LEMAN Cross Plains rifle, traditional sidelock percussion

Reproduction of a Henry Leman cross plains rifle, originally manufactured in Lancaster PA by Henry Leman and Co for the plainsman, Indian and settler trade. More Leman rifles were sold into the West than any other in the 1830-1880 period. The rifle is authentic in every feature with a 50 caliber Austen-Halleck octagon barrel, traditional flat-spring percussion lock, brass trigger guard and iron buttplate pewter fore-end tip and gorgeous quilted maple stock. Copied from the original. Crafted by Doc White  using traditional techniques. Retail value $1600

This fine gun can now be found at Trach of the Wolf in Elk River, Mn. Please goto trackofthewolf.com, click on guns then percussion rifles and scroll down the page until you find it. Their photography is fantastic with finely detailed descriptions. If you want to buy it, deal with them. They are great people.

$1550 OBO