#901- J&S Hawken fullstock flintlock

J&S Hawken fullstock flintlock with Kelley  40″ taper barrel , 1″ at britch, 7/8″   at muzzle, 54 caliber,  deep and slow twist for high hunting velocity patched ball,  nice grained solid walnut chosen for flow through wrist, early iron furniture, flat to the wrist trigger guard, hot sparking Twigg lock. sun-setted quick firing stainless touch hole as only Doc can engineer. Finished with oil and elbow grease.

Long tang double bolted to long bar DST, all iron furniture,  3/8th inch ramrod with iron end tapped for accessories. Finished dark with oil and elbow grease. Crafted by original GRRW gunsmith Carl Walker for the GRRW Collector’s Butt’n. Carl’s name on it is a guarantee of its quality.  Marked on the top flat  J&S Hawken   St. Louis. Marked on the oblique flat GRRW  CA   H-24 along with Carl’s intaglio CW mark.

This is a handsome rifle, absolutely traditional and crafted by the best Hawken maker in the world.     

Price on request, or best offer