A selection of white bullets



White super-slug & powerpunch bullets were doc-designed to work in older white rifles and in the newer white m97, m98 and the thunderbolt. They were available for all .410, .451, .504, and .540 caliber rifles. They are solid ‘enhanced’ lead bullets, with deep channelures to hold lots of doc’s special blue muzzleloading lubricant, a generous flat-nosed meplat to promote rapid expansion in game, and a slight boat-tail so they load easy and fly faster. These great bullets look good, so you know they shoot good.


White powerpunch bullets

Now available only from ‘whiterifles.Com’ on the web

Here are sizes of the solid enhanced lead powerpunch slip-fit bullets:

  • .410 – available only in 400 gr. Power punch. This bullet is cast at .411, sized to .409 and is sized and lubed with white’s blue powerlube.
  • .451- available in 380, 430 and 460 grains. These bullets are normally cast at .452, sized to .450 plus and lubed with white’s blue powerlube.


Powerpunch 450/430 and 450/460, (.450 caliber bullets weighing 430 and 460 grains.) for use in all white .451 caliber rifles.

Expanded 451 caliber PowerPunch bullets, all taken from moose. The soft lead guarantees good expansion in game animals and the weight and length guarantee good penetration.


PowerPunch50-600PairA pair of PowerPunch 504/600 (503 caliber bullets weighing 600 grains) for use in all White 504 caliber rifles.




Powerstar saboted bullets (patented)

Available only from ‘whiterifles.com’ on the net.

PowerStartransparentSabotThe formidable 50/45-435 powerstar saboted bullet, for 50 caliber rifles, throwing a 45 caliber bullet weighing 435 grains with a ballistic coefficient of 26. A charge of 120 grains of pyrodexp behind this bullet in a white rifle yields over 1200 ft lbs of energy at 200 yards.

Whiterifles llc has licensed doc’s patented lubricated sabot and bullet (a true rifle bullet, long and hollow-pointed.) this is no lightweight pistol bullet. It is available for 45 caliber rifles with a 350 gr. Hollow point bullet and for 504 caliber rifles with choice of 320 or 435 grain hollow point bullet.

Availability: ‘whiterifles.Com‘ on the net.

  • 45 caliber supersabot with 40 caliber powerstar hollowpoint bullet weighing 350 grains. Be sure to order a can of white powerlube to lubricate the channelures in the sabot-it keeps the barrel much cleaner, slows down plastic accumulation in the barrel and loss of accuracy and loads ever so much easier.
  • 50 caliber supersabot with choice of 45 caliber 320 grain or 435 grain powerstar hollowpoint bullet. Need i remind you about the powerlube?



The new 504 caliber 320 grain hollow-pointed PowerStar bullets (illustrated left. This lighter buller uses the same lubricated SuperSabot Doc developed for the 435 gr PowerStar, (on the right.) They are made of the softest lead for best expansion in the Barrel and in Game. Both are true rifle bullets with substantial Sectional Densities and Ballistic Coefficients, not short poorly performing pistol bullets used in rifles.



SCSSabotAndBulletFiveLooseThe patented futuristic new self cleaning sabot (scs), unfortunately never brought into production. It would have changed your muzzleloading forever. No longer would you have needed to clean any brand rifle between shots, whether on the target range or in the field. The scs cleans the barrel with each shot, leaving the same amount of residue as if it were the first shot. Click on scs for more information.
Every shot a first shot sorry, never in production

Scb bullet

This fantastic self cleaning bullet , with patented copper tented gas check, might someday become available in popular weights and calibers. It will clean your rifle as you shoot it, so you won’t have to clean between shots to maintain accuracy. You will also be able to shoot larger charges of powder without losing accuracy. It makes cleaning chores a lot easier as well. Click on scb for more information.

SCBPowerPunchOriginalExpand504 caliber, 600 grain SCB PowerPunch bullet, shown before firing and after recovery from the huge Asian Buffalo pictured in The Second Biggest Buffalo In The World
Sorry, not currently in production.

Please order directly from white rifles llc, click on http://www.Whiterifles.Com, to get to their website


pr03.h3For more information contact:

White muzzleloading
Company Address
Internet: doc@whitemuzzleloading.Com



White brand bullets are available from ‘whiterifles.Com’ on the net. Most sizes are available.

Some shooters would like to find an alternative source of supply. I have liked the ‘no excuse’ brand, made in ogden, utah. They are manufactured on white principles and shoot in white rifles as if they were made by white. I highly recommend them


410 cal- 410 grains

451 cal- 385, 460 and 495 grains

504 cal- 460 and 495 grains

540 cal- 535 grains

Email ‘dave@muzzleloading-bullets.Com‘ or call 801-776-1418 to order.

The ‘powerstar’ line of hollow pointed saboted bullets was manufactured for white by buffalo bullets. They can be ordered from the buffalo bullet factory or purchased retail from one of their many dealers. Use them with a harvester sabot.

The barnes’ line of bullets and sabots are also excellent . They can be purchased from one of their many dealers. Go for the heavier of the line, for example, in 50 cal: in weights of 300 or more grains. That means a 50 cal sabot with a 45 cal bullet weighing 300 grains or more.

I have also done well with a harvester ribbed sabot with a 300 grain hollow-pointed hornaday 45 cal pistol bullet. The 300 grain bullet made for the 45 long colt in .452 diameter is just right for rapid expansion in deer sized game.