Lim and Light

Quick to the shoulder for fast jump shooting. 

There is a hooked standing breech, side by side double flintlocks, double triggers of course, and an iron ramrod with brass trumpet  tip.  Hopefully, it has  grown  into a slim and elegant French lass that will  shoot just as good as she  looks.

The wrist is small,  a little wider than thick,  French style.  The lock panels taper to the rear to accomodate the smaller  wrist.  The flintlocks  have been ‘ Frenchified’ with a heart shape at the rear of the plate.  Sorry you can’t see the detail,  but the trigger guard is beautifully chisled,, matching the buttplate and is most graceful. The fore-arm  tapers  to a slim point.  The wrist medallion is elegant.

The barrels are breeched  tapering to the rear,  the side by side flintlocks are  accuated by  double triggers, the front fires the right barrel and the rear trigger the left.   It  has been  proofed with a 12 gauge load.   The fore pipes  are  iron, the rear brass,  with decoration  matching the trigger guard.  

The  barrels are  ribbed. In this case,  following the French fashion,  the ribs are concave both top and bottom. The ramrod  is  1/4 inch iron with a trumpet brass tip.  The French  pioneered the use  of iron ramrods both in sporting and  military arms.  The barrels are 28″ long,  pull is 14.5″ to the front trigger, about an inch longer than most originals. Weight is going to hit about 5.5 lbs.  The walnut  got stained English Red  then soaked in pine oil, the barrels   antique rust browned, the locks are already   antique iron oxide blacked.  

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do