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SPRING SALE 2000                                ———————————————— 209 CONVERSION KITS ARE AVAILABLE- SEE BELOW                                ————————————————- address- for orders, checks, shipments, returns: White Muzzleloading 77 No. Skyline Dr. 55-8 Roosevelt, UT  84066 Phone- 435-722-2520, evenings are best.     Ask for DOC.
All items below are on hand and ready to ship. Exceptions are specified and fully described. All are guaranteed to please, money back if not. Send us a postal MO and the item will ship as soon as we get the MO.  All other  checks wait until clear. Clear the order with Doc by phone or email before sending a check and written order, make sure we have exactly what you want on hand. Some items have posted prices, some are best offer. FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER! All items are guaranteed to please or money back. You risk only the postage or shipping fees. 
E-Mail- ‘doc@whitemuzzleloading.com‘. Your subject  should include Gun, Shoot, Powder or some subject allied with the shooting sports so I will open the email. Emails that lack such a subject to catch my attention usually get panned. I filter thru  100’s of emails a day. If you don’t get an answer using the address above, then go to ‘docwhite@stratanet.com‘. Same rules.
Sorry, no credit cards at present. We are too small to qualify.  Please follow payment directions. We take certified checks, money orders, PayPal plus 3% and  personal checks. Paypal address is docwhite@stratanet.com. USPS Money Orders are promptly honored but all other checks wait ’til cleared.
Also, please take a look at the kits and guns under ‘Custom, Traditional” which is found under  ‘Products” at the top of each page. In general, the kits I have on hand are listed and pictured here to give you an idea of what is coming or is  ready to build. Additional pictures will be included as each gun is constructed and finally finished. Once a gun is finished, it it switched to the ‘On Sale ‘ page. However, all kits and guns are for sale at any time. If you see a kit or partially finished gun that you can’t resist, you can lock in the build  with a down-payment. Once it is finished, the rest of the final price will become due and the gun will be delivered to you once paid for. Guns are completed in order of down-payment, or if you want or need a gun sooner, you can pay the full amount and I will advance the gun in the construction schedule. One thing, I never promise delivery dates and I am always at least a year behind on high art reproductions but much less on White brand in-line guns, which my team can help me with. If you want to build the kit yourself, make me an offer. I can sometimes save you a little money on new parts. There are several categories as you read down the page: 1-Muzzleloading antiques and reproductions by Doc White and others, ready to shoot.  2-White brand in- line muzzleloaders, ready to shoot. 3- Custom muzzleloading  reproductions  by Doc White and others. Available only by  custom order, but you will get exactly what you want. This category includes both antique reproductions and modern White in-lines. The GreenRiverRifleWorks Collector’s Association guns are included here. 4- Cowboy and Black Powder cartridge, guns, holsters, belts and cowboy stuff. 5- Modern guns- the ones I need to get rid of cluttering up the place. 6- Parts and accessories for White in-line  muzzleloading rifles, shotguns and pistols.     7- Kits for muzzleloading guns- ready to build. I have so many kits for muzzleloading rifles, fowlers and pistols accumulated over years of building that I am afraid I will not live long enough to finish them all. After all, in 16 years , I will be 100 years old. All kits have all parts needed to complete the project, except where noted. Some are fancy and unusual, some are plain. All come with best quality parts. All are priced at my cost to sell.  7- Miscellaneous. Stuff that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 1- ANTIQUE AND REPRODUCTION MUZZLELOADERS– THE GUNS OUR FORE-FATHERS USED.

#900-  This is a lightweight J&S Hawken fullstock flintlock dressed in brass,  probably made for the local trade. 7/8th  octagon X 42″ Kelley barrel, 50 caliber with deep & slow 72 ” twist rifling for hi-velocity patched ball, finished antique brown with elegant antique rust blue/black flourishes on the tang, DST plate and lock. Elegant late era Egg flintlock, none with faster lock time. Long bar DST, Long tang, double wrist bolts, absolutely elegant AAAA maple finished dark western red.  FOR SALE     POR     BEST OFFER There are four under-barrel keys. Keys and screws are polished and fire blued. The DST will fire both set and un-set. Ramrod is brass ended, tapped for accessories. Sights are classic Hawken iron open  rear with brass based silver front. Signed J & S Hawken  St Louis on top barrel flat.   EGG flintlock, sparked only enuff to prove it.  Dripps sparks. Brand new. never fired. Weighs 8 lbs+ where most Hawken mountain rifles weigh in the 10-12 Lb. range.   Medina brass patch-box with spring catch. All brass furniture including  rare flat to the wrist trigger guard. I don’t know how the patchbox turned silvery in the photo,  must be magic, it really is polished yellow brass.  Best quality everything. Crafted by DOC to his exacting specifications. This little lady has turned into a beauty. This is a GRRW Collectors Association gun, # H-24 and is so marked  along with DOC’s GBW cipher. Tiger striped from toe to muzzle. AAAA grade maple, rare and gorgeous. The Western red tigered stock, polished brass fittings, contrasting browned barrel and deep blue/black accents form an amazing array of beauty. Elegant is the word. Functional, as are all Hawkens. Functional Elegance at its best. This fine rifle has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpeccable.

#920 Classic Leman half stock cross plains rifle. Crafted by DOC.  This is a Leman half stock percussion, single trigger rifle , 50 caliber x 66″ twist for patched round ball,  one inch diameter. Quality new, but old stored 1″ octagon barrel by Austin/Halleck 32 inches long with deep grooves and slow twist for patched round ball.   Drum and Nipple fitted to Classic traditional Leman square-backed flat-spring percussion lock. Hooked breech. Single fore-arm key. Iron Buttplate and brass trigger guard, brass rear pipe and fore-arm cap. Under-rib with double 3/8 inch pipes for ramrod.       A grade Maple stock with modest figure enhanced with brushed dark striping, something Leman did a lot of. Surprizing how good it looks, enhancing the bit of natural figure and adding to the beauty of the wood.  FOR SALE    POR    OBO By the way, it shoots pretty good, even with these old eyes.  SORRY, SOLD, BUT ANOTHER ONE IKE IT COMING UP SOON. You can order one like it with a small down payment.

