#908- Bridger style percussion Hawken dressed in brass

This elegant gent is a Bridger style percussion Hawken dressed in brass, just like the one in the Winchester collection in Cody, Wyo., which it faithfully reproduces, even to the quality of the maple stock. The maple is elegant, 4-A, the barrel tapered , 58 caliber by the master Kelly. 36″ long with a 1-90 twist for accurate high velocity. All parts and furniture of the absolute best quality. All features are pure Hawken,  with the finest quality parts. Crafted by Doc White for the GRRW Collector’s Association, GRRW  CA  H-22 and so marked.

The barrel,tang, trigger guard, buttplate and all small iron parts are a deep blue-black, done the antique rust-blue way just like Sam Hawken did in the original The butt plate, trigger guard patch box, nose cap and the 4 key roundels are polished brass.

Summer, 2018 I took a trip around the West looking at Hawkens. I saw 42 of them and got to handle a few. This one was unique. All the Hawkens were iron mounted except two. This is one of them and the second fanciest Hawken ever made. The Medina Hawken is first.

I searched for a year before I found the maple that duplicated the wood found in this gun’s original. You can see the original in the Winchester Gun Museum at the Cody Wyoming Museum of the West. You won’t find a more traditional or finer reproduction of a known Hawken rifle than this one.

Please contact Doc White to purchase