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This page comprises a listing of the traditional rifles and smoothbores that Doc is working on for his own entertainment and eventually for sale. He does it while waiting for the phone to ring when he’s on call. Some are pretty plain, some are fancy, most will have been fired at least enough to proof them, make sure the gun functions properly and the sights are reasonably close. Many times this is done at a match. Doc rarely takes the same gun to a match, prefers a new one every time, it makes the ordeal more challenging. Most of the guns illustrated are new, some are fix-up antiques and used trade-ins, inevitably some will be beaters, but all will be identified and thoroughly described.

When the gun is finally done, it will be deleted from this page and transferred to the ‘On Sale’ page. ‘ All are ON SALE at any time, whether as a rough kit, assembled in the white, carved, engraved , decorated, or beat to pieces, whether in the On Sale page or this page. Just email and ask for the price. POR  Feel free to make an offer. Dickering can be fun.

Once the gun is sold, the photo workup will be transferred to the ‘ Archives ‘ page. You can find a wide assortment of guns there, most everything that Doc has invented, collected  or hand made over the last 30 odd years.  It’s a great read, with good photos and text.

Doc’s custom guns are often shown on the  Track of the Wolf  webpage, amongst the many fabulous offerings that TOW displays. Their photos are truly fabulous, with hard to see detail plainly shown. GoTo, click on guns, then the catagory of gun you want to see, ie- flintlock, then scroll down the pages to find one of Doc’s offerings. There are usually 1 or 2 there.



#539 Jaeger flintlock 69 caliber ‘masterwork’ by DOC. In the Germanic tradition, every journeyman had to produce a ‘masterwork’ in order to graduate into the top ranks of gunmakers. 


The rifle  includes  many  techniques, including  complex  bas releif carving,  wire inlay, ivory carving and inlay, poetry (verse on the top flat of the barrel), flintlocks from scratch, sliding wooden patchboxes, chiseled  furniture  and scenic engraving,  etc.

jaegertryguncloselock jaegertrygunclosesidelock

 jaegertryguncloseivoryinlay jaegertrygunclosewrisrrearl

The flintlock is one I made. It’s the size of an English trade lock but with Germanic features.  I also made the DST.  The inlays in the butt-stock,  the inlays at the wrist  and opposite the flintlock are ivory, the real stuff from an elephant, carved to match the bas relief carving in the wood.


 jaegertryguncloseinlay jaegertryguncloseleftbutt

The large silver inlay on the cheek-piece is heavily engraved, showing a cupid in the tree to the left, a naked woman lying under the tree and an amorous cross-bow wielding gentleman kneeling over her.

 jaegertrygunclosebp jaegertrygunclosemuzzlegif

The muzzle cap  is antler, from a red deer in the best German tradition.


jaegertryguncloserearferrul jaegertrygunclosefronttg


Both the brass trigger guard and butt-plate are heavily engraved, as are  most  brass and silver parts and inlays. 


jaegertrygunclosetopwristob jaegertrygunclosetoe



The wire  work was tedious and time consuming, took me about a year to get it done. This rifle is a copy of an original masterwork by Hornheffer, who worked in the 1740-80 era in Germany. He was indeed a master.

The  sidelock  inlays shown here are ivory too, carved to match the wood. The rifle weighs in at 11 lbs. , but holds pretty well.  It needs the weight, a shot with a 69 cal ball and 180 grains FFg  will set you back a step. The recoil is solid, to say the least.



#595- Doc-built side by side 20 bore double flintlock smoothbore rifle, barrels tapered octagon to round, double hook patent breech,  low rifle sights, side by side flintlocks, double trigger, rear trigger actuates left lock, front trigger does the right lock, lock panels tapered to the rear with inset locks for excellent grip conformation, double keys surrounded by silver ovals, barrels regulated for stout loads with patched round ball, can shoot shot loads as well. POR



#613- French Dragoon pistol, a very traditional military 20 bore smoothbore personal sidearm, issued by the French, perfect for a Revolutionary persona. Photos will follow as it finishes. POR


#617- Wender rollover flintlock rifle, 3/4 inch octagon barrels, 36 rifled and 45 smoothbore. Classy 4A maple stock, 2 pieces of course


This should be a great small game gun, from squirrels to turkey.

