Scottish Snaphaunse Blunderbus

This baby is a product of Doc's imagination, a very early Scottish blunderbus with late 16oo's snaphaunse lock. The snaphaunse was an early flintlock with internals much like a wheel lock, including a horizontal sear. The frizzen stands alone, the pan holding the priming powder equipped with a sliding cover. To put it on safety, yet keep the priming powder in the pan, just push the frizzen forward and out of battery. The pan won't open until you slide it forward or you pull the trigger with the frizzen back and down and fire the gun. They are good sparkers, every bit as good as the later so-called 'French" flintlock that we are all familiar with. The stock still carries the lines of earlier matchlock guns with a flamboyant butt flare. They are not at all clumsy even though they might look it. It is now at Track of the Wolf, GOTO Their photos are fantastic. Deal with them if you want to buy it.

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