All items listed here were available at one time from White Rifles llc. None are currently in production but some few may be available from White Rifles LLC. Go to to find out.

  • Musket breechplug for musket cap and pyrodex pellets
  • Sights-peeps, rear and front scope bases and rings
  • Cappers 209 conversion kits repair kits
  • Powder management system superchargers
  • Shotgun wads, shotcups and bags
  • Hunting bags and slings lubricants, greases and oils
  • Tools for maintenance and cleaning

The ‘musket breechplug’ for musket cap and pyrodex pellets

NippleBreechPlugMusketThis new White nipple-breechplug is designed for musket cap and pyrodex pellets. It’s conformation is the same as the White nipple-breechplug for #9 percussion cap and is inter-changable with it.  The musket nipple-breechplug works every bit as well as a 209 primer because of the shortness of the white nipple-breechplug. Fits any rifle made and sold by White, MTI or Splitfire . Works ‘as is’ on G-series rifles, (White Whitetails and m97 Whitetail hunters). If you use it on the W-series rifles, (Super-91 or M98 Elite Hunter), you might need to install a stronger mainspring, available from

New & improved, one piece, developed especially for use with pyrodex pellets. Other designs depend on #209 primers for sure ignition with pyrodex pellets, but Doc has designed his new musket breech-plug to consistently fire pyrodex pellets with musket caps. The secret is that the loaded pellet lies within just a little more than half inch of the cap.

The larger musket cap is decidedly easier to handle. And of course, it also works with any other muzzleloading replacement powder , like the Pyrodex-P and 777 that we highly recommend.


White NippleBreechPlugsidenipple-breechplug replacement for #11 cap

This is the nipple-breechplug that came from the factory in all W- and G-series rifles. Many hunters like to carry an extra, even though the breechplug is guaranteed for a lifetime of shooting. It’s hardened to 38 rockwell so the softer hammer does not peen or bend it. Sorry, no guarantee if you lose it. may still have a few on hand.




Peep sights -still available from

Many states require that only iron sights be used for hunting big game with muzzleloaders. One of the best ways to enhance your ability to place an accurate shot when limited to iron sights is to install a peep. They are accurate, quick on target and work quite well, especially for the older eye. All White Rifles are drilled and tapped for a side or top-mounted peep. Thus installation is easy. Anyone can screw one onto a White Rifle.



Lyman 57a- the cross slide comes out with a push on the side mounted button and replaces to same location.





This sight installs with two screws on the right side of the rear receiver bridge. It is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation using the easy-grasp adjustment knobs. It comes with two inserts with different size apertures. The slide is push-button removable and replaces to same adjustment when returned so you don’t lose zero.

I like to put one on every rifle I use, adjusting the height of the front sight so the slide of the peep rests on the scope base when hunting. Then I can use scope or peep as desired. If limited to iron sights by law or inclination, I take the scope off (using the Warne Quick Detachable rings I like so much) and put in the slide of the peep, knowing that it will be dead on with the load I previously developed for it.

It is lightweight , made of aluminum, with click adjustments for windage and elevation. Fits all White designed rifles.

AO Ghost Ring
AOPeepRearFitsWeaverBaseWe much prefer the Warne Quick Detachable scope base and ring system. QD rings make the rifle so much easier too care for. If you can’t use the scope, AO furnishes a peep which fits the Weaver style rear base and returns to zero every time. It’s small and lightweight and needs only a Warne or Weaver base to fit.

Marble also furnishes a rear peep to fit the marble steel rear sight base on your M97, M98 or Thunderbolt rifle. It is made of steel and is fully adjustable, just as is the open rear sight on the rifle. Drill the aperture to fit your needs and use with confidence. Still available from

Scope bases and rings- still available from

Warne bases –
WarneScopeBasesBy far the most superior system on the market, Warne bases are Weaver sized but are made of steel, rather than weaker aluminum, and are available in extended form for White Rifles. They come sized for the G-series and W-series actions, supplied with steel screws in blue or nickle. Anyone can screw a set on, using locktite to firmly secure them.


Truelock rings by Warne

ScopeRingsWarneBlueOnce again, the best quick detachable system on the market. NRA studies showed return to zero within 1/4-1/2 inch at 100 yards with repeated removals. They are available in blue or stainless, three heights (low, medium and high) for one inch or 30mm scopes. They are delightful to use.



