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It’s said that when Doc White was two years old his mother gave him a bar of soap and he carved a gun out of it. That is probably an exaggeration, but he has been designing, inventing and making guns ever since he was a little kid. The old Green River Rifleworks was a child of his imagination back in the 70’s. Doc innovated the semi-production system for the superb quality Leman and Hawken rifles produced by GRRW and that is now successfully used by many custom gunmakers, designing the tooling used for production plus crafting the advertising and high quality philosophy that permeated the company.

Despite the closure of GRRW in 1980, in the midst of the Carter inflation-recession, he continued to imagineer, developing the ‘White Muzzleloading System’ in 1968, way too early for the marketplace.This advanced system, featuring fast loading, super accurate and powerful slip-fit bullets, finally came to market in 1990. The company was named after him, ‘White Systems’. he designed the elegant inline ‘Super 91’ and Super Safari rifles, engineered the ‘Whitetail’ and ‘Bison’ inlines, and designed the ‘Superslugs’ and ‘Shooting Star’ saboted bullet so successfully used in the rifles. He also designed and engineered the Tominator shotgun, and designed the sidelock Green River Sporting Rifle, and the Javelina inline pistol, as well as many accessories. White Systems failed in 1995 due to lack of production capacity by their Arizona partners, but the product was too good to leave lie. White Rifles, LLC, Lindon, Utah, assumed the White name in 2001 and marketed Doc-designed products, including the M97 Whitetail Hunter (an enhanced redesign of the old White Whitetail), the M98 Elite Hunter (an improved Super 91) and new Doc-designed bolt action Thunderbolt with 209 or 336 primer. Doc’s newest inventions, including the SCS self-cleaning sabot, the SCB self cleaning bullet, the #336 reloadable primer and the locking block Alpha rifle have never come into production. During all this, beginning in the 1960’s, Doc built and sold hundreds of traditional sidelock flintlock and percussion rifles, fowlers and pistols. He works on them while he waits for the phone to ring. Like most others, he started with the simple and plain muzzleloading types, and then progressed to the complex. He is now a master of carving, engraving, wire inlay, metal work and ivory and bone inlay. His reproduction Jaeger flintlock rifles are masterpieces. as are his Kentucky rifles. He is one of the few who build double barreled rifles and shotguns from scratch. See below.


An interview with Doc 

Some years ago, Randy Wakeman compiled answers to a number of questions he asked Doc. They were originally published in his web page. In the years since, Doc’s answers have remained substantially the same. However, the times have changed, technology has advanced, so DOC has again answered the questions with an eye to our more modern times. He has also grouped the questions in a more refined order, so that subject matter is better concentrated. Goto ‘Interveiw with Doc” above, under “All about Doc”


Why ‘DOC’? He really is one, with an MD behind his name. He practices medicine in Roosevelt, Utah, has been there since 1968. He did general medicine and surgery for years but his special interest eventually  became Gastrointestinal Medicine. He has done more than 20,000 endoscopies since 1974. He still does 6-700 a year. Nothing gives him more delight than saving somebody’s life. His passion is quality.

Here is an example of Doc’s craftsmanship.





The rifle above is sold. This is what the buyer said about Doc’s work:

“I’d like to tell you a few things. I admire this rifle tremendously. I’ve admired your work for quite a while! It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can inlet the ramrod pipes, trigger guard, carve the stock and engrave the brass work such as you have on this rifle. That is to say nothing of the engraving and your signature on the barrel. You have my sincere appreciation for the quality of your work. It’s obvious this is a labor of love.”

“Again, I certainly admire your work. You will be long and well remembered.”


Victor \h. Schaefferkoetter

More of Doc’s work can be seen in ‘On Sale’, ‘Archives‘, ‘Custom Traditional’ and ‘Custom Modern’

Doc’s Writings:

“The White Muzzleloading System- a Revolution in Muzzleloading”

The first edition of Doc’s book, “The White Muzzleloading System- a Revolution in Muzzleloading” is sold out but is available to read or copy on this website. We know you’ll enjoy the book. It’s chock full of information about the White System, lots of technical info and ballistics for those so minded and plenty of hunting stories and pictures. It’s a good read. It’ll simplify your muzzleloading hunting, show you how successful muzzleloading hunting can be and erase the mystery and ritual usually associated with it.

Second edition now available on this website. Click on ‘books’ hyperlinc up top then click on the chapter hyperlink you want to see.

“Doc White’s Best”

A second collection of Doc’s writings, mostly hunting stories but with a few tech articles thrown in, written over the last 30-40 years. Some previously published, some written for family consumption, the best being added as time allows. Click on books, scroll down to ‘Doc White’s Best”, then click on the article you would like to see.

“The Adventures of George Grey”

George Grey is the quintessential hunting anti-hero. His adventures are classics. He fumbles, bumbles and flops through life. He loves hunting, especially muzzleloading hunting and makes every mistake there is to make. He’s sneaky, a born cheat, a beggar and a bum. His only positive attribute is that he hardly ever looks back, the past scares him. Follow his adventures as he carroms down the path of life. The humor is sly, dry and droll, but it’ll make you giggle and smile. You might even recognize yourself. Click on ‘doc’s books & articles’, then scroll down to ‘George Grey’. He’s still adventuring along with more laughs on the way.

“Stories, Brags and Banter”

A collection of Doc’s short stories & thoughts, conquests and failures both included.

“Doc’s Ramblings”

Doc is a man for all seasons, interested in everything, but especially in muzzleloading. His vision and thinking are illustrated in his “Ramblings”.

“Doc’s Inventions”

Doc didn’t invent muzzleloading, but he certainly has contributed to the fund of knowledge and tools that enhance performance. Goto  ‘All About Doc” up top, then click on “Doc’s Designs and Inventions.” You might also want to take a look at “Products” as Doc designed or developed most of the items listed there, or developed the tools to make them.



“Doc’s latest adventure”– a photo journey over the past few years

“Doc’s past adventures”– a lifetime of adventure in a fascinating world.