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I have come into a supply of 20 year old but new Austin and Halleck barrels, complete with hooked breech, drum and nipple, sights, underlug for key, rib and pipes and browned, all brand-new, old stored stock, perfect for half stock rifles. All I have seen so far are 50 caliber, deep, slow  rifling for patched round ball. They are available singly right now. Later I plan a Leman Half stock Kit,  proper Leman iron buttplate and brass trigger guard, single trigger, Leman Percussion lock with classic plain maple carved halfstock with 3/8th ramrod hole, semi- inletted for barrel, butt plate and lock. You complete the inletting and finish work. Cost of single barrel right now $160 plus $20 S&H. That’s a substantial discount, the cost of a barrel alone is usually $160, you get the breech plug, drum and nipple, under-rib and ramrod pipes and front and rear sights- easy a $80 discount. plus quality browning.  DOC


209 CONVERSION KITS   are on hand. See under ON SALE. Scroll down to  Parts for White Rifles. $110 for the kit, either G or S-Series rifles, plus $5 for the postman.


9-6-19-  209 conversion kits are promised for this week-end, just need to be picked up from Heat Treatment and delivered here.  We are going to have a sale to get as many of these out as we can as soon as we can for hunting season. They have been promised for so long it’s embarrassing. You can’t believe all the fuss.

209 SALE-Send me $110 for the polished and finished kit including Priority insured and I will ship just as soon as I see them.  First come, first served.  Satisfaction or money back as usual. They will be pictured in ON SALE as soon as I get them.

Also- I have located a small supply of  used Super 91 and ThunderBolt  stocks, both grey laminate and B&C Fiber-Composite. Go to ON SALE to see them.


8-12-19    5 original brand new in the box White guns have turned up, found in the back of an old stored truck in an old unused shed. One each Super 91 .504, a Whitetail in .451 and 3 Tominator shotguns, all brand new never used still in original White boxes.  See in ON SALE. Make an offer quick, they’ll go fast. 

BEST NEWS YET- I’ve seen the proof batch of the 209 conversion kit for G-series White rifles. We should be selling the real thing shortly. They are of excellent quality. Cost probably $100 or so. Watch this page for the announcement. Converson kits for S-series rifles will follow.

Great news- a batch of original still new one inch octagon x 32 inch barrels  have turned up, negociations are under way. Watch this space for more news. If successful, we may be able to do a run of Leman Trade Rifles, GRRW style, crafted by the original smiths.


See (and read) my newest research and experience with Blackhorn 209 powder, black powder igniters and deeply hollow pointed bullets. The combination is deadly on big game. Find it under ‘All  About Doc’ then ‘Books & Articles’, then ‘Stories,Brags and Banter’.



16 Nov 2018    GREAT NEWS- WHITE NIPPLE-BREECH PLUGS  for the #11 cap ARE ON HAND, in stock and ready to ship. Price for now is $50 plus $7 Priority mail. New manufacture will be available shortly but price will probably go up. Get yous now!  This is the same tempered stainless steel nipple-breechplug found in all White brand rifles. See in ‘ON SALE’ under PARTS AND SUPPLIES

ALSO- We have acquired a few old stored but new nipple-breechplugs for the Tominator  shotgun.  They are on hand and ready to ship- $50 plus $7 Priority mail.

ALSO- we are negociating for nipple-breechplugs for the musket cap and a new, better design 209 conversion that makes primer extraction much easier and faster for S and G series rifles.


3 Nov 18   WHITE PARTS- Good news!  I am very encouraged by our negociations for a new supply of parts for White products. There is a small supply of parts in outside storage, they will be listed under ‘Parts and Supplies’ in  ON SALE once they are on hand, which hopefully will be soon. We are also negociating for Doc-designed White slip-fit bullets. This is a longer term goal as is the new manufacture of 209 primer conversion kits. First news of acquisition or production will be found HERE, plus listing of part, # on hand and price in ON SALE under ‘Parts and Supplies’.  The best news is that we are talking about production of the White saboted bullet line as well. These are magnificent bullets  with high Ballistic Coefficient and Hollow Point, sure killers on deer and elk, easy to load and very accurate.

SURGERY= went well but not quite the result we wanted. Now PT and muscle strengthening. Might even get in a deer hunt before Christmas. 

Mid Oct. 2018. Bad news. I took a fall down some stairs and injured my right shoulder. This kills my hunting this year.  Surgery  1 Nov then light duty for three months. Won’t be able to do much gun building during that time.

Good news- A pair of old friends showed up with a proposal to manufacture  White parts. We’re talking. Looks hopeful. If it works out we will have a good supply of parts for White rifles, just don’t know when at this point.