#921- This Gentleman’s 20 bore flintlock fowler is well along in life. He’s grown into a handsome cuss wearing a beautiful tiger striped suit and sporting the best quality brass and iron parts on the street. His lock is a gift from Queene Anne, she’s a fiery one, throws sparks enuff to burn down London.   Trigger plate is secured to a silver thumb-piece, the trigger is single, the font sight a brass blade. These guns were used with either shot or patched ball.   The maple is elegant AAAA, stripes from heel to nose, probably re-stocked from the original English to American maple by an American smith.  The trigger guard is classic British, acorn and all. This fine fowler has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpecable. Tentativey SOLD

#727- Here is an early Dutch influenced Hudson Bay Fowler, 12 bore with a 46 inch smooth bore barrel by Colerain, a hot- sparking round faced Dutch flintlock, Dutch brass furniture, signed by Garrett Van Sandt on the top flat, a Dutch ancestor of mine.   The wood as about as good as maple ever gets, tiger striped from one end to the other, the barrel is browned and the lock antique hot rust blued, almost black. The contrast between the brass, the dark finished maple, the brown and blue is strikingly handsome.    The brass is polished the old way, by hand, no wheels involved, with a dull antique sheen that modern polishing wheels can’t duplicate.   Look at the figure in the maple!! Gorgeous. FOR SALE POR   OBO   This fine fowler has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpecable

#917- English style FlintLock Sporting Rifle, probably made late in the flintlock period by the Hawken Brothers in St Louis. This reproduction crafted by DOC  White himself. The Hawkens obviously copied the better features of contemporary English Sporting Rifles while retaining the stronger and more durable features of their own arms, like the long tang double bolted to the long bar DST, the DST itself, which could operate even if the set trigger was broken, (unlike the weaker English Single-Set trigger) and the stronger iron toe plate. The stock is classic English Walnut with colored striping running lengthwise, great grain through the grip. The fore-end tip is Ebony. The barrel is tapered, octagon to round, 58 caliber with 1-90 twist for excellent high velocity, high power accuracy with larger powder charges and patched round ball, a later English feature much copied on the American frontier.   The lock is a late style flintlock with water-proof pan and double throat cock. It is a great sparker and very fast. The touch-hole is stainless steel and properly sunsetted, actuated by a long bar double set trigger that will fire set or un-set.   Most British Sporting Rifles had a shotgun butt without a cheek-piece but the Hawkens retained the classic Western curved butt  and beavertail cheek-piece that was then so popular.   In classic Hawken fashion, there are two keys with silver roundels holding the barrel to the stock. In contrast the fore-end tip is Ebony, then popular on English and Continental rifles.   The toeplate is Hawken style. English rifles usually did not have one. The front sight is soldered to the barrel, the rear sight is secured in a dovetail and can be adjusted from side to side with a drift  and up and down with a graduated bar. This rifle is a product of the GRRW Collectors Ass’n. It is marked GRRW CA and is # 25. DOC’s GBW cipher can be found at the rear barrel. This rifle is FOR SALE.  POR OBO. Call DOC at 435-722-2520 to discuss the deal.

#908- This elegant gent is a Bridger style percussion Hawken dressed in brass, just like the one in the Winchester collection in Cody, Wyo., which it faithfully reproduces, even to the quality of the maple stock. The maple is elegant, 4-A, the barrel tapered , 58 caliber by the master Kelly. 36″ long with a 1-90 twist for accurate high velocity. All parts and furniture of the absolute best quality. All features are pure Hawken,  with the finest quality parts. Crafted by Doc White for the GRRW Collector’s Association, GRRW  CA  H-22 and so marked. The barrel,tang, trigger guard, buttplate and all small iron parts are a deep blue-black, done the antique rust-blue way just like Sam Hawken did in the original The butt plate, trigger guard patch box, nose cap and the 4 key roundels are polished brass.  That’s the best quality Hawken lock there is.      Summer, 2018 I took a trip around the West looking at Hawkens. I saw 42 of them and got to handle a few. This one was unique. All the Hawkens were iron mounted except two. This is one of them and the second fanciest Hawken ever made. The Medina Hawken is first.   I searched for a year before I found the maple that duplicated the wood found in this gun’s original. You can see the original in the Winchester Gun Museum at the Cody Wyoming Museum of the West.       This rifle is a Hawken classic. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. It is pure Hawken and elegant beyond beleif. You won’t find a more traditional or finer reproduction of a known Hawken rifle than this one.

#898- Sharps-Gemmer 45 caliber percussion breech-loader. Shoots .458 diameter 300-600 grain lubricated bullets with 70-90 grains black powder or substitute, just like a 45-70. Loads from the breech, just like any other Sharps. Gemmer’s name on the barrel, one of his early ones with carbine butt-stock and single trigger. Now this baby is grown up. It is walnut stocked, the fore-arm traditional Sam Hawken style with double keys, silver fore-end cap, 4 silver ovals, double keys, Gemmer long-bar rear sight and ramrod.    This bad boy is ready to shoot.  Rifling twist is 1-20, .035 deep, so shoots same .458 bullets as a 45/70 . Uses a military musket percussion cap, takes down easily for cleaning, very ergonomic.  FOR SALE   POR     BEST OFFER Gemmer’s  early conversions kept the Carbine buttstock, later ones looked more like a Hawken with cheek-piece and deeply curved buttplate, some have a DST, but they all were cartridge guns. Only a few originals exist.    This fine rifle has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpecable.