#664- Over-under percussion rifle in .451 X .451 caliber,  shallow groove, fast twist for White elongated slip fit bullets, regulated to strike center at 100 yards, figured walnut with grain selected to run through the wrist, original back action locks, double triggers, all iron furniture, including cap box, 2 ramrods, upper  barrel rib, double triggers, scroll trigger guard. Very British in style. Sir Joseph Whitworth would have been proud. POR. OBO


#665- Flintlock drilling with side by side 20 gauge shot barrel on the right, 50 caliber round ball rifle barrel on the left and 36 caliber round ball rifle barrel underneath. Yes the flintlock for the under barrel will be upside down, which works surprisingly well.. All iron furniture. All three barrels regulated to center at 50 yards.



#673- 10 bore double side by side fowler, 32 inch barrels, beautiful piece of walnut, later goose neck flintlocks with panels nicely tapering to the rear, double triggers, all steel furniture finished antique blue or brown. POR

#674- 10 bore double side by side fowler, longer barrels at 38 inches, walnut nicely configures with elegant sweep through the wrist, late double throat flintlocks with panels tapering to the rear for a slimmer wrist, double stock keys, iron scroll trigger guard, wide iron buttplate, double fore-end keys. POR

#675- Doc made Pauley double side by side rifle 504 caliber for heavy White slip fit bullets, AAA walnut with great grain structure and strength,  stainless steel barrels and actions, coil mainsprings, copies Pauley’s 1812 patent for the very first inline rifle, uses #11 or musket caps (for dangerous game), double triggers, all iron mounts and furniture, double safety with one incorporated in the separate cocking handles and another controlling both barrels (locks the sear) with thumb control adjustable for either left or right side. Pauley’s hammers are false and are used to cock the in-line hammer. The triggers are Doc’s invention, only improving on Pauley’s concept. SPOKEN FOR

This rifle is meant for big loads with big bullets for use on big, dangerous game. 150 grains 777 or Pyrodex P plus a 600 (+) grain bullet recommended. There are double recoil lugs to hold that recoil, plus hooked breeches for easy access and cleaning.

#676- Flintlock double fowler in 16 gauge with original nitro proofed barrels with full and modified chokes. Stock is lightweight cherry with good grain structure. Furniture brass with a bit of French influence. Double triggers actuate the Egg locks. Lock panels are tapered to the rear for a small grip. POR

#719- US Cadet musket, issued to military cadets at West Point and the Virginia Military Institute in the 1840’s, looks like a lightweight 1835 Flintlock musket but with shorter pull, shorter barrel and lighter barrel in 58 rather than 69 caliber. The stock will need cutting down to the smaller size of course. It will make a perfect trainer gun for a young man or woman. The pull will be 13 1/4 inches to fit a smaller person. POR

#725- The birth of a very elegant Jaeger with elegant European walnut stock, lots of carving to match the elegant chisled furniture. Caliber is 58. Watch for more photos as it comes along. I only work on guns like this one when an artistic fit hits me. I can’t push the artwork or I screw it up. Bear with me.

The furniture is deeply chisled with baroque scenes, the elegant lock has an internal frizzen. The walnut is real European that cost more than most rifles. The barrel is a 31″ Colerain with round bottom groove rifling. I haven’t yet decided on carving, but it will be extensive as will engraving. I hope to make it a very elegant example of the art.

#726- Griffin English Gentleman’s Rifle in 62 caliber. all antique rust blued iron furniture, 3/8″ wood ramrod, Twigg designed lock, Colerain octagon-round rifled barrel 44 inches long, AAAA walnut, SST, only a bit of understated carving and checkering.  The tigered walnut is absolutely indescribable.

The blank shown above has been carved into rough form. Too bad my lousy photographic skills don’t match the elegance of the wood.  Watch for more photos as the project developes.

#727- Here you see the birth of a HUDSON VALLEY FOWLER with 12 gauge 44″ barrel by Colerain, typically with Dutch furniture and carved decoration except for an English Trade lock.

The maple is AAAA, tigered from one end to the other on both sides.

