#921- Gentleman’s 20 bore flintlock fowler

This Gentleman’s 20 bore flintlock fowler is well along in life. He’s grown into a handsome cuss wearing a beautiful tiger striped suit and sporting the best quality brass and iron parts on the street. His lock is a gift from Queene Anne, she’s a fiery one, throws sparks enuff to burn down London.

This fine fowler has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpecable.

Buy from Track of the Wolf