                     #901- J&S Hawken fullstock flintlock with Kelley  40″ taper barrel , 1″ at britch, 7/8″   at muzzle, 54 caliber,  deep and slow twist for high hunting velocity patched ball,  nice grained solid walnut chosen for flow through wrist, early iron furniture, flat to the wrist trigger guard, hot sparking Twigg lock. sun-setted quick firing stainless touch hole as only Doc can engineer. Finished with oil and elbow grease. Long tang double bolted to long bar DST, all iron furniture,  3/8th inch ramrod with iron end tapped for accessories. Finished dark with oil and elbow grease. Crafted by original GRRW gunsmith Carl Walker for the GRRW Collector’s Ass’n. Carl’s name on it is a guarantee of its quality.  Marked on the top flat  J&S Hawken   St. Louis. Marked on the oblique flat GRRW  CA   H-24 along with Carl’s intaglio CW mark.  This is a handsome rifle, absolutely traditional and crafted by the best Hawken maker in the world.         FOR SALE    POR    BEST OFFER                                          zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2- WHITE BRAND IN-LINE MUZZLELOADERS. All developed,  designed and crafted by Doc White.                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPECIAL #1 BRAND NEW WHITE WHITETAIL .504 CALIBER. Recently crafted by DOC with old stored but new , unused BISON barreled action mounted on a AAA tigered maple stock finished Western Red, inch thick recoil pad, 14″ pull, adjustable Timney trigger, Williams adjustable sights, #11 nipple-breechplug and  double brass ended ramrod with 50 caliber cleaning jag.  Barrel 25″ long This rifle has been glass bedded and accurized.  The Timney trigger pull is set at 2.5 lbs. but can be adjusted if wanted. The maple is finished with oil and elbow grease and is gorgeous..      FOR SALE  $900  OBO.  REMEMBER THAT’S A $300 PEICE OF MAPLE YOU ARE LOOKING AT,    Like always, I look for offers , best offer takes the rifle.    The sights can be switched to scope, I recommend Weaver bases and double forward rings -$50, or a Lyman side mounted peep- $140, or a variety of alternate rear and front sights, including fiber-optiks. It seems everyone wants something different. I’m used to that so don’t fail to specify exactly what you want. See the White parts section below for what is available. Sorry, this one is sold. Another coming soon. CALL ME 435 722-2520, evenings best                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPECIAL #2 – White Whitetail blued rifle in .504 caliber, used but well cared for, no apparent defects, restored, glass bedded with new large recoil lug, accurized and shoots quite well, as if it were new.  New adjustable spring bar rear sight with slider, brass bead front sights. Timney trigger. Ready for the hunt. same  guarantee as usual, you don’t like it, you get your money back (no S&H) 3 day no shoot inspection. SALE- $700 plus S&H.                                       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPECIAL #3   This time a brand new in the box Tominator with a black laminate stock, one of only a few with the fancy laminate stock. This is the best turkey gun in the world, better patterns than any modern gun.  $800.  SALE- Turkey season is past, Christmas is coming- now $800 with Hastings Super turkey choke. Call DOC at 435-722-2520 evenings or email doc@whitemuzzleloading.com. Only one left. Call Now!                              We have only 1 of these,  box is brand new, closet stored, with all the original wrappings  and literature.  New tominators with plain or fancy maple stocks are available from DOC, hand-crafted, prices vary with quality of the wood and finish, starting at $800.   See below.                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPECIAL #4-  on sale $700- BISON 22″ heavy barrel , .504 cal. You are looking at a brand new White Bison in-line muzzleloading rifle, designed and crafted by Doc White from old stored but new  22″ Criterion barrels, the best that White ever used, with new internal parts, all of the finest quality. The barrel is 22″ long, one inch in diameter and fabulously accurate because of its stiffness and weight,  If you use Doc’s heavy slip fit bullets or even lighter saboted bullets, you will get better than 1000 ft. lbs. of energy at 200 yards, a statistic that’s difficult to beat.   The White Bison is a G-series in-line rifle, with pull-cock on the left, ready for the weaker hand, while the rifle remains solidly gripped in the stronger right hand, same design as on most modern sub-machine guns. The barreled action is secured in the stock by a large square recoil lug with a tough tool steel screw. The lug is glass bedded for strength and accuracy. The stock is strong, sturdy maple, the best stock wood there is, with an inch thick, high quality rubber recoil pad. The trigger is Timney’s best quality Featherweight , with a right sided thumb safety, to complement the safety built into the cocking handle. This Bison is fired by Doc’s tool steel one piece nipple-breechplug with #11 cap. A 209 conversion kit is available at extra cost, $100, a savings of $10 if purchased with the gun instead of separately at $110. The stock is finished with automotive grade hammered black paint, while the barreled action is finished with matte black Dura-coat. The stock also comes with fore and aft sling swivels. The ramrod is Delrin with double brass ends , including a cleaning jag. The action is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and right side mounted peep. Dovetails are cut for front and sights but sights are not supplied since it seems everyone want something different. GoTo the White parts section below to pick the sight combination you want.  Most hunters want a dovetailed brass or fiber-optik front and spring-bar or flip-up rear, but there are many options. You will not find a finer, higher quality, more powerful or more accurate muzzleloading hunting rifle anywhere.   SALE  $700.   Limited supply!! there are only a few of the 22′ barreled Bisons left! Oops, forgot to take the protective tape off the recoil pad before taking photos of it.                                                                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Special #5- Tominator trap gun, a trophy winner, used by DOC back in the days when he was shooting black powder competition. Now has a re-furbished stock and a brand new barreled action with .680 inter-changable choke. It has also killed a few turkeys as well, once a fighting pair at 55 yards.  The action is the White BG, the straight – rifled barrel by Hastings, just like super expensive Perrazzi trap guns.  There are no better shot patterns in the world. The stock has been modified with an adjustable cheek rest  and weight has been added to the butt to  damp recoil and swing muzzle light, like good trap guns do. It weighs about 8.5 lbs and swings like a dream.      Doc’s hand crafted Super trap .640 choke is available at extra cost. FOR SALE $1000  or BEST OFFER                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Special #6- White Tominator with pistol grip– This is an experimental folding shotgun based on the Tominator, there is only one.  