Carson style Hawken rifle

This is a reproduction of the lighter weight Carson style of Hawken St Louis rifles. It has a one inch  octagon barrel 36 inches long, a plain maple stock and classic but all brass late Hawken furniture. 58 caliber, barrel by Colerain. It is left in the white because the client wants to finish it himself, a great way to save a bundle. All the machine work is done, all parts are inletted and functional, it is ready to shoot as is. All it requires is sanding, polishing and stain and oil, not as easy as it might sound. It takes about as long to finish one as it does to put it together, about a weeks careful work. Available with brass or iron furniture, or a mix if you want. Choice of calibers. Choice of wood, but fancy wood costs more. Order now!

$1500 but already SOLD. You can order one like it!