#423- semi-military English flintlock fowler

Striking AAAA grade maple sets off this semi-military English flintlock fowler.The wood is dense and relatively heavy and the barrel walls are a touch heavier than usual, making it just right for shooting heavy loads with patched ball. Barrel is tapered from octagon to round, by Colerain, 42 inches long, front sight is tall and will need to be filed down to suit your load and sighting style. Queen Anne style flintlock, stylish English furniture mounted in classic English stock with forearm bulge a ‘la Brown Bess, fancy wax-cast sideplate with hunting scene, scroll engraved on butt plate return and trigger guard. You might have carried this piece as an English Subaltern at the Battle of Princeton or Cowpens in the Revolution.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do