Experimental White Tominator with pistol grip

This is an experimental folding shotgun based on the Tominator, there is only one.  It has a Delrin stock with fiberglass fill. It is 12 gauge, barrel is 20′ long with ventilated rib and with my custom Super Turkey .660 choke. The folding stock is a Butler Creek. All internal parts are the same as any other Tominator in-line shotgun. The finish is a little rough simply because it’s experimental- Black Dura-coat  on everything.

Experimental means not all parts are standard. In this one, the action is an G-series, where the standard Tominator is a BG-Series. I designed it as a project gun for WhiteRifles, but they wanted nothing to do with it.

It is priced to sell at $500. It’s ugly but very functional. Uses #11  caps and the BP-12 shotcup, a sample included with the buy. Guaranteed to satisfy as usual. It has already killed a handful of Toms.

Black Friday 'til Christmas SALE!! Was $500 Now $450 OBO