Leman cross plains rifle kit, all parts included for best quality traditional rifle, including; old stored Austen&Halleck browned octagon barrel in 50 caliber  with 1-66 twist, deep grooves for patched round ball, rear buckhorn and blade front sight, rib and pipes for 3/8's inch ramrod, drum and nipple, hooked breech and tang.  Barrel made by best quality Spanish barrel maker. Have not yet seen an inaccurate one!  Best quality traditional plain tough maple stock carved to 95%+ shape with inletting for buttplate, lock, trigger,guard and fore-end casting. Traditional iron investment cast butt plate, brass trigger guard, trigger and trigger plate, flat spring lock by L&R, brass side plate, hickory brass tipped ramrod, brass toe-plate, screws, bolts and pins. You will need to finish inlet the parts, do final rasping, then sand and finish stock, polish and brown iron, polish brass and asssemble the rifle. You can buy the rifle already assembled for an additional $200. Beautiful tigered maple stocks are available at extra cost and slow delivery. Instructions included. Note: I checked out the first kit for accuracy of inletting and time required. I am experienced and fast, so I lazied through the steps to get it into shooting but not finished shape. I took 4 hours to assemble it, took it out and shot a 2 inch group offhand with my 84 year old eyes. You youngers will do better.