is. It’s not highly decorated but the lines and function are elegant.  The deeply curved under-belly of the buttstock is typical of Dutch influenced guns.


The bas-relief carving on this gun is simple yet has an understated elegance.



#785 Presenting a workaday version of a sporting Jaeger rifle, made for the local trade, originally with modestly decorated iron furniture, rather plain but nicely configured walnut stock, again with modest decoration, , a 31″ Colerain barrel in 50 caliber, single trigger, single   leaf rear sight, and custom made engraved  flintlock which sparks like crazy.





#805- Here we present a later percussion J&S. Hawken marked iron mounted full-stock rifle with a new, never used 15/16th X 38 inch Green Mountain 54 caliber barrel in a fairly plain but sturdy maple stock.


The lock copies one used by the Hawkens, with engraving and a handsome hammer. The breech is classic Hawken, with long tang double bolted through the wrist to the long-bar double-set trigger and slanted hooked breech. The tacks copy a pattern seen on an original. Maybe it once belonged to the Ute warrior  chief  Ouray.


#700 Here’s a very early 1720 all iron mounted Brown Bess musket all grown up, ca: 1720. Tower marked bannanna lock, wooden ramrod, no fore-end cap, very nice chunk of solid grained walnut, entirely traditional. The barrel is 77 caliber as usual but a full 44 inches long, fitted for bayonet.



#779- The adventure of a Broadbutt 10 bore Doglock Colonial Fowler. This is a truly simple gun. There are only seven parts: a Broadbutt stock without buttplate, a sheet iron trigger guard and simple pinned trigger, two sheet iron ferrules, a barrel and a lock. And the lock is simplicity itself. Any colonial blacksmith could build one using a hammer and a file and many probably did.


The original colonial fowler is illustrated in “Flintlock Fowlers”. It shows a trigger guard that looks like it was made from an old gate handle. This one was indeed made from a gate handle, only brand new and never used.


#823-  GRRW CA H-1- A reproduction of my ‘Favorite’ Hawken. Now ready for delivery, done as original as I can get it, with case hardened and antique  rust blued furniture. See my article on ‘the Traditional Hawken”. This the GRRW Collector’s Ass’n H-1 Hawken, the very first one.


hawkengrrw1cacloselock hawkengrrw1cawristoblique



The GRRW Collectors Association sponsors a newsletter which is free for the asking featuring the history and times of Green River Rifle Works. A few of the old GRRW gunsmiths are still active and are producing custom copies of the Hawken and Leman rifles that GRRW originally manufactured. If you want to join the Association, goto GRRW Collectors Association, on the net. If you want a gun like this one. get in touch and get in line. Production is slow and meticulous.

#825-  Doc-built early experimental M-90 in .330 caliber for a 275 grain slip fit bullet over 40-60 grains PyrodexP. One of the first ten M-90’s made. Douglas barrel, stainless early action with spring-loaded bolt detent and M-70 like thumb safety.


#824-Doc designed Experimental M-90, #x0006 (sixth out the first ten experimental M90 White R1fles). Walnut stock with pleasant figure, Douglas barrel in .368 caliber for 300 grain slip-fit bullets, 1-16 fast twist, shallow groove, of course. Stainless early action with spring loaded bolt detent, M70-like safety, Dayton-Traister trigger,


#820- White prototype M-90 in .451 caliber, # ooo4, hand stamped and signed by DOC


This is a rifle I never thought I would see again. The first model of the S-Series White rifles was the M-90. There were 10 prototypes, each one a little different and 60 production rifles, all of them built by me. They sold in a flash in late 1990. The next model was the famous S-91 of which there are thousands. This is the fourth  M-90  prototype, marked x0004. It has a blued .451 Douglas barrel with a 1-20 twist, shallow grooves, 24″ long, with a stainless action, pull cock, early swing safety and early spring-loaded hammer-body detent.