#576 Lion Beck

A reproduction of the famous flintlock rifle by J P Beck of the Lebanon School with a rampant Lion behind the cheekpiece. The original is very likely pre-revolutionary as the double headed eagle is a distinct pre-revolutionary English influenced feature. This is the finest piece of maple I have ever worked on, intensly curly and hard as a rock. Barrel is by Rayl, 50 caliber, swamped and 50 inches long. Pull is 15 inches.

There are four ramrod ferrules, including the rear one, as well as four barrel pins. The fore-end cap is obliquely ribbed.

I had a hard time not engraving the brass sidelock plate, but the original is plain, so I left it that way.

The rampant Lion is a distinctly English feature, seen on the English Coat-of-Arms, but rendered in a unique folk-art fashion. Getting the lion to stand out in bas-relief required the sharpest of tools, the utter-most patience and more sweat of brow than I usually care to spend, except I could not put aside the challenge of doing it. The maple was so hard and densly curly, popping out a single hunk could have ruined the whole project.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do