Protecting your scope 

QD scope mounts are a must with in-line muzzle loaders. Cleaning the QD equipped in-line is a breeze compared to cleaning a fixed scope simply because you can remove it to clean the rifle. Be sure to protect the scope with a card or sheet metal scope-knob guard (to keep gummy powder residues off) and wrap it with black plastic electricians tape to protect the finish from powder residues and blast.

WarneQDMountsOnRifleWarne extended bases and QD rings on a Super 91 showing scope guard taped to bottom of that very expensive Luopold 3 x 10 sniper scope. The guard is shaped like a cross with broad arms. It can be cut from any durable, blast resistant material. Black plastic electrician’s tape works best to hold it in place. The guard and tape keeps powder residues from locking up the adjustment knobs on the scope and the tape protects the scope and mounts. It’s also easy to get off and doesn’t leave gooey stuff on the scope.

Fiber-optic open sights- still available from

SightFrontMarbleFiberOpticRedSightRearMarbleFiberOpticGreenThe Marble Company makes a strong and attractive and very functional set of front and rear fiber-optic open sights. They are much superior to any of the plastic ones, simply because they are so much stronger. They fit standard dovetails and screw holes and are supplied with the proper screws. The steel is blued. This is the same set supplied on most M97, M98 and Thunderbolt rifles. We recommend red for the front and green for the rear.


Cappers- still available from

CapperIn-Line11In-line cappers are usually made of brass, hold more #11 caps than you normally shoot on a days hunt. Especially good for getting in under a scope on an in-line. Sling it around your neck for handy use. Very positive feed. brass only.

Tear-drop cappers– shown open- made in brass or german silver, hold nearly a can full of #11 caps. Great for a days plinking or target shooting but functional on a hunt, too. Gravity feed. Handy loop for around the neck carry.

CapperMusketMusket cappers. Brass in-line capper for flanged musket caps. Very positive feed. Loop provided for around the neck carry.
CapperIn-Line209209 cappers. Spring loaded in-line brass capper for 209 shotgun primers. Strong, sturdy and simple to use. Holds 6 caps ready for use. Fits under a scope just fine. Sling it around your neck for easy availability.


White powder management system

PowderManageSystem Accurate measurement of black powder and its substitutes does not require a scale, but does require a system that systematically and consistantly measures the volume of powder that you choose. The White powder measurement system does that, and does it quickly without fuss. Just up-end the flask with the previously adjusted measure up inside it, press the spring loaded button and the proper charge of powder dumps into the measure every time. It is expremely consisitent. Then pour the powder down the barrel or into the supercharger for buttstock carry. Follow with bullet and you are ready to shoot or load. The neat thing is that you can load your superchargers in the comfort of your home where the stress and anxiety of the hunt doesn’t exist.

The brass flask holds enough powder for better than a dozen full power shots. The brass measure is adjustable between twenty and one hundred and twenty grains.  Sorry, but the White Powder Management System is no longer available

White 209 conversion kits- available from

ConversionKit209G-series- there is a substantial demand for a 209 primer in White Rifles. Only the new thunderbolt was available from the factory with that option. Doc has designed a 209 conversion kit for G- series rifles, (Whitetail, M97 Whitetail Hunter, whitelightning) and W-series rifles (Super-91, M98, Super-91-ii) simply remove the old nipple-breechplug and replace with the new 209 breechplug. Then change the old hammer for the new one. Requires no other parts change and anyone can do it. Load the rifle as usual, place a 209 primer in the primer pocket (it will fit quite tightly), cock the hammer and fire in a safe direction. The primer will sometimes come out of the pocket with the shot and on heavier shots may well fragment and disappear. Always wear shooting glasses and a cap to avoid being hit by pieces of primer just as you do to avoid injury with #11 or musket caps.

W-series 209 conversion kit is now available. It consists of new breechplug and new hammer. Simply remove the old ones and replace with the new. The breechplug is quite short, but is solid and strong. Always prefer the remington kleanbore primer, made for the 410 shotshell. If not, then use a trap/skeet 209 primer. Never use a magnum primer. Goto

Buttstock carrier for superchargers

SuperChargerButtStockCarrierBy far the best way to carry powder and bullets while hunting. Place it as shown on the buttstock of your White rifle. It holds 5 Superchargers in the most convenient location available to a hunter. Comes in black only, made of sturdy elasticised fabric. There are many brands available, as they are made basically for shotshells. Uncle Mike’s is an excellent brand.





