Observe the birth pangs of a new White rifle

Observe the birth pangs of a new White rifle

An H&R single shot action with the original barrel cut off and a white fast twist shallow groove .504 barrel sleeved in. The breech-plug is Doc White designed for a 209 shotgun primer. This system produces almost complete obturation at the breech with little powder blast back into the action.

I tried it out with the new Blackhorn 209 powder and it proved to work just fine and was accurate with saboted bullets. I have also tried it with slip-fit bullets and the system works fine. It is apparent that if the 209 primer works with BH-209 then it will be capable of using all the other substitute powders as they light off even easier than BH209.
I lengthened the pull to 14 and 1/4 inches by gluing and screwing a piece to the buttstock and adding a Ruger recoil pad. I also modified the shape of the stock a bit for better fit and faster sight aquisition. The sights are an adjustable Williams rear and a red fiber optic front on a ramp. It weighs about 7 lbs.

The baked on black finish (next) will get rid of all the uglies as seen above. Of course, the black tape will disappear and the ramrod will aquire a loading tip. The concept has worked out, so I will be doing a few more of them. By the way, they require an FFL for sale since they can be converted into a modern shotgun just by switching barrels.

The old White Powerstar saboted 50/45-435 bullet (50 caliber sabot with 45 caliber hollow pointed bullet weighing 435 grains – shot well, was as accurate as I could hold it, loaded easily without cleaning between shots. I was quite impressed. I know I can take any deer out to 200 yards easily, as long as my old eyes can use a scope.

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