#729- Here is a nascent Club Butt Bess, actually an early Brown Bess musket, restocked by a hometown smith in the Old Northeast with strong Dutch influence, as if the original musket somehow lost its original stock and the parts were re-assembled by a Dutch influenced smith to create an elegant sporting fowler, often also used as a militia musket. The barrel is of course Bess’s nominal 77 caliber, 44″ long with Bess details at the breech, the lock is an early 1828 ‘Dublin Castle’, the brass furniture is early , matching the lock, except for the ramrod and ferrules which are Jaeger like with wooden ramrod. Such guns were made for both sporting and militia use, as most gun owners did both in the early days. A plug bayonet comes with it. The maple is just gorgeous!!! It will end up finished dark with Aqua Fortis, oil  and elbow grease.


#730- You are seeing the birth of a Fergusson Fullstock Sporting Rifle. This will end up a copy of the elegant fullstock Fergusson gentleman’s rifle that was in the Keith Neal collection, originally made by Egg. It’s 58 caliber, meant to throw a  .600 caliber ball. The conformation of the stock will be typical 1770’s English with lightly engraved iron furniture and understated carving and checkering at the wrist

#731- Here’s an unusual project, something I have been wanting to make for a long time: a HAWKEN style WENDER rollover percussion rifle-shotgun. Rifle barrel is 62 caliber  and shotgun barrel is 12 gauge smoothbore. Gorgeous wood, late Bridger Hawken buttplate , scroll trigger guard, fancier Hawken toeplate and patchbox, and, (I hope) a DST. Back action percussion lock but Hawken patent breeches, two ramrods- one for rifle, the other for shotgun. This is what I imagine Sam might have made on custom order for an adventuresome client.

Both barrels will be rifle sighted. You will be able to use the 12 gauge for single ball, too.  The 12 gauge will have interchangable chokes. It should be a great hunting combination. AAAA maple, great wood!!

#732- The bare beginnings of a Dimmick, St. Louis, half-stock 58 caliber plains rifle, iron mounted with JBR buttplate, English drip bar lock butted up against a Manton style long tang English percussion breech, long bar adjustable  rear  sight, two silver surrounded keys, English forend cap, long bar DST in an iron Dimmick hooked trigger guard: all in all, a better, stronger, more functional rifle than a Hawken.

#735- In the beginning!- barrel and stock for a 10 Bore flintlock rifle. Octagon to round barrel by Rayl, 77 caliber with slow twist and deep rifling for high velocity patched round ball. Perfect for Tiger in India with the Raz. The walnut is right elegant. Note the curve through the grip, grown especially for a hard kicking gun like this one. Watch for more photos as this elegant rifle develops.

It will sport all iron fittings, with broad buttplate to soak up recoil, scrolled trigger guard, single trigger, English flintlock by Chambers, Manton style Patent Breech with hooked tang, double leaf rear sight.

#736- The bare beginnings of a long anticipated project. I found this barrel in a Shanandoah Valley antique shop in 1961, during my second year of medical school  in WashingtoN DC. It has served as a door stop until I finally had it re-lined . Sometime in the 70’s I found the English Sea Service lock pictured, in ratty condition, at an Eastern Rendevous. Both have been sitting around , waiting to get put back into a functioning rifle for nigh 40 years. Looks like it’s finally going to happen.    Naturally, it will be a Virginia rifle, iron mounted, dark if not black. Watch for photos as it builds.

The barrel is hand forged, octagon, swamped, originally about 54 caliber and restored with a liner to the same caliber. It needs pipes, sideplate and sights plus stock.

Left: the original front sight is very low, just a sliver. This is what they meant when they speak of ‘fine’ sights. Left Middle: the rear sight slot, not very deep at all, the blade broken off long ago. Right Middle: the barrel breech. Note the size of the touch-hole. It’s obviously rusted out but even counting the rust, it was originally much larger than anything we  would use at present. Right: barrel lug in a filed slot, a fairly sophisticated treatment for such a crude barrel. QUESTION: Should I leave it rusty and pitted or clean it up? How about half and half with purposefully rusty/pitted/antique finish on all iron parts (except lock internals) to match?

Left: the Sea Service lock, used on an English marine pistol. These used to be fairly common at gunshows and rendezvous. I have owned several and all were real sparkers. Right: you can see the dimples in the barrel iron where the smith pounded the flats into the barrel. Perhaps barrel smiths found it easier to make a barrel octagon rather than round back in the days when modern engine lathes and milling machines were not available.

Shown above is the plank of AAAA maple that will eventually be fitted to the parts illustrated. You can get a hint of the gorgeous curl  all the way from heel to toe.