                                                  NOW THE GOOD NEWS

Good quality Doc-designed slip fit bullets are available from No Excuses Bullets on the net at excellent prices.  The old Super-sabots and bullets that Doc designed are all gone BUT Harvester makes a great ribbed sabot,  I like it near as well as the one I designed. They make it in both 45 and 50 caliber, both fit  White  brand  rifles pretty well.  I am in the throes of designing a 40 caliber 360 grain bullet for their 45 caliber  sabot  and a 45 caliber 430 grain bullet for 50 caliber rifles, (and  am negociating with a bullet maker  to make and sell  them.)  I have  also  found  a bullet mold maker who can cut molds for White bullets  so you can cast your own. In the meantime, the  White  brand old stored  360 grain 45 caliber bullets I have for sale (see ‘on sale’  near bottom of page)  in a 50 caliber Harvester sabot  is a great combination for a 504 caliber rifle. I hope to cut a deal with Harvester so I  can  have the sabots on hand  as well as the bullets.   I have also  found  a CNC shop that can maufacture 209 kits and hope to have them available soon, well- at least sometime.  That shop will also make small parts for new Whitetail rifles, including nipple-breechplugs.  Watch for more news as it happens.. Good shooting! DOC 



The GRRW Collectors Association will be meeting for show and good times Sept 23, Saturday, at Doc’s place in Roosevelt, Ut. We start with breakfast  at the Frontier Grill, then do a show and tell at Doc’s, hear stories  from the original smiths and drool over GRRW rifles, then motor to Doc’s range for a shooting session.  Let me know i you are coming. We’ll get you all the details.   DOC


Please take notice that I am always on the lookout for used Super 91, Model 98 and Thunderbolt rifles, even if they are in ratty, beat up condition, rusted barrels and all. Please get in touch at ‘doc@whitemuzzleloading.com’ if you have one you need to get rid of. We can always work out a deal, cash or trade.



3-3-17 Great News. I found a few Ray Eye marked Tominator shotgun barrels in perfect condition in a carpentry shop of all places. I will have NEW  Tominators for sale shortly. Keep your eye on the “ON SALE” page


12-25-16  Two newer items selling really well. The GRRW-CA (GreenRiver RifleWorks- Collectors Associaton) guns especially so. Also the new Whitetail and Bison rifles with new old stored Criterion barrels. They are fantastically accurate. Delivery times are stretching out.





10/19.16  Found some old stored 504 caliber Criterion barrels, beautiful, acccurate stuff, will put them into custom Bison and Whitetail configuration but with longer 24 ” barrel- available finished or as a kit. See ON SALE for photos and details.

2-5- 2015 So you want a long range Sporting Rifle- and can’t afford one? Then build one on the cheap!  NEW ARTICLE:  building a less expensive but potent and powerful long range rifle in ‘Doc;s Ramblings’ under Books and Articles’

2015- Sept.  Kansas: Last Minute Whitetail- 180 yard shot at 10 to dark. Goto  ‘Books and Articles’



November 2012 – GREEN RIVER RIFLE WORKS- A pictorial history of  GREEN RIVER RIFLEWORKS now published on this website. See it by clicking on GRRW up top.

Fall 2012 – An unusual HAWKEN–New article on what was probably the only known converted flintlock Hawken. See it in ‘DOC’S RAMBLINGS’ under ‘Books and Articles’.

Readers of this site are aware of Doc’s innovative use of the 32 S&W cartridge case as a primer in closed breech muzzleloaders. Doc’s ThunderBolt is one of those that works quite well with it. Doc took the concept to Africa in 2005, using a Christensen Carbon-barreled ThunderBolt with 336 primer ( as he called the 32 S&W system. the case is 0.336 ” in diameter) with a modest charge 35 grains of 5744 smokeless powder to take 7 animals in 9 shots, two of the shots superfluous. The 336 system never went anywhere commecially as the White company collapsed at about the same time, no new rifles being produced after 2005. Doc has now extended the 336 system to other competing models, principally by modifying H&R and other brand break-open single-shot shotguns, sleeving the breech with a White barrel and adding a 336 breechplug, White style sights, ferrules and ramrod. The system functions nicely with all replacement powders, including BlackHorn 209, and is as accurate as any other
White rifle using recommended saboted bullets.

A modern H&R break-open single shot shotgun modified with a White barrel and 336 primer system.

Now Doc has designed a new bolt action rifle, using 1895 Mauser actions, with a new breechplug featuring the Colt 45 Auto case as a primer. This case fits the Mauser bolt face and extracts just like any cartridge. The internals of the breechplug are also different, with the case headspacing on the internal web of the 45 Auto case, rather than the nose of the case as is usual, thus enhancing ignition with modern hard to ignite powders. Doc planed to offer such rifles on a limited one at a time basis but Remington came up with the same idea at about the same time and Doc dropped the project. The only one in existance is pictured below.WhiteM95Auto45PrimrFullRigh

More information on the 336 primer is available in ‘Doc’s Ramblings.’



2010- NEW!! “DOC’s Designs and Inventions” newly published on this website- an illustrated listing of DOC’s work over the years, including great designs that went nowhere. Highlighted up top




That’s me, Doc White, on the left, then Rusty Cottrell, Lowell Crane, Merle Crane, David Jones and Steven Dick. The four with the rifles were the shooters, I got to cheer, while Steve managed the spotting scope and was handy in case we needed him as an alternate shooter. David Jones was the #1 individual shooter, Rusty was #2. The Crane brothers were # 6 & 7. Obviously, all are fine shots. The White team established a new record for the match, shooting 1132- 14X, eclipsing the old record of 1101-8X set in 2005 by the Knight team. David Jones also shot a new individual record for the match, shooting a 291-3X. He missed 9 points out of 300. WOW! It is hard for me to express how proud I am of this team of shooters. Their dedication to the task was exemplary. No one will ever know how many hours of practice it took to do this, let alone the mind control and discipline. They have my hearty thanks, little reward for their mighty accomplishment.The match was discontinued after White cleaned everyone’s clock. I guess we get to keep the trophy. See ‘Designing for Accuracy‘  in ‘Doc’s Books“, for a look at the technology behind the DOC-designed rifles , bullets and loads.