Custom Modern


Custom modern –  muzzloading in-lines, custom blackpowder replicas


Custom, re-furbished and used modern muzzleloaders.

Inline muzzleloaders and DOC-designed muzzleloading prototypes

Cowboy and black powder rifles & pistols- reproductions of pre-98 arms

White Muzzleloading sells, trades and buys fine quality custom made modern day muzzleloaders and high quality in-line muzzleloaders. Doc produces a few quite high grade guns one at a time and slow while waiting for the phone to ring. Many of his pieces are experimental and some are quite unusual.. He once did research and developement for White Rifles llc ,and a few others, but that stuff is supposed to be a big secret.

He also makes traditional flintlock and percussion rifles and shotguns, Hawkens, Pemmsylvania-Kentucky rifles, double barreled rifles and shotguns, the occasional muzzleloading drilling, Jaegers, traditional carved and engraved flintlock guns of the colonial period and a few plains rifles. Lately, he’s been into Pauly rifles (Pauly invented the inline in 1812),  snaphaunces , wheeelocks and double barrel flintlocks. These more traditional guns can be seen on the ‘Custom Traditional’ page.



Accurized-means that various standard techniques have been utilized to render the gun more accurate, usually including glass bedding, barrel straightening, bore cleansing, sometimes includes bore scrubbing, bore lapping and conditioning.

Composite-means glass and sometimes kevlar fiber reinforcement in a molded stock. All such stocks are finished by painting, some few might have a fake fancy wood finish.

‘GBW’-are doc white’s initials. If ‘GBW’ is on the gun, it means that he personally had something to do with the piece, sometimes to its benefit.

‘in the white’ means that the gun is completely assembled and functional with all parts in place, wood is sanded to at least an 80 grit finish, metal has the rough edges polished off and is shaped. Does not include staining on wood, oil or varnish, metal brown or blue, or bright polish on metal. The buyer is expected to finish sand, stain and oil or varnish the wood, finish polish & brown or blue the metal and engrave where indicated.

Calibers-are usually quoted in three numerals, White fashion, except round ball guns are noted in two.


Doc white designed guns and variations:

S-series rifles: based on an in-line action originally designed by doc white in the late 1960’s, and developed over the next few decades, sold in 1991 as the super-91, later as the super-91-ii, grand alaskan and eventually the thunderbolt.

Super -91′s were made in two versions. The ‘early’ sported a mauser type hinged trigger (up to about serial #600), a side swing safety and a spring clip hammer housing retention detent. The ‘later’ action (beginning at about serial #600) had a screwed on trigger, a pull and twist secondary safety as well as one on the trigger, and a screw-in detent to hold the hammer housing in place.

Super-91-ll’s lacked the rib that originally decorated the super-91, with delrin ramrod ferrules and trigger guard

The Grand Alaskan was a heavy barreled , heavy 54 caliber super 91 with steel ferrules and trigger guard

The Thunderbolt sported a bolt action, actually the original design that the Super 91 descended from.

G-series rifles– based on a basic design by david gumucio, refined by doc and brought into production as the whitetail, then later the m97 whitetail hunter, the m97 lite, and the bison , which was a heavy barreled whitetail

SG-series– the ‘small-g’ series, represented by a limited run of rifles, using the same internal parts and similar in function to the whitetail but with one-piece action/barrel smaller in diameter and lighter in weight.

BG shotguns– ‘big-g’ actions, same parts and function as all the other g-series actions but large enough for a 12 gauge barrel, represented by the tominator and white thunder shotguns.

Whitetail rifles came with an ‘early’ stock made of either hardwood or black glass composite with or without checkering and with a 13.5 inch pull or a ‘later’ slimmer stock exclusively made of glass composite with checkering and a 14 inch pull. Refurbished whitetail rifles all come with new hardwood stocks with 14 inch pull.


Terms-cashiers check or money order, plus shipping. Five day inspection allowed. Gun returnable if in original condition as sold. Return must be cleared with white muzzleloading before it is returned or it will not be accepted. We want you to be happy with the deal, so speak up. We’ll make it good if we haven’t already.

Any more modern guns requiring an FFL will be shunted through a local FFL holder for record keeping purposes. I do not have an FFL and don’t intend to get one. An FL is not needed for the antique reproductions.

Parts, bullets and other accessories for White products-are available from White Rifles llc., Linden, Utah. They have licensed DOC’s ideas and products. Many work even better than the old White products. Email to order.

Used Guns For Sale
All guns listed are used unless otherwise noted
All prices are OBO-make an offer, we listen!!



Custom full- stock super safari

SuperSafariM98RightFullThe Super Safari is my favorite model of all the WHITE rifles I’ve designed. I just love fullstocks. Custom Super Safari’s are available using your Super-91, M98 or ThunderBolt action and barrel. email   Since  they are custom, you can have about what you want. You have to  furnish  the  barreled action.  Prices start at  $300 but  can go  higher  depending on what  features  are  included.




