BISON 22″ heavy barrel , .504 cal.

You are looking at a previously owned and re-furbished White Bison in-line muzzleloading rifle, designed and crafted by Doc White from old stored and accurized  22″ Wilson  barrels, one of the best that White ever used, with new internal parts, all of the finest quality. The barrel is 22″ long, one inch in diameter and fabulously accurate because of its stiffness and weight,  If you use Doc’s heavy slip fit bullets or even lighter saboted bullets, you will get better than 1000 ft. lbs. of energy at 200 yards, a statistic that’s difficult to beat.

The White Bison is a G-series in-line rifle, with pull-cock on the left, ready for the weaker hand, while the rifle remains solidly gripped in the stronger right hand, same design as on most modern sub-machine guns. The barreled action is secured in the stock by a large square recoil lug with a tough tool steel screw. The lug has been glass bedded for strength and accuracy.

The stock is strong, sturdy maple, the best stock wood there is, with an inch thick, high quality rubber recoil pad. The trigger is Timney’s best quality Featherweight , with a right sided thumb safety, to complement the safety built into the cocking handle. This Bison is fired by Doc’s tool steel one piece nipple-breechplug with #11 cap. A 209 conversion kit is available at extra cost, $100, a savings of $10 if purchased with the gun instead of separately at $110.

The stock is finished with automotive grade hammered black paint, while the barreled action is finished with matte black Nitride or Black Oxide Dura-Coat. The stock also comes with fore and aft sling swivels. The ramrod is Delrin with double brass ends , including a cleaning jag. The action is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and right side mounted peep. Dovetails are cut for front and sights but sights are not supplied since it seems everyone want something different. GoTo the White parts section below to pick the sight combination you want.  Most hunters want a dovetailed brass or fiber-optik front and spring-bar or flip-up rear, but there are many options. You will not find a finer, higher quality, more powerful or more accurate muzzleloading hunting rifle anywhere.   SALE  $ 700, a $100 savings.   Limited supply!! there are only a few of the 22′ barreled Bisons left!

Oops, forgot to take the protective tape off the recoil pad before taking photos of it.       

Now $700 OBO