It has a Delrin stock with fiberglass fill. It is 12 gauge, barrel is 20′ long with rib and with my custom Super Turkey .660 choke. The folding stock is a Butler Creek. All internal parts are the same as any other Tominator in-line shotgun. The finish is a little rough simply because it’s experimental- Black Dura-coat  on everything.  Experimental means not all parts are standard. In this one, the action is an S-series, where the standard Tominator is a BG-Series. I designed it as a project gun for WhiteRifles, but they wanted nothing to do with it.    It is priced to sell at $500. It’s ugly but very functional. Uses #11  caps and the BP-12 shotcup, same as the elegant Tominator above. A sample is included with the buy. Guaranteed to satisfy as usual. It has already killed a handful of Toms.                                           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     SPECIAL #7-  White MK-6  This also an experimental arm, designed with the AK-47 in mind, the action and barrel beneath  the ramrod instead of the traditional way. This reduces recoil and any smoke is diverted down rather than up into the shooter’s vision. The stock is tough plain maple painted deep forest green, the metal is Dura-coated. The barrel is by Criterion, best there is, 504 caliber for my big slip-fit  or saboted bullets. It will shoot as well as any other Doc-designed rifle.   The action is really an upside-down G-Series, the only thing new is the trigger group, which I invented. It’s easily adjustable. Barrel is 22 inches, tapered.  sight is a 30 mm red-dot. There is an inch thick recoil pad. FOR SALE. I ‘m asking $500. that’s cheap for a White rifle, especially a one of a kind. I MADE AND SOLD 5 OTHERS, NO COMPLAINTS. GUARANTEED TO PLEASE, AS USUAL. Make me an offer. It needs a home.                                           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BEST OFFER- – Folks wonder why I sell on a best offer basis. The truth is that I enjoy talking with people who want to talk about my  designs. The banter and the bargaining are fun. Sharing my experience and knowledge gives me a real kick in the ego. It’s good for an old man. Keeps me working for you.
OTHER BISON VARIATIONS White BISON Idaho Special This is a G-Series White Bison with new one inch diameter barrel 26 inches long in .504 caliber with 1-24 twist and shallow .035 grooves for the best accuracy and power with Doc’s slip-fit bullets and sabots. There is a Timney trigger, tough hammered black-finished maple stock ( also available in Bronze or Camo at no extra cost), the stock has been re-designed for scope or peep by Doc, includes a best quality Lyman 57A adjustable peep, made especially for those states that require iron sights, like Idaho and Colorado, plus a brass bead front. (If you want a fiber-optik front, add $35 and specify red or green color.) Also an inch- thick Houge recoil pad, Brass bead front sight, ( if you want a fiber-optik front add $30 and specify red or green color). Delrin Brass tipped ramrod with cleaning jag and drilled and tapped for accessories.  The rifle is Ergonomic, Functionally Elegant, Accurate and Powerful, the best there is. It will will shoot up to a 600 grain White slip-fit bullet with 140 grains powder at 1400 FPS and 2 inch 200 yard groups, more than 1200 ft lbs energy at 200 yards.  I have killed Cape Buffalo with one like it. Cost with features shown $940, principally because the Lyman peep  costs $140 and the base cost of the rifle is $800. I try to keep several on hand at all times but sometimes run out, so there may be a short wait. Best call first 435-722-2520, evenings, for availability, before ordering. .                                               XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX White 24 inch Bison, 504 caliber bisoncustom813fullright I have a few new  stored .504 barrel blanks by Criterion.  They are  in perfect condition. Criterion made the best barrels White ever used. We are making them into the new White Bison , the 24″ barrel trimmed to one inch diameter, 24 inches long , 504 caliber, with  a new custom stock in tough maple, designed specifically for use with a scope.  The trigger is a  Timney, same as on a Mauser bolt rifle, totally adjustable for weight of pull. The rifle is drilled and tapped for  scope  and peep  bases. There are no standard sights, please choose the rear and front sights you want from the parts list below on this page.  Most order a Williams or Marble 2″ long bar adjustable dovetailed rear and brass bead front. Other options are available. All the other famous White G-series features present. Super accurate and super powerful, the best there is on the market. It’s the same super rifle as the Idaho Special above, but without the Lyman peep and with your choice of sights. The barrel is finished with standard  Dura-Coat, black, brown or bronze,  stock is finished with primer and  hammer- finished paint of automotive quality. Price is $800 for the basic rifle plus whatever extras, like  sights or scope mounts  that you might want.  Fancy tiger-striped maple and sights are extra.  S&H is extra. Get a look at the fancies and accessories available in Parts and Supplies near  the bottom of this page.                                     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX WHITE ‘SCOUT’ BISON Here is a custom Bison done with a forward mounted scope, what the moderns call a “scout’ configuration. Mounting the scope forward has several advantages: it’s fast to the eye when swinging on moving game, faster even than a traditionally mounted scope with the eye-piece close to your eye; it avoids the problem of eye relief. These ‘scout’ scopes have about an 8 inch eye relief- you never have to worry about getting banged in the forehead by a scope with heavy loads:  the powder gases and residues don’t impact on the scope, it never gets dirty from powder residues blasted all over it, saves cleaning time and effort: the set-up costs the same as any other scope system, Weaver size rails and rings are readily available to fit , they are strong and not expensive; A ‘Scout’ scope costs no more than any other scope, and they are available with several reticules and variable power.  I quite like this set-up. This one has a 2 x 7 Bushnell scope on it, which retails at $240, the Weaver rail, and Forward Rings, including mounting, cost another $100. You can have one like  it. Email DOC at  Doc@whitemuzzleloading to discuss the project.                                       zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 3- CUSTOM MODERN & IN-LINE MUZZLELOADING ARMS Custom full- stock super safari SuperSafariM98RightFullThe Super Safari is my favorite model of all the WHITE rifles I’ve designed. I just love fullstocks. Custom Super Safari’s are available using your Super-91, M98 or ThunderBolt action and barrel. E-mail doc@whitemuzzleloading.com to order.   Since  they are custom, you can have about what you want. You have to furnish the barreled action. Prices  for the conversion start at  $200 but  can go  higher  depending on what  features  are  included.