#746- Fullstock Hawken rifle in 50 caliber , 15/16″ octagon barrel by Douglas, fat sparking Twigg late flintlock, flat to the wrist trigger guard, long bar DST, Double bolted tang, 3/8″ ramrod, All iron furniture, excellent AAAA maple fullstock. Kit #310


#748  We are illustrating the conception of a Christian Springs   style 62 caliber flintlock rifle with a Wolfe’s Head side opening patchbox,  built by a  frontier smith with a Fergusson  turn-breech  picked up from the King’s Mountain battlefeild.  Fergusson’s infantry were using the common Brown Bess musket at that battle, so this  particular turn-breech  likely  came from Fergusson’s personal breech loading rifle, which was lost after the battle  and his death.

I know you can’t see the figure but it is AAAA tiger striping.  The  rifle  will be iron   mounted, stained with aqua fortis (which means dark) with DST, traditional sights,  patch box  and a bit of carving.  Watch for more photos as this bad boy grows up.

# 749-  You are witnessing the birth of a classic John Noll flintlock copy. He was a Master, to say the least. His carving as elegant as it gets, every rifle known a masterpiece.

The maple is AAAA, too bad you can’t yet see the figure. Watch for photos as it finishes up.

#750-  Presenting the evolution of a late Manton Cavalry Carbine, the last one produced by the British before moving to the percussion system. All parts are cast from originals. The Lock, sidelock plate and lock screws are all original. Barrel is 62 caliber, rifled, by Colerain, 20 inches long, with a hook breech and steel swivel ramrod, along with a saddle bar and lanyard. The walnut is a bit better than ordinary military. the stock style is a modified Long Land Pattern, just a whole lot shorter. Watch for photos as this gun develops.

Now the stock is cut to the square.  You can see it’s going to be a short little thing.  Should be great in a treestand for whitetail. the originals were smoothbore, but this one is rifled.  Pull will end up at 14 inches, trigger is single of course, weight should be around 6.5-7 lbs.  The horse to carry it and you about 1000.

#762-  French Fowler, fancy brass mounted,  single 40″ octagon/round barrel in 20 bore  with  walnut  full-stock. 

You are going to have to use your imagination some as the walnut blank is not carved yet.  Watch for more photos as  she grows up.

Here are some  closer close-ups of the butt plate, trigger guard and external parts of the lock kit for this single barrel fowler.  There are also matching pipes for a skinny 1/4″ iron ramrod with tulip head.

      This lock is about as elegant as they get. See #828 below for a look at the double using the same furniture but different locks.


The crude drawing shows roughly what the pistol will look like eventually. The barrel brech and action/trigger guard are military rifle sized: they will get trimmed down a good deal in order to slim the pistol up. The lock is Queene Anne sized: it will match nicely with some period engraving added. t will end up with the dimensions of a 1770 Heavy Horse Pistol. They were large calibered pistols, usually carried in a saddle holster, big enuff to take down your opponents horse then club the rider to insensibility with the brass butt of the now empty pistol. Watch for more photos as it developes. SPOKEN FOR

#766 You are in on the conception of a Jim Bridger Hawken rifle in 62 caliber with AAA maple stock, tapered 36 inch long barrel by Colerain, all the classic Hawken features.  SPOKEN FOR

This one is headed for Alaska and an Alaskan moose hunt. Watch for more pics as it finishes up.


#780- The birth of a strict copy of the famous rifle that Edward Marshall carried on his famous ‘long walk’, really a run as I understand the event. Caliber is 58 by Colerain. Barrel swamped at 38″, Maple is AAA


#789-  This gun was stunted from birth,  the buttstock was cracked and the fore-end crooked , so I amputated to save its life and it became a Blanket Gun. Made me feel like a Civil war surgeon. It sports all the usual  features of a NorthWest gun in 20 bore, except no buttplate or ramrod pipes. The Indians may have hidden these guns under blankets but they were more often used horseback like a heavy dragoon pistol, one shot then it became a club. I  applied  a few tacks to Indian it up some, and it grew some beads and feathers, too. The barrel illustrated is the back end of the real thing. Try a .600 caliber ball and about 80 grains Black. It will brighten  up your night.   FOR SALE  POR  OBO


The barrel was custom made by Kelley, about 14″ long, tapered and banded. The lock is an English Trade lock by Davis, the trigger is meant to be pulled with two fingers, just like your Indian buddy  pulls a bowstring.

