Introducing Doc White’s Muzzleloading

Introducing Doc White’s Muzzleloading

Doc White takes a deep and abiding interest in the technology of modern day muzzleloading, contributing to it through design innovation, perceptive writing and ongoing research. He also builds high-art carved, engraved and inlaid Kentucky rifles, Jaegers and double guns, as well as plainer Hawkens and Fowlers.

Doc understands that the structure of muzzleloading is undergoing a vast change. Muzzleloading is popular because of its historical structure, the romance of primitive weapons used to open and conquer a vast country. But he also understands that form preserves structure, that the change in muzzleloading technology we are currently experiencing does not destroy muzzleloading, but preserves it. The traditionalist should celebrate the resurgence of modern-day muzzleloading, not deride it, as it preserves all forms of muzzleloading even as it changes.

“Doc” has been in muzzleloading for over 55 years, as an entrepenuer, inventor-designer, muzzlelaoding writer-philosopher and gunsmith. He’s also sat on the board of directors of the National Muzzeleloading Rifle Association and participated in the acquisition of muzzleloading hunting seasons across the nation. He held better than a dozen muzzleloading “top tens” in the SCI record book.

Welcome to Doc White’s innovative best.