DOC-built SPORTING RIFLES- AVAILABLE ON CUSTOM ORDER Below you will see some examples of Sporting Rifles that DOC has crafted. All feature the classic  Manton- designed breech with a Henry lock and drip bar,  plus a fast twist, shallow-groove  barrel made for elongated , lubricated, slip-fit bullets,  which are  the outstanding features of the type. They exel at long range shooting. Other features can include round or octagon barrels of any length, straight or tapered, set triggers,  straight or pistol grips,  any length pull you might want,  steel or rubber butt-pads or plates,  fore-arm tips made of ebony or metal,  cap boxes, checkering and any combination of sights including long scopes.  All are made  for shooting heavy, long, high Ballistic Co-efficient  bullets very accurately over long distances. I have seen, and have shot, 4″ groups at 700 yards on good days with these rifles. Get in touch with Doc  if you want one.  A simple sporting rifle starts at $1000 (sights  not included),  and can go double that depending on what you want. Your choice of sights is particularly important.  There is a huge variety of styles and quality available. The best are indeed expensive but are absolutely required  for the finest results.  You have to choose what sights you want and will be billed for them separately or buy them on your own.   The fancier Doc White sporting rifles usually come with blued metal and English Red walnut stocks, but you can order what you want.  The simplest are plain and painted. Both will sport a best quality flat spring traditional percussion lock with Manton breech, with best quality barrel available in .451 caliber with 1-18 to 22 ” twist or in  .500 caliber with 1-24 to 28″ twist, your choice.. They will shoot all the White slip-fit bullets just as well as the White Super 91, Whitetail and others: the barrels are the same dimensions. Similar rifles are available on custom order from White Muzzleloading with fancy maple or English walnut stocks. Prices start at $1500. Email for price and availability. See below for more examples of the art. sportingriflelite45closeloc sptgrifle54rb799closelock The Manton breech design on the White Sporting Rifle is the best and strongest ever devised, modern or antique. It’s massive, functional, ergonomic and super-strong but handsome, far stronger and better than any Hawken percussion breeching.  Most originals are very plain but also very strong. SportRifle152FullRightScope Above- a RIGBY style .451 with pistol grip, a round barrel and a Malcolm style 3X scope. Very accurate at long range with slip-fit  bullets. SptgRifle368cal159FullRight A Rigby Sporting-Target rifle in .367 caliber for 300 grain slip-fit bullets. The rear sight is a mid-range ladder, good for up to 700 yards, the front a Globe. BeckerSptgRifleFullRight Another Sporting Target rifle in dark maple with tall rear peep good for 1000 plus yard shooting and Globe front sight. The DST was unusual in Britain. The SST were sometimes used. Note that the most consistent part of all three rifles is the lock and breeching.
AVAILABLE ON CUSTOM ORDER  FULLY CUSTOM BISON–   I lucked into some new old stored .504 barrel blanks by Criterion, found them in a garage. bought out of the sale when White Systems went under in 2005. They are 15 years old but in perfect condition. Criterion made the best barrels White ever used so these were a real find. You are seeing the beginnings of  a new Custom Bison , the barrel trimmed to one inch diameter, 24 inches long , 504 caliber, with  a new custom stock in tough maple, designed specifically for use with a scope. We will install  new or old stored original parts to complete the action. The trigger will be by  Timney, same as on a Mauser bolt rifle, adjustable for weight of pull, better than the old Bold trigger. The rifle comes drilled and tapped for  scope  and peep  bases. (no barrel sights except on custom order at extra cost since everyone usually mounts a scope), with antique bronze or black Dura-Coat finish on  barreled action. Price is $800 for the basic rifle plus sights and whatever extras you might want, like fancy hand finished tigered maple, checkering and engraving. S&H extra. bisoncustom813fullleftitw The photo shows the basic rifle, no action parts yet, no sling swivels yet, no scope mounts yet.  Almost any custom addition you might want is available.  bisoncustom813fullright Here is  the finished STANDARD rifle – ready to mount a scope or peep and shoot! Since the gun is custom, you can have any barrel length you want shorter than 25 inches, any color Dura-coat you want, even pink for your lady or Camo,  any length pull shorter than 14 inches at no extra cost. FRONT and REAR open sights (you have to specify exactly what sight you want), SCOPE BASES or a rear mounted LYMAN 57A totally adjustable  peep  all come at extra cost. Goto  ‘On Sale’, look under Parts and Supplies to see what is available. Here is a custom Bison with a 24 inch Criterion barrel, Timney trigger and Lyman totally adjustable peep in a 4A  tigered maple stock. The client was happy to pay $1040 for this beautiful rifle. —————-   Here is another fancy Bison  without the peep but equipped with a set of Weaver forward scope mounts. The front ring is mounted forward so you get good eye relief, no black eyes or cut forehead with this scope mount. ————- Here is a custom Bison with a 24 inch barrel in a fancy AAAA tigered maple stock. I wish the photography’ would show the quality of the wood better. The barrel and action are finished with brown Dura-Coat. Black, blue, brown and bronze are available.    You can have a custom Bison rifle, too. Just call or email DOC. Catch him in a good mood and he can be really interesting. His knowledge of things muzzleloading is enormous.