The top supercharger is empty, the bottom one shows a 100 grain powder charge and a 50 caliber 600 grain bullet in place, ready to load into your rifle.
SuperCharger50PairTranslucent plastic speedloaders designed for white and other elongated bullets. Flip top cap that stays attached, bullet fits up into recess with 3/8 inch opening for ramrod. To use, charge with selected powder charge and bullet, store on buttstock with flip top cap up or in pocket or belt carrier. To load, grab the charger , flip up the cap with a thumb, pour the powder down the barrel, place the bullet end over the muzzle, (the muzzle is crowned to guide it into place), use the ramrod (don’t turn it around) to push the bullet out of the supercharger into the barrel, flip away the charger and finish ramming the bullet all the way down. Replace the ramrod (again, don’t turn it around) and cap the rifle, ready to fire again. Takes about 20 seconds.

Superchargers are currently not available

Shotgun accessories – still available from

PowerWadsBlueThe very best wads for 12 gauge muzzleloading shotguns like the White Tominator. They are 1/8th inch thick, made of tough firm felt, impregnated with White PowerLube, same as on White lubricated bullets. (they may be blue or yellow-blue is illustrated). Use two wads over the powder (under the plastic shotcup) and one over the shot. Ram the over-powder wads firmly onto the powder. Try to use at least 30 lbs. pressure on the rod. Ram the over-shot wad lightly, just touching the shot charge.


Powercup shotcups

PowerCups12GaugeThe white system for shotguns demands a tapered plastic shotcup so you can load it through the super-tight chokes on white shotguns. The tapered white powercup holds 1 7/8 oz. Of lead shot (1 3/8 oz. Of steel.). Cut four leaves into the shotcup with a sharp knife at home before the hunt. The deeper the cut the more open the pattern. Always cut at least 1/2 inch deep for best results. Load the Powercup over the two Powerwads previously loaded over the powder charge, pushing the tapered cup through the tight choke with the small end of the ramrod, then adding the shot, which will carry the cup down onto the wads. Then ram down a single wad to hold the shot in place.


ShotgunBagBlackCanvas lightweight bag with loops for SuperChargers and pockets for flasks, caps, chargers, chokes, shot, etc., with adjustable carrying strap. Front flap speed snap fastener. Sling over the opposite shoulder for easy carry.



Belt carry hunting pouch
CamoBeltBagSmaller camo lightweight bag for belt carry. Plenty of room for loaded SuperChargers, T-Grip, Breechplug wrench, flask, bullets, cleaning patches, etc. Front speed snap fastener. Generous belt loops fit any belt.  Sorry, no longer available



Ramrods & accessories- still available from


Ramrods- still available from whitemuzzleloading


Delrin ramrods are available in 22, 24 and 26 inch lengths for rifles in 410, 451 and 504 calibers as well as in 25 inch lengths for the tominator shotgun. All are furnished with cleaning jag and covered bullet puller on the muzzle end. All are drilled and tapped for the Powergrip T-handle or other accessories. Specify caliber, please


Powergrip T-handle-
T-GripProtoLightweight yet sturdy aircraft aluminum T-shaped ramrod extension for firm grip while cleaning your rifle, pulling bullets, etc. Provides secure and strong grip for hard jobs. Threaded to fit all white ramrods.

No longer available







PowerLubeCanPowerlube– a limited amount still available from White Muzzlelozding.
One can contains enough lube for hundreds of shots. Formulated by Doc to soften black powder and black powder replacement residues. Use on lead bullets or plastic sabots to prevent leading and plastiking. Works great in muzzleloaders, black powder single shot rifles and with lead pistol bullets. Doc shoots cowboy and long range black powder single shot as well as muzzleloaders using this fantastic lube. He uses powerlube for all three with excellent success.



Super blue breech-plug grease-  Doc recommends that you use ‘Never-Seize’ in the Blue-Moly formulation. It is a truly superior product for breech plug application.

It’s imperitive that the nipple- breechplug on a white rifle be liberally lubricated with a pressure and powder residue resistant grease before firing. It makes removal for cleaning so much easier. Never Seize is a specially formulated active polymer grease with blue molybdenum that works especially well with White or other breechplugs. Remember to tighten the breechplug just finger tight then back it off an eighth of a turn. Never force it down with heavy pressure into a dirty threaded chamber. Clean the breechplug threads with a breechplug thread cleaning tool, running it in and out several times, then wipe up with a patch. Grease the breechplug liberally and screw in as directed.