Below you will see some examples of Sporting Rifles that DOC had built over the years. All feature the classic  Manton- designed breech with a Henry lock and drip bar,  plus a fast twist, shallow-groove  barrel made for elongated , lubricated, slip-fit bullets,  which are  the outstanding features of the genre. Other features can include round or octagon barrels of any legnth,  simple or set triggers,  straight or pistol grips,  any length pull you might want,  steel or rubber buttpads or plates,  fore-arm tips pf ebony or metal,  cap boxes, checkering and any combination of sights including long scopes.  All are made  for shooting heavy, long, high Ballistic Coeficient  bullets very accurately over long distances. I have seen, and have shot, 4″ groups at 700 yards on good days.

Get in touch with DOC  if you want one.  A simple sporting rifle starts at $1500 (sights  not included),  and can go double that depending on what you want. You choice of sights is particularly important.  There is a huge variety of styles and quality available. The best are indeed expensive but are absolutely required  for the finest results.  You have to choose what sights you want and will be billed for them separately.


Doc- built white sporting rifle with blued metal and english red laminate stock. Sidelock percussion with Manton breech and flat spring lock, with White barrel by Criterion. Shoots all the White bullets just as well as the Super 91, Whitetail and others: the barrels are the same. Similar rifles are available on custom order from White Muzzleloading with fancy walnut stocks. Prices start at $1500. Email for price and availability. See below for more examples of the art.

sportingriflelite45closeloc sptgrifle54rb799closelock

The Manton breech design on the White Sporting Rifle is the best and strongest ever devised, modern or antique. It’s massive, functional, ergonomic and super-strong but handsome, far stronger and better than any Hawken percussion breeching.  Most were very plain but also very strong.

Below- a RIGBY-style .451 with pistol grip, a round barrel and a Malcolm style 3X scope. Very accurate at long range with slip-fit  bullets.

A Rigby Sporting-Target rifle in .367 caliber for 300 grain slip-fit bullets. The rear sight is a ladder, good for up to 700 yards, the front a Globe.

Another Sporting Target rifle with tall rear peep and Globe front sight. The DST was unusual in Britain. SST were sometimes used. Note that the most consistent part of all three rifles is the lock and breeching.


 CUSTOM BISON-  I lucked into some new old stored .504 barrel blanks by Criterion, found them in a garage. bought out of the sale when White Systems went under. They are 20 years old but in perfect condition. Criterion made the best barrels White ever used so these were a real find.

You are seeing the beginnings of  a new Custom Bison , the barrel trimmed to one inch diameter, 24 inches long , 504 caliber, with  a new custom stock in tough maple, designed specifically for use with a scope. We will install  new but old stored original parts to complete the action. The trigger will be by  Timney, same as on a Mauser bolt rifle, adjustable for weight of pull. The rifle will finish drilled and tapped for  scope  and peep  bases. (no barrel sights except on custom order at extra cost since everyone usually mounts a scope), with black Dur-Coat finish on both barreled action and stock. Price is $600 for the basic rifle plus whatever extras you might want and S&H.


The photo shows the basic rifle, no action parts yet, no sling swivels yet, no scope mounts yet.  $600 for the basic custom rifle as described above plus S&H. Almost any custom addition you might want available. 


Here is what the unfinished kit above turned into- ready to shoot!

Since the gun is custom, you can have any barrel length you want shorter than 25 inches, any color Dura-coat you want, even pink for your lady,  any length pull shorter than 14.5 inches, front and rear open sights (but you have to specify exactly what sight you want), a rear mounted Lyman 57A totally adjustable  peep,  all at extra cost. See ‘On Sale’ for further details.

Here is a custom Bison with 24 inch Criterion barrel, Timney trigger and Lyman totally adjustable peep in a 4A  tigered maple stock. 


Here is another fancy Bison  without the peep but equipped with a set of Weaver forward scope mounts. 


 Custom Whitetail 504 caliber

You are in on the conception of a custom  Whitetail rifle in 504 caliber  with a new tapered Criterion barrel and a newly designed maple stock. Just the basic barreled action and stock are shown  above. The finished gun (below)  includes new old stored original parts. The basic finish will be black DuraCoat. 


This is essentially the same rifle as theCustom Bison rifle pictured above, but with a tapered barrel. all the custom features described for the Bison as are also available for this taper barrel rifle. The taper barrel is more expensive to manufacture so the price for the basic rifle finished and ready to mount a scope and shoot is $700.



IF YOU WANT ONE, EMAIL DOC AT ‘’ with your detailed INQUIREY.