Custom White  Tominator shotgun  is now available as a custom shotgun, made by Doc with a brand new BG-Series action, ribbed and straight rifled 12 gauge barrel in-line shotgun just like the originals. The stock is plain , strong maple with inch thick recoil pad, painted any color you want, even camo, The metal is blued.  Improvements include a Timney adjustable trigger in a stainless trigger guard and Doc’s custom Super Turkey .660 choke capable of 90% first shot patterns. Your cost is $750 including the Super Turkey choke plus S&H. Be sure to order early. I try to keep one on hand but they disappear pretty quick when turkey season approaches.   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 4- COWBOY AND BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGE ARMS #915- Here is one for the books. This 1870 Springfield 50/70 came off the nearby Ute reservation, finally pried it away from the collector who recovered it from “an old indian” decades ago. You can see it’s in ratty condition,  bore corroded, beat up and well used with fore-stock amputated, a fore sight replacement and a beautiful original rawhide repair on the wrist, black with sweaty hands and use over many years. The 7th Cavalry was here  1864-1902 and this gun could well have originated there. They were called ‘buffalo soldiers’ then and since as many of them were black. If you want something really Indian, this as close as you can get, the rawhide repair is obviously old and original and it came from the right place.  FOR SALE   $600  BEST OFFER     Of  course, the old thing is for sale, I want $600. Make me an offer.                                                  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    5- MODERN GUNS

SPECIAL- RUGER 77 in 7MM MAUSER, a rare caliber for a Ruger, re-stocked with a gorgeous piece of brown, black and red streaked European walnut, with wonderfully well done checkering.      I originally bought it for the stock, with the intent of re-barreling it to 6.5 Creedmore. Well, it never happened , so I’ve got the rifle and a Shilen 6.5 lightweight same size barrel blank to re- barrel it with. Both are for sale, together or separately.  The Ruger 7 mm barrel is in good shape with most of the original finish except the end of the barrel which shows its been fired , the aluminum magazine plate is badly scarred from it being carried/used actively. I had intended on replacing it with aftermarket steel parts to match the quality of the stock. Price- asking $600 for the set. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.
SPECIAL***-  Handcrafted Javelina style 12 bore gun for a crippled up turkey hunter , who lost the use of his right arm when he fell down a set of steep stairs- ruined the rotator cuff. Can’t shoot a long gun from the shoulder so crafted a legal two handed pistol like gun for the Toms in his life. It’s legal because the barrel is over 18″ and the total length is over 26″. It carries one of my super-turkey .660 chokes and shoots a Remington 1 1/8th oz. trap loads into a 8″ circle at 20 yards, plenty tight for turkey. This gun is not for sale. 4″ long Recoil brake was added after the photo was taken.

***SPECIAL- A unique and very special MasterWork by an Austrian maker, a one of a kind hand made gun that won him a place as a master gunmaker.  Over-under 16 gauge, full and modified  chokes, double trigger, fire indicators, under lever, safety on left side of action in the germanic fashion, chambers 2 3/4 inch shells, weighs 6 lbs.   There is no outside makers mark, only inside the action. Under the rules, you couldn’t mark a gun until you became a master.   The gun is pristine. I have owned it since the 1960’s, shot and hunted with it once only, there’s hardly a use mark on it.   Fit is super tight. Feels unused. Looks only slightly aged. Case colors are BRIGHT.     for sale, best offer takes it.

  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 6- PARTS AND SUPPLIES FOR WHITE BRAND IN-LINE GUNS G-Series Bison barreled action, new Criterion barrel , 504 caliber 24″ long , 1-24 twist, .035 grooves, best quality barrel White ever used, Never fired, brand new.  machined to final form with screw holes and sight slots, polished and bead blasted, ready for final finish. $400 Bison or Whitetail barreled action,  all seconds with minor blemishes inside or out. All will need accurizing.  410, 451,or.504 caliber, most in the white, some have black Nitride finish, barrels 22 inches long, as original with sight slots, drilled and tapped for peep, long stored but never used, – $125 our choice. The action alone is worth that.
Brand new long stored Criterion .504 caliber barrel, 1-24 twist. .o35 deep rifling, 1 1/8th  inch diameter,  x 25 ” long, cut for White nipple-breechplug , threaded to fit G-series action-  does not include action- $3oo
SALE   SALE   SALE   HURRAH   SALE   SALE   SALE    G-SERIES 209 CONVERSION KIT= 2 pieces, breech-plug for 209 primer with retaining wire, plus striker. Change-over is simple. Replace the Nipple breech-plug in your Whitetail, Bison or M97 Whitetail Hunter  with this new 209 breech-plug, replace the #11 cap hammer with this 209 striker. 209 primers give you the advantage of more and hotter fire to light the newer black powder substitute powders like PyrodeP, 777 and Blackhorn 209.  $110 plus $5 for USPS first class
SALE   SALE   SALE   HURRAH   SALE   SALE   SALE   S-SERIES 209 CONVERSION KIT for the White Super-91, Super-Safari and M98 Elite Hunter. Change-over is easy. Just install new 209 breech-plug with retaining wire in place of  old #11 cap breech-plug and replace old #11 hammer with new 209 striker. Take advantage of hotter 209 fire to light off the newer powders. Especially good with PyrodexP, 777 and Blackhorn’s  new 209 powder.  $110 for the kit plus $5 for USPS first class
Stainless steel trigger guard, finished and polished, fits all White rifles and many modern rifles too, very high quality-$50
stainless steel, hardened nipple-breechplug for  BG-Series shotgun, fits #11 cap- $60
Stainless steel, hardened nipple-breechplug for White  G, S, BG, and SG- Series rifles and pistols, uses #11 cap- $50
 Timney trigger, adapted to fit  all White actions except the White Lightning, totally adjustable, right side safety , very high quality-$150
Mainspring for G, BG and SG actions- 22 lb, $15, the hook on the end is important, it holds the action end cap more securely.
Cocking handle for White  G, SG, BG  actions- $15. The mainspring detent fits into the slot shown on the right and locks the cocking handle in place.
