Tominator shotgun gun modified for trap. A Winner!

This was Doc's Tominator trap gun but now with a brand new barrel, a trophy winner, used by DOC back in the days when he was shooting black powder competition. Now has a re-furbished stock and a brand new barreled action with .680 inter-changable choke. It has also killed a few turkeys as well, once a fighting pair at 55 yards.

The action is the White BG, the straight–rifled barrel by Hastings, just like super expensive Perrazzi trap guns.  There are no better shot patterns in the world. The stock has been modified with an adjustable cheek rest  and weight has been added to the butt to  damp recoil and swing muzzle light, like good trap guns do. It weighs about 8.5 lbs and swings like a dream.

Doc’s hand crafted Super trap .640 choke is available at extra cost $70

Now $900 OBO