Bridger Hawken for heavy slugs

Introducing a flight of the imagination- what might have been!  Bridger Hawken  for   heavy  slugs  up to 600 grains,  half-stock with .500 caliber 1-24,  fast twist,  shallow .040 groove barrel  shoots  elongated lubricated slip-fit bullets, what eventually would have developed in such mountain rifles if cartridges had not come along, Whitworth /White style.   

Maple is AAA, conformation classic late  Bridger Hawken. The internal barrel dimensions are the same as any .500 caliber White inline rifle, like the Super 91 or Model 98  and will shoot every bit as well, with the same bullets. 2 inch groups at 200 yards are not uncommon

Bullets used  are  slip-fit, sized 1/1oooth less than the land to land diameter of the barrel,  sliding easily down a dirty bore for a quick reload yet super accurate and plenty powerful, with more than 1700 ft. lbs of energy left at 200 yards with maximum loads. Bullets used commonly weigh 400-600 grains and are fired with with up to 150 grains black powder or substitute, easily the equivalent of a 50-140. I am getting to like BlackHorn 209 with a 5 grain black powder igniter.

This baby  has got his big boy pants up, with tapered  antique rust blued barrel, case hardened and colored tang, buttplate, trigger guard, rear pipe  and lock,  also fitted  with long bar double bolted long bar DST , 2 under-lugs with keys  and silver surrounds  and  a  heavy ramrod in the best Bridger Hawken fashion.  It’s as truly traditional as I could make it  and  should  shoot  as good as it looks.

Not only has  this bad boy  grown up  with color case hardened iron furniture, antique rust blued barrel  and  German  silver roundels   but also has a  real silver plated  fore-end tip,  and a long adjustable rear sight like Gemmer used for accurate long range shooting.

 The maple is elegant AAA. If it shoots as good as it  looks, it will  ‘shine’.

Here it is.  Handsomer  frontier rifles don’t exist.  And shootable!  Fully the equivalent of the later 50-140 black powder cartridge.  

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do