Here you will see some examples of Sporting Rifles that DOC has crafted.All feature the classic  Manton- designed breech with a Henry lock and drip bar,  plus a fast twist, shallow-groove  barrel made for elongated , lubricated, slip-fit bullets,  which are  the outstanding features of the genre. Other features can include round or octagon barrels of any legnth,  simple or set triggers,  straight or pistol grips,  any length pull you might want,  steel or rubber buttpads or plates,  fore-arm tips pf ebony or metal,  cap boxes, checkering and any combination of sights including long scopes.  All are made  for shooting heavy, long, high Ballistic Coeficient  bullets very accurately over long distances. I have seen, and have shot, 4″ groups at 700 yards on good days with one..

Get in touch with Doc  if you want one.  A simple sporting rifle starts at $1200 (sights  not included),  and can go double that depending on what you want. Your choice of sights is particularly important.  There is a huge variety of styles and quality available. The best are indeed expensive but are absolutely required  for the finest results.  You have to choose what sights you want and will be billed for them separately or buy them on your own.

The fancier Doc White sporting rifles usually come with blued metal and English Red walnut stocks, but you can order what you want.  The simplest are plain and painted. Both will sport a best quality flat spring traditional percussion lock with drum and nipple or  Manton breech, with best quality  1"  round bull barrel available in .451 caliber with 1-18 to 22 ” twist or in  .500 caliber with 1-24 to 28″ twist, your choice.. They will shoot all the White slip-fit bullets just as well as the White Super 91, Whitetail and others: the barrels are similar dimensions. Fancy maple or high quality Claro, American Black or English walnut stocks are also available. The quality of wood and other features govern the price. Email for price and availability. See below for more examples of the art.

The Manton breech design on the White Sporting Rifle is the best and strongest ever devised, modern or antique. It’s massive, functional, ergonomic and super-strong but handsome, far stronger and better than any Hawken percussion breeching.  Most originals are very plain but also very strong.

$1200 - $4000