#898- Sharps-Gemmer 45 caliber

Sharps-Gemmer 45 caliber percussion breech-loader. Shoots .458 diameter 300-600 grain lubricated bullets with 70-90 grains black powder or substitute, just like a 45-70. Loads from the breech, just like any other Sharps. Gemmer’s name on the barrel, one of his early ones with carbine butt-stock and single trigger.

Now this baby is grown up. It is walnut stocked, the fore-arm traditional Sam Hawken style with double keys, silver fore-end cap, 4 silver ovals, double keys, Gemmer long-bar rear sight and ramrod. This bad boy is ready to shoot.  Rifling twist is 1-20, .035 deep, so shoots same bullets as a 45/70 . Uses a military musket percussion cap, takes own easily for cleaning. 

Gemmer’s  early conversions kept the Carbine buttstock, later ones looked more like a Hawken with cheek-piece and deeply curved buttplate, some hav a DST, but they all were cartridge guns. Only a few originals exist. 

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