 Lyman 57A totally adjustable peep, shown mounted on a White Bison rifle. All White rifle  actions  are drilled and tapped for this peep. Very high quality, best there is- $140
 Williams 2 screw rear green-dot  fiber-optik sight, fully adjustable, screw adjusted. Fits all White brand rifles with screw mounted rear sight. Includes both base with screw and blade. $50 The base can be fitted with a plain blade as well $40  
Foldable adjustable rear sight with dovetail for Bison or other dovetailed rifles.- $35
 Marble dovetailed long spring-bar rear sight with slider for elevation adjustment. Available with flat rear, semi-buckhorn rear or full buckhorn frer blade. Adjustable blade insert for elevation and windage. $30  
Williams dove-tail mounted folding rear sight, just what you want in the rear sight slot when the main rear sight is a peep or scope-$30
 Williams dove-tail mounted rear sight, drift adjustable for windage, screw adjustable for height, Both the dovetail and the rear sight blade lock in with a screw. you won’t need a drift and hammer to adjust windage, just a screw-driver to fit the small screws.- $30
 Williams fiber-optik springbar rear dovetail sight . Screw adustable for both elevation and windage.- $40
Williams front ramp, single screw, 3/16″high, fits all White rifles with tapered barrels and single screw front sight mounting.- $25
Williams dove-tail mounted  brass bead front sight for Bison-slimmer model for Super 91, whitetail and W-series rifles-  both -$20 
  LEFT-Williams dove-tail mounted  front  fiber optik red FireSight for Bison or slimmer model for Whitetail or M97 Whitetail Hunter. RIGHT -same but by Marble-   both- $30
  Pedersoli ‘universal’ tall peep sights, mid-range and long- range set,  both tall sights fit the same base on the same rifle. Long screw for vertical adjustment, facing set screws for horizontal. By Pedersoli. Sale $65
Fancy Soule type tall peep sights by Pedersoli– of the two on the left, the left one is mid-range , The middle one is long range. These are very high quality sights, both vertical and horizontal adjustments are knob-click driven. SALE- $100 each. The peep on the right is SOLD    
 Houge inch thick grindable recoil pad 5″ x 2″- $30
Weaver bases and forward 1″ rings, fits all White rifles, the forward feature puts the eye-peice of the scope far enough away from the eye so you don’t get banged by the scope.  Take it off for cleaning, put it back on without losing point of aim. Highly recommended- $50 for the complete set. $20 for the bases, alone, $30 for the forward quad rings alone.
 Sling eye-screws- $5 each
End cap, fits White G,BG,SG-Series actions, steel (not stainless) -$30
 Hammer, fits G,BG, SG Series actions, stainless steel for easy clean-up, specify action= $30 SG hammer to fit the White WhiteLightning also available, $30
mainspring detent, fits G, BG, SG actions, locks the cocking handle in place $20
 Breechplug with inter-changable feature, may use choice of 1/4 X 28 Musket or #11 cap, just insert the proper nipple. Nipple of your choice furnished.- $50.   You will need an extra wide screwdriver to  install or remove it.  The larger one is for the BG Tominator shotgun, the smaller fits all S,G and SG Series actions. See below.
Extra wide screwdiver to fit slot on nipple interchangable  breech-plug above- ,  has a  1/4 inch hex to fit your 1/4″ hex wrenchg set-$20      
 Ramrod spring for all white rifles- $5
  Colonial choke , 12 or 20 gauge, available in Skeet- .730, (choke bore),Modified- .720, Full- .710, Extra Full- .700, $30 each
Doc’s Super Turkey choke, 12 gauge only, each one is custom so you choose the tightness of the choke, not recommended below .660. .665-.670 seems to be best. $70
White tapered 12 bore shot collars for the Tominator shotgun. Holds up to 1 7/8th oz. shot. The Tominator’s Super-Turkey choke is a tight .660, the shot collar’s bottom end  is small enough to fit that tight choke. No need to pull the choke tube to reload. Reload simply by dumping in powder , then inserting the shot collar small end first, bump it through the choke with the small end of the ramrod, once through the choke, ram it all the way down onto the powder, then pour in your shot charge and follow with a top wad. Cap it and kill another turkey.  $25/100 collars plus S&H. I can get 200 collars into a $14 Priority mail box.  
 White ramrods, as original, made of Delrin with double brass ends, one tapped 8 X 32 for accessories, the other a cleaning jag to fit your rifle, $50. Every one is custom, specify caliber and length. 
Hawken-like scroll trigger guard, already browned, front screw threaded, use it as is on an ordinary cross plains rifle or cut off the rear tang and  screw it  to a long bar Hawken DST to re-create a classic Hawken trigger guard. $20
Double set trigger with short bar, will fit most  sidelock  muzzle-loading rifles other than a Hawken, which requires a long bar. Fires set or unset if fitted to the lock properly. Already browned and drilled for screws. A steal at $40.
Never-Seez breech plug lube, best there is. Be sure to lube the breech plug every time you clean the gun and clean the gun every time you shoot it. A bottle will last a lifetime. $35
Super 91 Bell & Carlson fiber-composite stock, I have one really good one $300 and two seconds $200
 Super 91 Grey Laminate stock. I have two brand new old stored $300
 SuperSafari fullstock by Bell & Carlson, fiber-composite,   really a Super 91 with a fullstock.   Can be fitted to Super 91, M98 Elite Hunter and ThunderBolt barreled actions with minor fitting.  All new old stored. Furniture for them, like trigger guards and nose caps are also available.  All brand New, old stored. I have several dozen. $200 includes recoil pad and SS nose-cap. They make wonderful light-weight stocks for the Super 91 and other S-series rifles with the full stock cut down to half-stock length.
ThunderBolt gray laminate stock, same as the Super-91 stock but with cutout for the ThunderBolt bolt handle, all used , various grades,  all strong and functional- $200-$300
Doc designed stock for G-series rifles, available in several grades of maple, the best and strongest stock wood there is. 98% fit for a White G-series action with bull barrel but will also fit a Whitetail tapered barrel with full-length float. GRADES; Plain-A-$200, AA-modest tigering on at least one side, usually some on both both- $ 250, AAA- good figure both sides-$300, AAAA unusuall continuous fine tigering full length-rare, hard to find- _$300 up . Cost of hand finishing not included.  this one is AAA but the photo  doesn’t show it
Enhanced tigering–  this is a method of  enhancing the color and contrast of tiger striping on any maple stock. It can be used on plain maple  to create false but handsome tigering. It can be added to natural tigering to bring out the color  and contrast with the lighter wood between the tiger stripes. It is done by hand, each stock  different, none ever looks like another. The enhanced wood is quite striking. The A grade stock above has been carved but not sanded and had the artificial coloring applied. You should see it when it gets finish sanded, polished, stained and varnished. It turns a n A grade stock into an AAA  and an AAA into  4-A. COST $100 per stock. Does not include cost of hand finish.
