Christian Springs conversion of Fergusson screw-breech action

This is a unique rifle, crafted by a Christian Springs smith, using a Fergusson rotating breech picked up from the Kings Mountain battlefield. It was probably Patrick Fergusson's personal sporting  rifle, as he was the only one in possession of such a gun. His troops were all armed with the common issue Brown Bess musket. Andrea Albrecht could have been the maker, or some journeyman associated with him, as many of the features seen here can be found on his guns. It is 62 caliber, with a Colerain swamped barrel, the furniture is all Fergusson except for the ramrod pipes , which likely came from a Jaeger rifle. The furniture is brass, which means that the original gun was likely a sporter. The side opening patchbox sports a wolf's head, with a pack of the critters running along, there is a modest amount of carving. The maple is AAAA and gorgeous.

$4000 Spoken for