White Idaho-Colorado Special

This is a G-Series White Bison with new one inch diameter barrel 22-24 inches long in .504 caliber with 1-24 twist and shallow .035 grooves for the best accuracy and power with Doc’s slip-fit bullets and sabots. There is an adjustable Timney trigger, a tough black hammer black-finished maple stock ( also available in Green, Blue, Bronze or Camo at no extra cost), the stock has been re-designed for scope or peep by Doc, barrel and action are finished with black Durq-Coat- green brown or bronze also available), includes a best quality Lyman 57A adjustable peep, made especially for those states that require iron sights, like Idaho and Colorado, plus a brass bead front. (If you want a fiber-optik front, add $35 and specify red or green color.) Also an inch- thick Houge recoil pad,  Delrin Brass- tipped ramrod with cleaning jag and drilled and tapped for accessories.  The rifle is Ergonomic, Functionally Elegant, Accurate and Powerful, the best there is. It will will shoot up to a 600 grain White slip-fit bullet with 140 grains powder at 1400 FPS and 2 inch 200 yard groups, more than 1200 ft lbs energy at 200 yards.  I have killed Cape Buffalo with one like it. Cost with features shown $1040, principally because the Lyman peep  costs $140 and the base cost of the rifle is $900. I try to keep several on hand at all times but sometimes run out, so there may be a short wait. Best call first 435-722-2520, evenings, for availability, before ordering. The peep is in short supply right now, due to Covid. Keep in mind: this is a custom gun, you can about have what you want on it.

Now $1040 OBO