blanketguncloselockright blanketgunsidelocleftt

 NorthWest guns came with all kinds of finishes,  this one sports antique rust    blueing of barrel and lock.   The color is a deep blue-black.  Buck Conner  says the best all original  NW gun  with original  finish  that he knows of  was rust blued in this fashion.  The trigger guard has been left in the white, nicely polished,  because the originals were , too.  

blanketgunclosetgjpg blanketgunrearobkique-g

The gun has a stainless counter-bored touch-hole liner for quick ignition. The barrel is smooth-bore, of course. It has never been fired, not even a scratch on the frizzen.  The barrel is marked with my cipher, plus  LONDON and  a tombstone fox  on the top flat, a blossom with TB on the oblique flat, along with  GRRW  CA   NW o3,  (third NW Gun built by the CA), since it has become one of the new GRRW Collecror’s Ass’n guns.


Make me an offer I can’t refuse. POR OBO   


#790- In The Beginning: a lighter weight Dimmick Plains rifle in 50 caliber with one inch straight octagon barrel by Kelly, the usual Dimmick breeching, under-rib with 2 pipes, open sights, Dimmick variation of the English Drip Bar percussion lock (many Dimmicks had them), Brass furniture on a cherry stock stained dark with aqua fortis. There will also be a DST and a brass fore-end cap. More photos to follow.


808-A  Introducing a flight of the imagination- what might have been!  Bridger Hawken  for   heavy  elongated,  multi-channelured  bullets  up to 600 grains,  half-stock with .500 caliber 1-24,  fast twist,  shallow .040 groove barrel  shoots  elongated lubricated slip-fit bullets, what eventually would have developed in such mountain rifles if cartridges had not come along, Whitworth /White style.


Maple is AAA, conformation classic late  Bridger Hawken. The internal barrel dimensions are the same as any .500 caliber White inline rifle, like the Super 91 or Model 98  and will shoot every bit as well, with the same bullets. 2 inch groups at 200 yards are not uncommon

jbrhawkenslugcloselockfingi jbrhawkenslugclossidelockfi

Bullets used  are slip-fit, sized 1/1oooth less than the land to land diameter of the barrel,  sliding easily down a dirty bore for a quick reload yet super accurate and plenty powerful, with more than 1700 ft. lbs of energy left at 200 yards with maximum loads.

jbrhawkenslugclosbpfin jbrhawkenslugclosbuttleftfi

Bullets used commonly weigh 400-600 grains and are fired with with up to 150 grains black powder or substitute, easily the equivalent of a 50-140. I am getting to like BlackHorn 209 with a 5 grain black powder igniter.

jbrhawkenslugclostangfin jbrhawkenslugcloserearpipfi

This baby has got his big boy pants up, with tapered  antique rust blued barrel, case hardened and colored tang, buttplate, trigger guard, rear pipe  and lock,  also fitted with long bar double bolted long bar DST , 2 under-lugs with keys  and silver surrounds and  a  heavy ramrod in the best Bridger Hawken fashion.  It’s as truly traditional as I could make it  and  should  shoot  as good as it looks. (See my article, ‘The Traditional Hawken’)

jbrhawkenslugclosetoeplfing jbrhawkenslugclostgfin

Not only has  this bad boy  grown up  with color case hardened iron furniture, antique rust blued barrel  and  German  silver roundels  but also has a  real silver plated  fore-end tip,  and a long adjustable rear sight like Gemmer used for accurate long range shooting.

jbrhawkenslugcloseforarmfin jbrhawkenslugclosrearsightf

 The maple is elegant AAA. If it shoots as good as it  looks, it will  ‘shine’.


Here it is.  Handsomer  frontier rifles don’t exist.  And shootable!  Fully the equivalent of the later  powerful  50-140 black powder cartridge.  POR  OBO

#814- You are getting in on the conception of a double barreled Jaeger fullstock flintlock rifle with side by side octagon barrels in 58 caliber.


Lynn Weimer made the barrels,He once worked for me at GRRW. The walnut is gorgeous but there was a knot in the left forestock. You can see where it has been repaired with a like piece of wood. Hopefully , it will disappear in the grain once finished.


There will be a hooked, standing breech, double Queene Anne flintlocks extensively re-worked, double triggers and a wooden patchbox, along with engraving and carving. The real issue here, though, is regulating the barrels while inletting them into a full- stock. Don’t know about the furniture yet, we will just have to wait and see what turns up.