H&R CONVERSIONS– sleeved with white barrels meant to shoot white designed bullets

Every bit as accurate and functional as Doc’s other rifles, just not quite so elegant. Every one custom, choice of .451 or .500 calibers, recoil pad, barrel sizes and lengths, sights or ribs for scope or red dot.

Watch ‘custom modern’ for what’s available or custom order just what you want..

For example:

Observe the birth pangs of a new White rifle.

Below is an H&R single shot action with the original barrel cut off and a white fast twist shallow groove .504 barrel sleeved in. The breech-plug is  Doc White designed for a 209  shotgun primer. This system produces almost complete obturation at the breech with little powder blast back into the action.

I tried it out with the new Blackhorn 209 powder   and it proved to work just fine and was accurate with saboted bullets. I have  also  tried it  with  slip-fit bullets and the system works fine.  It is apparent that if the 209 primer works with BH-209 then it will be capable of using all the other substitute powders as they light off even easier than BH209.
I lengthened the pull to 14 and 1/4 inches by gluing and screwing a piece to the buttstock and adding a Ruger recoil pad. I also modified the shape of the stock a bit for better fit and faster sight aquisition. The sights are an adjustable Williams rear and a red fiber optic front on a ramp. It weighs about 7 lbs.

The baked on black finish (below) will get rid of all the uglies as seen above. Of course, the black tape will disappear and the ramrod will aquire a loading tip. The concept has worked out, so  I will be doing a few more of them. By the way, they require an FFL for sale since they can be converted into a modern shotgun just by switching barrels.

The old White Powerstar saboted 50/45-435 bullet (50 caliber sabot with 45 caliber hollow pointed bullet weighing 435 grains – shot well, was as accurate as I could hold it, loaded easily without cleaning between shots. I was quite impressed. I know I can take any deer out to 200 yards easily, as long as my old eyes can use a scope.
Above is the finished gun. The client wanted the high cheek rest for the big 40 mm red dot scope.

BrianGardnerMuleDeer013This rifle (finished as above) went on to kill this 175 B&C  mule deer this fall (2012) in the hands of the buyer. He says that the mulie appeared at 70 yards, went down with the shot, then a giant 200+ B&C buck stepped out of the brush at 50 yards. He was sick. He was still sick a week later when he related the story. He let the big one walk away. Saved him for next year. I talked him out of a photo of the smaller deer, above.



#751 DOC’s newest invention. The White M95

I have been experimenting with converting 1895 mauser actions to muzzleloaders, using white barrels and a new breechplug with an internally head-spaced design to reduce blow-back to nothing. The primer is a 45 auto case (use with a magnum primer if you want- you don’t need it), which fits the bolt face without needing modification and extracts normally. The magazine has been altered to feed the 45 auto primers into the breech. What you will see below is the first experimental one . 

This is a Chilean Mauser 1895 action, made by loewe in germany, with a 32 inch 451 caliber barrel, shallow .O35 grooves with 1-20 twist, meant to shoot white power punch bullets or other elongated slip-fit bullets from other makers. The barreled action started in a cut down- throw away original military stock with a recoil pad tacked on to lengthen the pull. It’s was ugly as hell, but the primer worked like a charm, ignites any powder you might want to use, including smokeless, feeds and extracts positively. The 45 auto case is if course reloadable with a new primer. I bop the spent primer out with an rcbs primer punch and reload a new primer using an rcbs hand held primer tool. The whole priming outfit cost me less than $30. The 45 auto case loads a bit easier if the case mouth is crimped just a bit, which is easy to do in an ordinary loading die. And it extracts normally -the 45 auto case head and an 7 or 8 mm mauser case head are the same size.



The barreled action now appears in a pistol gripped modern  sporter stock with recoil pad. I will likely shorten the barrel, bend the bolt so i can mount a scope, drill and tap scope mounts or install a side mounted peep, put on a front sight and ramrod ferrules and build a ramrod with cleaning jag for it as well as fit a custom trigger ad safety.

My intent is to develop a rifle with absolutely no blowback. I have tried it with every powder in the cupboard and it meets that goal precisely. I haven’t shot it for group. One last nicety, the headspace adjusts with the breechplug in the barrel. You can screw the plug in or out a little but best is to adjust the placement of the internal plug that fits up against the inside rear of the 45 auto case.

Watch for more photos as the project develops. This is going to turn into a trip to Africa just to prove it works. I did that with the first 336 primer Thunderbolt rifle in 2004, took 7 animals in 9 shots and didn’t need the two extra, the guide was just nervous about muzzleloaders on the first kill- a big Kudu. I used 35 grains of 5744 smokeless and the 45/40-350 saboted White power star bullet, at 1700 fp. This rifle should do even better. All features are completely custom.

By the way, Remington brought out the Rem 700ML at about the same time as I started on this one, so this is probably the last of them. It’s NOT FOR SALE, just there to look at.