#834- Hawken influenced English sporting rifle

This youngster is a hybrid, a Hawken influenced English sporting rifle. Or is it an English influenced early Hawken product?  I ask the question  ’cause I think that the St. Louis based Hawken Bros. were greatly influenced by the fine quality English rifles they saw coming thru town on the way to the Shining Mountains in the hands of early English adventurers and sportsmen.  

The flintlock  here  is a late  English  double-throated  lock, typical  of  the genre and the times. The flintlock has been re-worked with a better spring and sear,  it’s a fine sparker now.

Most English Sporting Rifles in the 1820-40 era had a walnut  stock,  flat shotgun buttplates,  a beavertail cheekpeice,  a short tang on a hooked breech,  often holding a part octagon-part round barrel, a large bowed trigger guard, an ebony wood fore-end tip and of course a flintlock. The lock side-bolt escutcheon was very under-stated and very plain.

 The Hawkens modified that  basic design by  substituting stronger maple,  retaining the American styled curved buttplate, switching the ebony fore-end to iron (often silver plated- as on this rifle) and adding an extra long  Double Set Trigger double bolted to a long tang.  

This last is the truly unique feature of Hawken rifles, demonstrating the engineering genius of the Hawkens.   

This rifle sports a  58  caliber Green River  RifleWorks  barrel, 30″ long, octagon to round, a super strong plain maple stock with great grain through the wrist,  a flintlock hooked britch, iron  scroll  trigger guard and  curved  buttplate,  German silver  ovals and fore-end cap. The  counter-bored touch-hole is sunsetted just right for quick ignition.   The rifle  is finished with deep tones,   what  a frontier smith might have done  with maple  to  fake an  English  walnut  stocked rifle.  It’s lighter than most Bridger style Hawkens and should make a great hunter as well as  represent a sample of what an early half stock flint Hawken might have looked like.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do