#900- J&S Hawken

This is a lightweight J&S Hawken fullstock flintlock dressed in brass,  probably made for the local trade. 7/8th  octagon X 42″ Kelley barrel, 50 caliber with deep & slow 72 ” twist rifling for hi-velocity patched ball, finished antique brown with elegant antique rust blue/black flourishes on the tang, DST plate and lock. Elegant late era Egg flintlock, none with faster lock time. Long bar DST, Long tang, double wrist bolts, absolutely elegant AAAA maple finished dark western red. 

There are four under-barrel keys. Keys and screws are polished and fire blued. The DST will fire both set and un-set. Ramrod is brass ended, tapped for accessories. Sights are classic Hawken iron open  rear with brass based silver front. Signed J & S Hawken  St Louis on top barrel flat.

EGG flintlock, sparked only enuff to prove it.  Dripps sparks. Brand new. never fired. Weighs 8 lbs+ where most Hawken mountain rifles weigh in the 10-12 Lb. range.

Medina brass patch-box with spring catch. All brass furniture including  rare flat to the wrist trigger guard. I don’t know how the patchbox turned silvery in the photo,  must be magic, it really is polished yellow brass. 

Best quality everything. Crafted by DOC to his exacting specifications. This little lady has turned into a beauty. This is a GRRW Collectors Association gun, # H-24 and is so marked  along with DOC’s GBW cipher.

Tiger striped from toe to muzzle. AAAA grade maple, rare and gorgeous. The Western red tigered stock, polished brass fittings, contrasting browned barrel and deep blue/black accents form an amazing array of beauty. Elegant is the word. Functional, as are all Hawkens. Functional Elegance at its best.

This fine rifle has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpeccable.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do