Here is a custom Bison done with a forward mounted scope, what the moderns call a “scout’ configuration. Mounting the scope forward has several advantages: it’s fast to the eye when swinging on moving game, faster even than a traditionally mounted scope with the eye-piece close to your eye; it avoids the problem of eye relief.

These ‘scout’ scopes have about an 8 inch eye relief- you never have to worry about getting banged in the forehead by a scope with heavy loads:  the powder gases and residues don’t impact on the scope, it never gets dirty from powder residues blasted all over it, saves cleaning time and effort: the set-up costs the same as any other scope system, Weaver size rails and rings are readily available to fit , they are strong and not expensive; A ‘Scout’ scope costs no more than any other scope, and they are available with several reticules and variable power.

 I quite like this set-up. This one has a 2 x 7 Bushnell scope on it, which retails at $240, the Weaver rail, and Forward Rings, including mounting, cost another $100. You can have one like  it. Email DOC at  Doc@whitemuzzleloading to discuss the project.