#497- Doc-built traditional side by side flintlock coach gun

Left side is a GRRW 1-66 twist 50 caliber round ball barrel, right is a smoothbore 12 gauge with a screw-in Colonial choke (comes with .0700 full choke insert for turkey and a choke bore 0.730 insert for shooting patched round ball. Barrels are 21 inches long and are adjusted to shoot balls out of both barrels into the same group at 25 yards using 100 grains Black Powder. The side by side flintlocks are great sparking Silers, with the breeches inset to fit the locks and the lock tail bent inward a little on each side to narrow the grip. It has double triggers with the front firing the righted sided shotgun barrel and the left firing the left sided rifle barrel. Touch-holes are stainless with perfect location. Rear sight is a decorative folding leaf and the front a steel blade inset into the rib. It is equipped with a tapered steel ramrod and a Pachmeyer Old English recoil pad, meant to mimic an antique English leather covered pad.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do