#808-D  Here is a a Rigby style Sporting Rifle in 451 caliber with 1-20 twist and shallow .035  grooves for long, heavy slip-fit bullets. Walnut pistol grip stock, plain but excellent grain,   super-strong  Manton Breech,  Henry  percussion lock with drip bar  and Henry fore-end,  all iron furniture finished antique rust blue with browned barrel. Tuned single  trigger  for fine shooting,  graduated  three leaf rear sight, hooded front  sight.  FOR SALE    POR  OBO


These Sporting Rifles were designed for both sporting and target use.  The originals were designed by Whitworth. a genius in his own  time, ten inch groups at 1000 yards were not uncommon.  A 500 grain slip fit  lubricated bullet and 70-80 grains of fffG black powder  is not only accurate but takes game down dramatically, with more than 1200 ft lbs. of energy left at 200 yards.

sptgriflerigby241closelockd sptgriflerigby241closidlokd

These rifles were the predesesors of the  heavy bullet Buffalo guns of the 1860’s. You can shoot this .451 rifle like a 45-70, a 45-90 or a 45-120 if you wish, depending only on the  weight of  bullet and powder charge. They are functionally elegant  and shoot circles around other muzzleloading rifles.  For target or hunting, they can’t be beat.

sptgriflerigby241closetgdon sptgriflerigby241closeforar

#816-  A 62 caliber English pistol aborning. Beautiful piece of walnut with perfect grain conformation through the wrist.


#816- Early English Doglock pistol


#817-  Lemon butt snaphaunce pistol, lemon butt not shown yet. Early 1600’s pistol. Miles Standish probably carried one, if not two.



   #822- North West Gun half stock- the fore-stock showed up crook’d as a dog’s hind leg, so I amputated.  Lot’s of old guns ended up shortened. This one, too. The 20 bore barrel has been  cut back to 36″,  there is an   an under-rib and iron  ferrules and ramrod.   FOR SALE   POR  OBO


nwgunhalfstockcloselocktfin nwgunhalfstockclossidelockt

 The Chambers flintlock is a real sparker,  the  sparks’ll  drip on your feet if you’re  not careful. The side piece is the classic serpent. or dragon, if you  want.

nwgunhalfstockclosewristfin nwgunhalfstockclosemuzzfin   

An iron ramrod with brass end has been added.  It’s much stronger  than the old wood one. The brass buttplate is held on by 5 small screws.

nwgunhalfstockclosebpfin  nwgunhalfstockclosforendfin

Proper markings on the barrel and stock  include  a  sitting fox, barrel inspector’s mark,  final inspection stamp  plus  “LONDON”  and  my GBW cipher and  GRRW  CA  NW plus  serial number. 


I have the tooling for 20 bore inter-changable  chokes, Colonial brand. I also make a super-turkey choke  to fit.  Both  are available at extra cost.

#824- Tennessee iron mounted fullstock, kit # 225A,  15/16″  diameter barrel  40″ long  and 50 caliber,  AAAA maple,  Egg flintlock, forged iron furniture, really cast but looks like it was forged,  DST,  double  Peanut  patchbox.



#825- Southern Mountain Rifle, 13/16 octagon barrel, 45 caliber, percussion


#826- Southern Mountain Rifle, 7/8 barrel in 50 caliber, percussion


  #827  You are watching the birthing  of a  Dutch Snaphaunce  Musket  with original 16th century lock. 


The lock alone cost more than most modern rifles, so did that elegant piece of walnut with perfect grain running through the wrist. You can see the outline of  the lock installation on the musket if you look close. The  simple  furniture will be forged iron.

snaphaunceorigclosed snaphaunceorigopen

This  original Dutch  snaphaunce lock is 7 1/2″ long.  It has a horizontal sear, like a wheelock.  The makers intaglio mark is at the rear of the lockplate. All the parts are original except the secondary sear- it appears to be  an old replacement.  It was probably made in the early part of the 1600’s. After 300+ years, the thing still throws sparks.

#829- Here comes a repro of the only known signed J&S Hawken that once was a flintlock.  Bill Fuller up in Alaska owned it once . It has classic Maryland longrifle configuration with flintlock converted to percussion, brass furniture,  long swamped barrel , but with a Hawken style patent breech and the barrel is signed by Jake and Sam. Please see my article about it,  ” An Unusual Hawken”  in ‘Doc’s Ramblings’.


