#917- Hawken flintlock Sporting Rifle

Hawken flintlock Sporting Rifle with late British double throat flintlock, long Hawken tang and long bar double set trigger, twin barrel keys with silver surrounds, all iron furniture with Hawken style butt,  British style fore-end with ebony fore-end cap, double ramrod pipes in the British style for 7/16th inch ramrod, English walnut stock with great grain, long bar adjustable rear sight, iron front.

This reproduction crafted by DOC  White himself. The Hawkens obviously copied the better features of contemporary English Sporting Rifles while retaining the stronger and more durable features of their own arms, like the long tang double bolted to the long bar DST, the DST itself, which could operate even if the set trigger was broken, (unlike the weaker English Single-Set trigger) and the stronger iron toe plate.

The stock is classic English Walnut with colored striping running lengthwise, great grain through the grip. The fore-end tip is Ebony. The barrel is tapered, octagon to round, 58 caliber with 1-90 twist for excellent high velocity, high power accuracy with larger powder charges and patched round ball, a later English feature much copied on the American frontier. The trigger guard is a full English scroll, larger than the common Hawken scroll but same style. The rifle comes with a hooked tang for easy take-apart and a sunsetted stainless touch-hole for fastest ignition as only Doc White can engineer it.

The lock is a late style flintlock with water-proof pan and double throat cock. It is a great sparker and very fast. The touch-hole is stainless steel and properly sunsetted, actuated by a long bar double set trigger that will fire set or un-set. The flintlock is known to be an excellent sparker, the DST will fire the lock whether cocked or uncocked. It is bolted to the long tang with two bolts, Hawken style, for great strength. The rear sight  can be drifted side to side and has a notched elevation bar..       

The browned barrel is special, octagon at the breech, then 16 sided  with a wedding band then tapered round for light weight, 36 inches long with a 1-90 deep-grooved twist for super accurate patched round ball with big high velocity loads. The rest of the iron furniture is deep blue-black antique rust blued. This is a hunting rifle, meant for  big bears and tougher Injuns.  This a GRRW Collectors Association rifle and is so marked, GRRW CA H-24, including DOC’s cipher at the breech.

This rifle is a product of the GRRW Collectors Butt’n. It is marked GRRW CA and is # 25. DOC’s GBW cipher can be found at the rear barrel. This rifle is FOR SALE. Call DOC at 435-722-2520 to discuss the deal.

Price on request, or best offer