Recently crafted by DOC with old stored but new , unused blued Whitetail barreled action mounted on a AAAA tigered maple stock finished Western Red, inch thick recoil pad, 14″ pull, adjustable Timney trigger, Williams adjustable sights, #11 nipple-breechplug and  double brass ended ramrod with 50 caliber cleaning jag.   This specific gun is SOLD but you can get one like it. Call/email DOC

This rifle has been glass bedded and accurized.  The Timney trigger pull is set at 2.5 lbs. but can be adjusted if wanted. The maple is finished with oil and elbow grease and is gorgeous.

REMEMBER THAT’S A $300 PEICE OF MAPLE YOU ARE LOOKING AT,    Like always, I look for offers , best offer takes the rifle.

The sights can be switched to scope, I recommend Weaver bases and double forward rings -$50, or a Lyman side mounted peep- $140, or a variety of alternate rear and front sights, including fiber-optiks. It seems everyone wants something different. I’m used to that so don’t fail to specify exactly what you want. See the White parts section below for what is available.

CALL ME 435 722-2520, evenings best

$900 or best offer