White’s water displacing oil
OilWaterDisplacingWhiteThis is a fantastic cold resistant penetrating oil, formulated by Doc for the special requirements of black powder shooting. It gets underneath grease, water droplets and rust on metal and spreads into the smallest nook and cranney on rifle and trigger. Thin, spreads easily, never gummy or sticky. Furnished in an environmentally safe 4 ounce pump spray bottle for easy use. Not dangerous to gunstock finish.  Sorry, no longer available.




Wipe away cleaner

WipeAwayJugWhite’s fantastic clean-anything cleaner. Takes out lead or plastic easily. Newly formulated technologically advanced formula that gets under dirt, powder residues, lead & plastic and literally lifts them off the barrel metal. Useful in the field to easily get rid of accuracy-losing lead and plastic barrel contamination with a single wetted patch followed by a dry one. Most barrels clean for storage with 3-4 wetted patches and 3-4 dry ones plus oil. Will not harm gunstock finish. Evaporates quickly to minimize watery contamination of gunmetal. Contains chemicals toxic to humans, but only if you drink it. 16 oz. plastic jug. This was wonderful stuff, based on the stainless steel cleaner used in hospitals. Sorry, no longer available. Windex comes close with a similar formula but less effective to keep it safe around the house.


WipeAwayKitWipe away cleaner kit

White’s clean anything cleaner in a convenient jar with brush and tray. Works very well to soak small parts while cleaning other larger parts. Put in your nipple-breechplug, hammer, etc., and watch the powder residue fall off. Wipe off with a patch or towel then re-install.   Sorry, no longer available.


WipeAwayPatchesWipe away cleaning patches
White’s super fantastic cleaner in a jar with 100 soft cotton patches ready to clean your rifle. Plenty of cleaner for more patches of your own, A very convenient way to store your cleaner and patches ready for use.

  Sorry, no longer available




Easy out nipple breechplug wrench made especially to fit all White rifles. Fits a standard 3/8″ hex head, so a  1/4″ socket wrench with long 3/8th” socket and 6″ long extender works every bit as good. You will need the handle, 1/4″ 6′” long extender and long 3/8th” socket, all easy to carry in your hunting bag. Available in any good hardware store..


Easy clean nipple-breechplug thread cleaner

Tool steel thread clean-out tool for all white 5/8 x 24 breeechplug threads. 3/8 inch hex head to fit white breechplug wrench or any extended 3/8 inch industrial socket. Run it in and out of your breechplug threads several times when cleaning your white rifle. Then wipe out with a powerclean wetted patch on a kelly before re-inserting your easy-out greased breechplug. Will not damage breechplug threads.  No longer available


Easy clean nipple and breechplug pick
NipplePickAircraft aluminum combination tool with covered thin wire nipple pick to keep nipple pr nipple-breechplg touch-hole clean. A necessity for every shooter. Lightweight for easy carry in pocket or bag. Every hunting outfit should have one.   No longer available


Powerstar loading tip

PowerStarLoadingTipThe hollow-pointed tip of the soft lead powerstar saboted bullet is somewhat delicate and is easily marred when loaded without a fitted tip on your ramrod. Made of brass, threaded to fit White ramrods, and coned to match the shape of the Powerstar bullet nose. Use one for best accuracy and fastest loading. Extends ramrod by 3/8’s inch.    No longer available

Specialty items

Kelly still available from Doc, he uses them every day
KellyStainlessSixInchOne of the world’s most useful tools. Doc carries one clipped to his shirt almost 24 hours a day. It goes where no finger can get, holds tighter than fingers, locks on with a bulldog grip, is impervious to heat and corrosion and reaches where the length of an arm can’t get you. It’s extremely useful as a cleaning tool, clip a wetted patch in its jaws and clean those impossible corners in in-line actions, gets inside of breech-plug holes, etc. Life would not be the same without one.

BoreBDry50CalOrangeLots of us hunt in inclement weather. It seems that the dirtier the weather the better the hunting. Wet, snow, cold, dust, mud all contribute to the ‘joy’ of the hunt. The powder residues left in the barrel of a muzzleloader inevitably attract water, even sucking moisture through the nipple. For years we’ve had to shoot the gun then clean it every night, then re-load in the morning . The Bore-B-Dry puts a stop to all that fuss. Just put one in the muzzle and the other over the nipple after removing the unfired cap at the end of the day. Powder weakening moisture is barred by the tight fit of the rubber stopper. Your rifle will be ready to shoot in the morning. Just remove the pair, cap and you are ready to fire. Made in bright easy-to-see florescent orange. For all 50 caliber rifles. . No Longer available