Super 91

The Super-91, like its successors, the White Super-91-ii, the Super Safari, the M98 Elite Hunter , the limited edition Grand Alaskan and, last and best,  the  Thunderbolt, has a pull-cock action with a safety on the pull-cock and another on the fully adjustable trigger. They were produced in both stainless or blue, in .410, .451, and .504 calibers, with the Grand Alaskan in only  54 caliber. Stocks were hardwood laminates or black composite with checkering, all with a 14 inch pull. Barrels were 24 or 26 inches long with traditional under-rib and two steel ferrules to guide the Delrin or aluminum ramrod in the Super-91, but with double ferrules only in the Super 91-ii, M98 Elite Hunter  and Thunderbolt.




Used & custom super 91 rifles-

White Muzzleloading bought much of the remaining inventory of Super 91’s when the original White company went under, including a few unmarked rifles. There were also a few experimental rifles, and a few used rifles. There weren’t very many of them. .504’s comprized abour 90% of the rifles made so most available rifles  are .504 caliber. 451’s are relatively rare as they comprize only 10% of production,  only a few .410’s were made so they are nearly impossible to find as are Grand Alaskans. Nevertheless, a few turn up on occasion  You will find them listed in ‘On Sale’ when available.

Some few rifles have been worked on or accurized by DOC, they can be  identified by his ‘GBW’ stamp on the fore-action bridge.

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