Super 91 .505 Early Sabot Shooter, 0nly 100 exist. Desert Camo stock.

Early in the history of White Systems, 100 barrels were delivered oversize at .505. instead of the standard .504. None shot standard .503 slip-fit bullets well at all, but they did shoot 50 caliber sabots with .450 bullets exceptionally well. Most were marketed as 'Sabot Shooters' for those who wanted to shoot only lighter saboted bullets. A few barrels escaped into the market before we caught on to what had happened. This is one that escaped. It was traded in because it wouldn't shoot! But the shooter(s) had never tried saboted bullets. I bet the shooter I could have it shooting 2" groups at 100 in 2 days. And won. I shot it with a yellow Harvester sabot and my 360 grain, .450 bullet (lots on hand) and 80 grains Pyrodex P. It shoots wonderfully well with that load, is remarkably easy to load and functions perfectly. It is an early model with Dayton-Traister trigger, a side safety much like a Winchester M70 and sports a cut-out for a Lyman peep. The barrel is in sporkling near new condition, has a few use marks, has been glass bedded and accuized. The 'Desert Camo' is also unusual, there are not many S-91 stocks like it. It will be delivered with a sample of the sabots and bullets that I used to accurize it.

$700 OBO