White tapered 12 bore shot collars for the Tominator or any other muzzleloading shotgun

Holds up to 1 7/8th oz. shot. The Tominator’s Super-Turkey choke is a tight .660, the TAPERED shot collar’s bottom end  is small enough to fit that tight choke. No need to pull the choke tube to reload. Reload simply by dumping in powder, then inserting the shot collar small end first, bump it through the choke with the small end of the ramrod, once through the choke, ram it all the way down onto the powder, then pour in your shot charge and follow with a top wad. Cap it and kill another turkey.  $25/100 collars plus S&H. I can get 100 shot-collars into a small $10 USPS Priority box and 250 collars into a $15 Priority mail box.  

$25/100 collars plus S&H, BACK IN STOCK