#422- Doc built 12 gauge French Fowler

42 inch long 12 gauge Getz tapered octagon to round barrel, Lightly figured maple stock, great sparking, quality French Fusil flintlock and brass French furniture, serpentine sideplate, sparse carving and light engraving. Metal finished a deep, deep brown to enhance the stained and oil rubbed wood. Was sent to Track of the Wolf, but UPS managed to break it through the wrist. I fixed it with a lengthwise steel wrist pin and epoxy, added a silver turtle and brass sheet repair in the antique style, added some brass tacks for that authentic look. I put a screw-in Colonial choke in it and took it turkey hunting this Spring. Killed two big Toms with it.

The pics above were taken AFTER the fix on the gun, If you look close you might be able to see the break through the wrist and the fix, using a silver turtle and decorative tear-drop wrist plate on either side to disguise the break. The real fix of course is the 6″ steel pin epoxied inside the wrist. You could run over it with your Suburban now and not break it again.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do