A Note Of Appreciation

DocBlacktail-OregonI can’t say that I produced my books or this website  all by myself. From the first it has been a joint endeavor. I have been greatly encouraged by family, friends and fellow workers. I have been supported by my wife Carole, who not only puts up with the gestation and birthing pangs but acts  as uncompromising editor and critic prior to delivery.

By far the greater part of the ballistic research in the ‘White Muzzleloading system’   book was done by my son David, who in reality knows every bit as much about the White System as I do and who is every bit as inventive. He should get far more credit than he does.

So should the many investors and employees of the various White-associated enterprises, who gave unstintingly of their money, time and best thinking without expectation of anything more than my thanks  and who often contributed ideas and designs for which their only reward are these poor words of appreciation.

The patients I work with in my medical practice, the nurses and physicians and all those connected with my medical career also deserve accolades for their patience with my woes, inpatience and messy schedule.

I also appreciate the input of hundreds of fellow shooters over many years, those who wrote letters and those who haunt the web, for their pithy criticism of flawed thinking and for their back-slapping appreciation for work occasionally well done.

This appreciation also extends to the many hunters with whom I have shared campfires and experiences, the guides who have pointed out the wonders of nature as well as the game we hunted, the packers who have carried my goods, (and sometimes me), up difficult trails and especially the magnificent game animals that have led me many a merry chase, occasionally scared me to death and fooled me far more times than I them.

I am especially grateful to that Great God who created this wonderful world of nature, for the beauty of it, the personal challenge it brings and for the special blessings that have brought me to experience such a healthy measure of it.

I also thank you dear reader, for the leap of faith that it takes to put down your hard earned dollars for my books and inventions and artwork and for the time and effort you put in to follow this complicated website and my sometimes obtuse writings. I trust that I will be able to fill your measure of expectation and make the process of filling your basket a truly delightful one.

Gary White M.D.
July, 2001