Mountain Rifle Kit, in percussion

Here we present a new item for the self- builder, a percussion Mountain Rifle Kit. The really nice thing is that the barrel, hook breech-plug, drum, nipple, under-lug, rib, pipes and sights are already assembled. The barrel, trigger guard and Double Set Trigger are already browned. The Buttplate is iron, as is the hooked tang and lock. The lock is the highest quality with traditional flat-spring and fly on the tumbler so the DST can be used set or un-set. The barrel is new, stored 50 caliber, 1-66 twist with deep rifling for patched round ball, made by the finest Spanish craftsmen under the Austen & Halleck name.. They are very accurate. I have not seen a bad one yet. The stock is plain, high quality maple (fancy tiger maple available at extra cost) 98-99 % shaped and is held to the barrel by a key or simple pin, (your choice) and the fore-end tip is pewter. You do the casting, sanding, polishing, staining,  browning and final finishing with oil or varnish. The kit is available as a kit. ready for you to put together and finish $950, or already put together 'in- the- white' for you to sand, polish and final finish, $1300, or finished and ready to shoot, $1600. Of course, all prices are OBO. The kit as seen has been partially assembled, with a few parts still missing. See it below. That's the stock master you are looking at. You can at least get an idea of what the rifle will finally look like. More pics to follow as the project matures.