Here’s the  beginnings of this fine rifle. Plain walnut stock, late flintlock and Maryland brass all the way through, just like the original.

billfullerunusualhawkenrifl And here is the original with Bill Fuller 1968 at his place on the Kenai River near where it debouches from Kenai Lake. There are more photos with my article, ‘An Unusual Hawken’. Goto the top of the page, click on ‘All About Doc’, then ‘Books and Articles’,  then ‘Doc’s Ramblings’, then scroll down the page to find it.  SPOKEN FOR

#830 – 12 bore Hawken, bored out for  shot. This is an unusual for a Hawken. Many muzzleloading rifles were later bored out for shooting shot. I guess that is what happened with this one. I wonder if it will kill a turkey?  I’m going to find out.


Another unusual and rarely seen feature is the very English style lock  with drip bar fitted to a Manton style breech.  The Manton style breech is even stronger than the usual Hawken  breech set-up.  Dimmick, who was a Hawken competitor, used them a lot, The Hawkens hardly at all.  All other features are the same as any  other Hawken.

jbr-12bore-closebreechkit jbr-12bore-closelockkit

Left:  Note how heavy the bolster is in comparison to the lighter Hawken.  Right: The drip bar lock fits up tight against the underside of the Manton breech with an iron drip bar gracefully fitted above the forward extension of the lock., replacing the wood usually found there.  This design is much stronger than the Hawken design,  as there is no wood to break out in front of the lock.

831- GRRW-CA Hawken, 62 caliber,  just aborning,  still  in  KIT form.  Watch for more pics as this baby grows up. Superb maple, barrel by Colerain, all traditional Hawken  silver and  color  case  hardened features.     SPOKEN FOR


#832-  GRRW-CA Hawken 58 caliber, another handsome addition to the Hawken family.  This one again with superb maple, old stored but new GRRW   tapered barrel, all iron, all brown.        SPOKEN FOR


#833- A foreign baby from a  far off land. Family name is Luttick,  Russian by birth  and breeding but there must have been a German Jaeger in the ancestry.  A nicely designed and executed mid century carbine much resembling the English Brunswick rifle including the back action percussion lock.


Military round, tapered barrel, held by keys, military grade walnut stock, back action lock, brass furniture including patch box, sling swivels, all in kit form. Watch for more pics as this Cadet grows up.        SPOKEN FOR

#834-  This youngster is a hybrid, a Hawken influenced English sporting rifle. Or is it an English influenced early Hawken product?  I ask the question  ’cause I think that the St. Louis based Hawken Bros. were greatly influenced by the fine quality English rifles they saw coming thru town on the way to the Shining Mountains in the hands of early English adventurers and sportsmen.   FOR SALE  POR  OBO


jbrhawkenflcloselockitw jbrhawkenflclossidelocktw

Most English Sporting Rifles in the 1820-40 era had a walnut  stock,  flat buttplates,  a beavertail cheekpeice,  a short tang on a hooked breech,  often holding a part octagon-part round barrel, a large bowed trigger guard, an ebony wood fore-end tip and of course a flintlock. The lock side-bolt escutcheon was very under-stated and very plain.

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 The Hawkens modified that  basic design by  substituting stronger maple,  retaining the American styled curved buttplate, switching the ebony fore-end to iron (often silver plated- as on this rifle) and adding an extra long  Double Set Trigger double bolted to a long tang.  

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This last is the truly unique feature of Hawken rifles, demonstrating the engineering genius of the Hawkens. The flintlock  here  is a late  English  double throated  lock, typical  of  the genre and the times.  Watch for more pics as this youngster grows up.


This rifle sports a  58  caliber Green River barrel, 30″ long, octagon to round, a super strong plain maple stock with great grain through the wrist,  a flintlock hooked britch, iron trigger guard and buttplate,  German silver  ovals and fore-end cap. The counter-bored touch-hole is sunsetted just right for quick ignition. It will be finished with deep tones,   what  a frontier smith might have done to  fake an  English  walnut  stocked rifle.  It’s lighter than most Bridger style Hawkens and should make a great hunter as well as  represent a sample of what an early half stock flint Hawken might have looked like.

