This the first edition of the White Muzzleloading Newsletter. We  hope it is a stab in the right direction. We are sort of new at the newsletter business so forgive us the early foo-pahs and quandaries. White Muzzleloaing has always been interested in and emphasized quality, not only the quality of the designs and the guns and accessories, but also the quality of the experience that they promote. We believe that  quality ideas, quality designs and , quality products not just enhance the experience (of the hunt, the shoot, the rendezvous, the read) but also maximize that experience. We hope to rise to that challenge with this newsletter.


To begin, we are going to emphasize three departments, ideas (the future),  facts (the past) and products. You will be able to find all of these in the website if you search far enough. This newsletter will bring them to you one at a time. We get to select what we publish, at least initially, but we would enjoy hearing suggestions form you. We would also enjoy hearing your constructive criticism of our efforts. What appears to be quality to us may not match your view at all. If not , let us know and we’ll try to rise to your challenge. Pithy comments accepted.