 White 360 grain bullets for .451 caliber rifles,  sized and lubricated with Power-Lube to .450 caliber, weigh 360 grains, cast of pure new lead with 2% tin, the old White formula.  Use as is in your .451 White rifle, they will slip down the bore with a single finger on the ramrod then belly up with the shot, catching the rifling. They are very accurate with even modest loads yet retain lots of velocity and energy down-range for great game downing power.  Use them with a 50 caliber sabot IN 50 caliber rifles: You can also use them with SABOTS in a 50 caliber rifle by fitting them into a .50 caliber sabot made for .450-.452 caliber bullets. I like the Harvester crush rib sabot best. My old lubricated Power-Star sabot was better but is no longer available. This 360 gr. bullet’s BC is far better than any short 45 cal pistol bullet, with better accuracy, down-range power and energy than any shorter bullet. It’s a killer at 200 yards, knocks big deer flat. $7.50 per 10 in a plastic Super-Keeper, $$40 per 50, $60 per 100, cost  less than other muzzleloading bullets.
HARVESTER 50 Caliber crush-ribbed sabots, yellow high velocity, for 45 caliber bullets LIKE THE ONES ABOVE.  $10/50, $15/100.
I have come into a supply of 20 year old stored but new Austin and Halleck barrels, complete with hooked breech, drum and nipple, sights, underlug for key, rib and pipes and nicely browned.   All brand-new , old stored  stock, perfect for half stock rifles, proven accurate. All are 50 caliber with deep, slow  rifling for patched round ball. The are complete with hooked britch, drum and nipple, blae front and buckhorn rear sights, barrel under-rib with iron ramrod ferrules, and barrel underlug for key. They are available right now.   Later I plan a Leman half-stock Kit,  with proper Leman iron buttplate and brass trigger guard, single trigger, Leman Percussion lock with classic plain maple carved halfstock with 3/8th ramrod hole,  98% semi- inletted for barrel, butt plate, trigger guard, trigger and lock. You do all the inletting and finish work. Instructions included. a half-stock iron mounted cross-plains rifle will follow. Cost of  barrel a bargain at $200 plus $20 S&H. Most such barrels are $200 with no fittings at all. Kit cost not available yet.  Still working on the master for the stock. DOC ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 7- BISON KITS– All parts included except where noted. your cost is my cost. Finishing  materials not included. 
Bison kit- all parts you need to build your own Bison rifle-  barreled action, stock, recoil pad, trigger, internal parts, trigger guard, ramrod, all needed screws. You assemble and finish the stock and metal.  Sights are optional and extra since everyone seems to want something different. Look in the parts section above to choose what you want.  Price with 22″ black Nitride  finished .504 barrel $600. Price with 24″ bull barrel $650. Sights extra, choose which you want from the enclosed list above in the Parts section.                                             ———————————- #719- US Cadet musket, issued to military cadets at West Point and the Virginia Military Institute in the 1840’s, looks like a lightweight 1835 Flintlock musket but with shorter pull, shorter barrel and lighter barrel in 58 rather than 69 caliber. The stock will need cutting down to the smaller size of course. It will make a perfect trainer gun for a young man or woman. The pull will be 13 1/4th  inches to fit a smaller person. My cost $700. Highest quality parts. if you want me to build the lock for you it cost another $100                                             ———————————– #750-  Presenting the evolution of a late Manton Cavalry Carbine, the last one produced by the British before moving to the percussion system. All parts are cast from originals.  The lock is a double throat similar to the original, a fine sparker with a short throw. The sidelock plate and lock screws are all original. Barrel is 62 caliber, rifled, by Colerain, 20 inches long, with a hook breech and steel swivel ramrod, along with a saddle bar and lanyard. Sights are simple open. The walnut is a bit better than ordinary military. The stock style is a modified Long Land Pattern, just a whole lot shorter.  Should be great in a treestand for whitetail. The originals were smoothbore, but this one is rifled ..  Pull will end up at 14 inches, trigger is single of course, weight should be around 6.5-7 lbs.  I want $650 for the kit, OBO                                                                                                                                                                                                                   —————————————– #888- Fusil Fin  from the  Tulle arsenal.  Here’s the beginnings of a finer than usual quality Fusil in 20 bore, 44 inch octagon-round swamped barrel by Colerain, TULLE marked original design flintlock to match, engraved and chisled brass furniture in a nice piece of walnut. fusilfin209fullrightkit If  it wasn’t for my lousy photo skills, you could see the elegant chiseling  and engraving on the trigger guard,  buttplate and pipes. All are nice wax castings with great detail.  The lock is pure French, marked TULLE on the plate, as is the brass  furniture.  I value the kit at $660 OBO                   TENTATIVLY SOLD                                                                                               ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 8- MISCELLANEOUS
White Systems Hats, new , take your pick for $10 each, $5 for shipping.
Vari-wads for re-loading 12 gauge shotgun shells with adjustable insert so you can load any weight shot from 1. to 1 1/2 oz. Have several bags full. I don’t load shotshells anymore, so these are cheap. Make me any offer . I will probably take you up on it. JUST HATE TO SEE THEM GO TO WASTE.    
Christensen Arms 38 Sp. Boxfull of 2000 Cowboy commercial reloads by Christenson of SLC, 117 gr  pointed lubed lead bullet, best bullet there is for Win 66 and 73, 700 fps, packed in packages of 50. SALE $20/100 or BEST OFFER.
  45 ACP Cowboy reloads, 200 gr round nosed lubricated lead bullet with 3.6 gr. Clays powder, 700 fps. Half Price SALE  30/100 or BEST OFFER
40 S&W once fired brass, 1440 mixed brands, good condition, not deprimed, ready to clean and reload. Sale $5/100, was $70 now $60 for the lot.