#567- Southern-Virginia step wrist rifle

Southern-Virginia walnut stocked step wrist rifle as per Klett in 50 caliber with walnut fullstock and all iron mounts. The barrel is by Colerain, swamped, 54 caliber, 44 inches long. The walnut is excellent quality with good figure in the butt. The lock is by Davis and throws fat sparks. It is much like his Tulle lock but round faced, coming real close to matching an original English trade lock. There is a four piece iron patchbox with domed lid, a modest amount of incised and raised carving and Klett’s inimitable engraving. The conformation of the stock is excellent for off-hand shooting, it handles really well.

I could not resist shooting this fine rifle. I took it to a match in Price UT the last week-end in Oct ’09, sighting it in same time as shooting the match. We fired 80 shots. I used the same flint through-out and had 3 miss-fires. I used 60 gr ffg Goex and a 490 ball with 22 thou ticking spit patch. I swear every shot hit exactly as I shot it. I could call every shot, even though I started with a thinner patch and graduated to the thicker one. Accuracy did not seem to change. It was just as accurate with a thinner one (18 thou) as the thicker 22 thou but it did get dirtier faster, then cleaned up with the 22 thou patch. I did not clean it through-out the shooting. I consider this kind of behavior the hallmark of a good barrel, shoots anything, cleans up with the right combination.

All in all, this is a beautiful Southern rifle with obvious southern provenance. It is marvelous how elegant design features from earlier English and German guns were blended into an equally elegant style by Southern gunsmiths like Klett. It is a wonderful rifle for offhand shooting.

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