LEMAN 50 caliber Cross Plains rifle kit, assembled, in-the-white, ready to shoot.

This is a Reproduction of a Henry Leman cross plains rifle, originally manufactured in Lancaster PA by Henry Leman and Co for the plainsman, Indian and settler trade. More Leman rifles were sold into the West than any other in the 1830-1880 period. The rifle is authentic in every feature with a high quality old-stored but new 50 caliber, 1-66 slow-twist Austen-Halleck octagon barrel, deep grooved for patched round ball, with easy-care/repair drum and nipple, easy lift-out hooked breech, best quality  traditional flat-spring percussion lock, 3/8th inch hickory ramrod, traditional brass trigger guard and iron buttplate with iron fore-arm key and  brass surrounds withpewter fore-end tip plus a tpough plain maple stock with beaver-tail style cheek-piece. Stock has been sanded to 80 grit to give you a start on finish. This one is copied from an original in Doc's collection. Crafted by Doc White using traditional techniques, signed by him.

Austen & Halleck barrels- These barrels were discovered just recently, stored for a decade or two after Austen& Halleck shut down their Utah operation. Fortunately, they had been well taken care of and are like new. We have not run into a bad one yet. They were manufactured in Spain by a famous maker who obviously knew what he was doing. All have a hooked breech-plug with matching tang, a drum and nipple,  buckhorn rear and iron front blade sights, dovetailed under-lug for barrel-stock attachment with key, under-rib and two iron 3/8th inch ferrules for ramrod. Everything is nicely browned. A few show minor handling marks but none  show deep dings or gouges. Such defects will be identified  for you before sale.

There are three options: You can buy rifles like this as a complete kit for you to sand, polish and finish for $900 OBO,OR  buy the kit  already put together and ready to shoot but in the white for you to sand, polish and finish for$1200 OBO or as the  completed and finished rifle, for $1500 OBO.  Note: this kit-to-rifle series is NOT related to GRRW Collectors Ass'n rifles. Those rifles will be clearly marked GRRW CA on the barrel. These rifles WILL NOT be so marked.

You better buy this  gun quick. Doc just can't stand to have a naked gun glowering at him from the gun-rack, grumpy and fussy over not getting carressed and dressed just right.  Make us an offer we can't refuse!!

$1200 OBO