#886-  Early English Doglock Fowler, 12 bore, the gun from which  the later NW gun  evolved. The ‘Dog’ on the lock was an external  hooked  safety which securely held the cock  out of battery. When correctly done, the dog was knocked out  of the way when the cock was cocked. The dog  is not on the lock yet, Neither is the top jaw of the cock.


You can see the later NW Gun lines in this early gun. The brass  buttplate, the spoon shaped  but  shallower iron trigger guard, the large lock. (Bigger is always better with flintlocks, within reason. Bigger means more sparks!)

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The doglock is held by three screws which also hold the classic serpent/dragon. Dragons were magical and made the gun  firey  and  fierce. You can see that fierceness when all that smoke and fire billows  out of its mouth. Had to be right scary if you were on the receiving end.


The front sight and ramrod pipes are yet missing as is the finish. Watch for more photos as this project developes.

#887   Here’s a  frontier America  maple stocked  NW Gun in 12 bore, Probably restocked back in the flintlock days after losing the original stock to hard usage. The barrel has been cut back to  36 inches . The maple is best quality AAAA.


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The  smith left it half finished.. There’s no buttplate, the ramrod pipes are missing  and the front sight  is gone.  The maple is sunbleached white.  But it’s shootable as it is.  Maybe it will kill a turkey come spring?

#888- Fusil Fin from the  Tulle arsenal.  Here’s the beginnings of a finer than usual quality Fusil in 20 bore, 44 inch cotagon-round swamped barrel, TULLE marked flintlock, engraved and chisled furniture in a nice piece of walnut.

If  it wasn’t for my lousy photo skills, you could see the elegant chiseling  and engraving on the trigger guard,  buttplate and pipes. The green  stain on the buttplate is a bit of verdigris left from years of storage. 

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The lock is pure French, marked TULLE on the plate, as is the brass  furniture.

Coming sometime (sooner or later) in no order of appearance

Brown Bess flintlock musket. long land pattern, classic 1742 brass fittings.

Several Double flintlock fowlers in 12, 16 and a 2 slim  twins  in  20  gauge

.615 cal double percussion African rifle for 900 grain SuperSlug

.730 cal percussion double African rifle for 1200 grain SuperSlug

Fergusson 62 caliber turn-breech rifle, action found on King’s mountain after the battle, re-stocked by a Christian  Springs gunsmith. Looks like an iron mounted southern flintlock rifle with a Fergusson breech

1795 US flintlock musket

A Dutch fowler or two

1816 flintlock 69 cal musket with original restored rusty lockplate, metal rustified  to match the plate.  Looks old. Works new.

1/3 scale 1.2 inch rifled cannon by Norman Wiard

5/8 scale rifled 1.2 inch breechloading cannon by Whitworth

Leman fullstock flintlock  cross-mountain rifle with original Leman, Lancaster marked barrel

Schuetzen 10 lb target rifle Denver style

Hagerstown   Christian  Hawken flintlock

Break open 12 bore double percussion shotgun 209 ignition

12 smoothbore X .69 rifled side by side double flintlock

pair 62 caliber percussion & flintlock round ball double rifles

69 caliber percussion round ball double rifle

69 caliber short fullstock Jaeger flintlock double rifle

Kentucky stocked BB gun

Beyer flintlock rifle

Haga flintlock rifle

4 Tennesse / Southern Mountain rifles

flintlock mortar gun for tennis balls

Southern perc rifle left hand with original Golcher lock

Wender flintlock 58 rifled & 20 Smoothbore iron mounted English style

English 12 gauge late half stock flint fowler, original Manton flintlock.

Several heavy caliber Plains and Hawken pistols

GRRW Collectors Association rifles, Bridger Hawken, Leman, Poor Boy and mountain pistols

several early doglock and snaphounce pistols

British Sargeant’s carbine 62 cal

Nock Volley gun in 45 caliber

7 barrel goose gun in 32 caliber

3 Hawken fullstock percussion and flintlock rifles in 50-54 caliber

5  Hawken Bridger half-stock percussion rifles in 50-62 caliber

Steel barreled flintlock Blunderbus about 6 gauge

Fergusson turn action rifle 58 caliber

Short wheel-lock rifle with DST

2 Germanic fowlers, one iron, the   other brass mounted.

5 NorthWest Guns in various calibers, 2 under construction..