Custom White Tominator Shotgun, crafted by DOC

The White  Tominator shotgun  is now available as a custom shotgun, designed and crafted by Doc with a brand new BG-Series barreled action, with full-legnth ventilated rib and straight rifled 12 gauge barrel, same as the originals. The standard stock is plain, strong maple with inch thick recoil pad, painted black with automotive grade two part paint. You can also opt for camo in any three colors you want  or a fancy tigered AAA grade maple hand finished stock at extra cost. The metal parts are deeply blued with stainless accents. Other improvements include a Timney adjustable trigger in a stainless trigger guard and an extra full Hastings .700 choke capable of tight first shot patterns. A Hastings Super-Turkey .670 choke is also available at $70.

Your cost is $900 plus shipping. Be sure to order early. I try to keep one on hand but they disappear pretty quick when turkey season approaches. Three-color Camo stock add $100. AAA grade tigered maple add up to $300 and slow delivery.

$900 plus S&H