#776 Doc's Favorite Hawken Rifle

Here comes my ‘favorite’ Hawken Rifle. My friend Bill Fuller once owned the original. It sports one of the last GRRW barrels that I have held on to over the years, one and 1/16th ” diameter octagon,  58 caliber,  an extra 38″ long. 

That long barrel has a slow 1-72″ twist and deep grooves for patched ball, accurate with heavy loads on big game.  I’ve taken many deer, elk and buffalo with a .570 ball loaded with thick patch over 200 gr. of FFg Black Powder.

You can  get an idea what the original was like when first built. The maple is gorgrous, AAA. It has been stained dark the old fashioned way with Aqua Fortis and heat then soaked in Pine Oil. It will get even darker with years of use and sun exposure.

The metal is deep heat browned then waxed. The key surrounds and fore-stock cap  are made of (German) silver. Weight is right where the original was, 12 lbs. Those old trappers were a tough bunch. Carrying a gun this heavy around for years would have helped. No sling, even! But they did usually ride a horse!

The tang is double bolted to the Double Set Trigger bar. The trigger guard screws into the DST bar at the front and is screwed onto the bar at the rear. The arrangement is very strong. The Hawkens were good engineers.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do