#920 Classic Leman half stock

Classic Leman half stock cross plains rifle. Crafted by DOC. 

This is a Leman half stock percussion, single trigger rifle , 50 caliber x 66″ twist for patched round ball,  one inch diameter. Quality new, but old stored 1″ octagon barrel by Austin/Halleck 32 inches long with deep grooves and slow twist for patched round ball.

Drum and Nipple fitted to Classic traditional Leman square-backed flat-spring percussion lock. Hooked breech. Single fore-arm key. Iron Buttplate and brass trigger guard, brass rear pipe and fore-arm cap. Under-rib with double 3/8 inch pipes for ramrod. 

A grade Maple stock with modest figure enhanced with brushed dark striping, something Leman did a lot of. Surprizing how good it looks, enhancing the bit of natural figure and adding to the beauty of the wood. 

Price on request, or best offer