#404- Original fullstock Plains rifle by Adolf Wurfflein of Philadelphia

Original percussion sidelock with European style patent breech, (demonstrating Wuffleins European training), maple fullstock, 54 caliber heavy octagonal barrel held by three keys (replaced by some idiot with brass), brass buttplate and trigger guard (which once had a hook on it), Brass patchbox, which is filled with a thick whitish grease (smalls like bear grease), single lockbolt on teardrop escutcheon, Tennessee type cheekpeice,. There are small repairs to the fore-stock near the muzzle on both sides, old ones very nicely done. This rifle was probably built in the 1840-60 era, shipped West and sold on the frontier or carried west by a pioneer crossing the plains. It came from a family in Salt Lake City who
have owned it for generations but who don’t know whence it came to SLC. It has obviously had pretty good care, bore is still shootable.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do